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Tyler SIS Student 360

Tyler SIS Student 360 is the parent and student portal app to view school progress and activities in school districts that use Tyler SIS. If your school district does not use Tyler SIS, you will not be able to use Student 360.When you first install Tyler SIS Student 360, you will search for your district by name or by ZIP code. After selecting your school district, you may receive a message saying your district has not yet enabled Student 360. If that is the case, you will need to wait until your district enables Student 360 and announces it is ready for use.When you log in, a summary screen shows important information at a glance. In addition, you can view...
- Announcements
- Assignments
- quickly view upcoming or missing assignments and see scores
- Attendance
- by date or by class.
- Course Schedule
- Report Card Grades...and more.NOTE: The options available depend on which features your district has chosen to enable.

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Hea. D. Apr 16, 2022     

You need to fix the app one minute it is working and the next it says I don't have a student in enrolled and says that trouble retrieving data have uninstalled and installed it twice but it works on my laptop but I like having it on my phone to keep eye on my kids grades and attendance , for his assignment. Most of the time it is a good app right now I would give it 1 star if fixed will rate it a 5 star.please let know what to do. Send email to technician too please get back with me

Kay. M. May 6, 2022     

Still has not updated my photo from 6th grade.... I'm in TENTH GRADE!!!! (I look like I've aged nine years in less than four years) Otherwise it's pretty useful.

Ric. Y. Dec 11, 2018     

UPDATE: After several months, it still doesn't work. I attempt to log in with my credentials (which works on the website on any device) and it tells me that my credentials are incorrect even though they are. This app is utterly useless. OLD: It used to work a few months prior, but now I can't even log in suddenly. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times, and nothing changes. I am unable to get past the login screen even though the identical login works on the desktop web version. I used to use this app consistently and now it has left me frustrated.

Kim. L. Sep 21, 2019     

Update sucks! Ever since the update I've not been able to log in. I've emailed regarding this issue and no response has been made. The older version was definitely better. I've uninstalled and installed the app. It keeps saying that my password is incorrect but I've only had one password to begin with and have never changed it. Tried multiple times to send the email link to change my password but never get it in my email or spam folder. Really hoping this gets fix soon.

Sam. G. Sep 9, 2019     

**UPDATE** Reinstalled the app and everything is working wonderfully. I have 3 kids in middle and high school and I use this app every day to keep up with their grades and assignments. I felt lost without it! **NO LONGER AN ISSUE**Every time I click on grades, the app closes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and keep having the same issue. This is really the only reason I use the app, so this is now completely useless.

Sar. M. Feb 11, 2020     

Once you sign in, the features are easy to navigate. Every couple months I have to uninstall and reinstall bc an error will come up to where you cannot sign in. I have been trying to log in for 2 days and it just shows a white screen with nothing. Some of the functions could be combined into one. We only use it bc that is what our school uses.

pet. f. Feb 3, 2020     

This app was fantastic when it worked. Now when I log in, like I have the past two years, I cannot access anything. My kids assignments, grades, ect. This has caused issues, because my kid has an assignment every week that requires me to access their grades. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and it is still the same. Very frustrated 😡

Gen. K. Dec 2, 2019     

12/1/19 Update: After months of not being able to use this app, I can finally use use it again. What changed? I got a new phone. 🙄 Not sure what the software issue was, but if anyone reading this has problems with the app crashing, you may be out of luck with your current phone. Nothing worked. I installed it on my new phone and it works fine. Only giving 3 stars for the 3 month headache though.

m. w. Mar 16, 2022     

I've downloaded 47 pdf viewing, editing, converting apps onto my mobile device, including the foxit app shown in the tutorial guide and the app will not recognize that I have a single viewer capable of opening the report card files. It is worse than garbage app because at least you can upcycle garbage. This app is completely uses as a tool for this purpose.

Chr. B. Oct 1, 2021     

I really liked this app to keep up with my son's grades, work and lunch balance, but the last 3 days the app stopped working, tells me he's not enrolled when I've had the app since it came out, and now it tells me it needs updated, but when you click on it, it doesn't let you. It just says open or uninstall. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the app still isn't working. Very frustrating.

Bar. V. Sep 8, 2020     

Format it off. Since the last Update this text has been so large you can't see anything. And there's nothing in settings for me to change it. So in order to see anything I have to go to a computer and pull The site up which is annoying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times restarted my phone and it is still too big to see anyone Box

Tif. W. Sep 4, 2019     

**UPDATE** As of 9/4/19, I still cannot access Tyler. It still keeps crashing. --- I cannot get the app to open for me. It keeps crashing. I've tried updating, uninstalling and installing several times, but still not successful. I've also tried searching the 2019.3.0 version and it isn't available for me to install. I can only get the 2019.3.1 version. What do I need to do to get this to work?

Eri. H. Oct 1, 2021     

Once again, against my better judgment, I downloaded the app. It worked great to begin with, then it suddenly started giving me an error when I tried to log in. Once I was finally able to log in, it said my child was not enrolled. Yesterday (Sept 30), there was a pop-up telling me to update to 2021.3.1. Since installing the update, I have not been able to log in at all. Uninstalling and will not be installing again. I reached out to support on Sept 7 and 30, but have yet to receive a response.

Kar. H. Oct 1, 2021     

Fix the update! Worked fine for the 3 years I have been using this app for my kids school. Since it last updated on September 20th it doesn't work. Most of the time now it won't even open. If it does open it let's me enter my password but then says I have no enrollments with this school. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. Fix it!

J. Sep 4, 2019     

Since update on 14 August, i cannot even open as it crashes every time...so, the android app is very poor... Update 9/4/19 after receiving the message and the update, I unistalled and reinstalled the app. Very unfortunately ☚ī¸ it still crashes on the login. Dog-gone-it! I feel the app designer is trying to fix the problems, but the fix isn't fixing my particular issue.

Hyr. B. Aug 24, 2021     

I tried to access the app three times, months apart, but each time, it was slow, inoperable, and the past few times, I couldn't sign in because the app doesn't comply with Google on something, so the login screen doesn't even show up. If I could rate it 0 stars, I would.

Mar. M. Sep 1, 2019     

The app isn't working for the new school year. Everytime I sign in, it starts to open and then closes and says, send feedback. I have the new version. I also uninstalled and reinstalled it..still nothing! Not happy about this. I contacted the school. They said they would look into it.

Rob. S. Sep 13, 2019     

This app no longer works. I have never had any issues prior to mid-august. It does not launch, instead it crashes everytime you try to open it. So disappointed. 09/13/19 UPDATE...still not working. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, waited hours, days before trying to log in. I have tried everything. Mobile app does not work, constant crash. Maybe revert back to preupdates....worked with no issues then.

Chr. C. Feb 21, 2020     

This had been working well, then we have had 3 updates in 6 weeks now can't see assignments, grades or about any option is unable to be clicked on. Has turned very user unfriendly!! Absolutely hate that this is my only way to communicate with the teachers about anything and now I can't even send messages or see his grades!

les. h. Sep 6, 2019     

Like many others have experienced, the app keeps crashing, even with biometrics disabled. I just uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happened. I have an android phone. This has always been a great app. Please fix it.

MyD. Sep 21, 2020     

It's decent. As a student, sometimes I have trouble looking at grades. For example, I'll tap on 'English' and it will being me to 'Geometry' every time. I've had to find loopholes and more difficult ways to access certain aspects of the app.

pud. Feb 12, 2020     

I thought downloading the app would be better since I cant even access it through the browser. But it wont even load just a white screen and the two bars. the browser says its too out of date. I can only see my grades on the school computers because I saved the exact link and I dont know if I'm able to get there without it I havent been able to find a way on my own yet.

Gwe. H. Sep 23, 2019     

This app is great for when you misplace your schedule or you need to check your grades real quick. The only con I can think of is that you have to re-log in every time you open the app. If you could stay permanently logged in, that would make this app perfect. It's still pretty great though, I use this app every day :)

Joy. S. Sep 25, 2019     

This app use to be awesome until the update. Now I can log in but it will not allow me to scroll once I'm in, basically if I click on a tab like meal I can't see how much is in the acct or any history. It will allow me to deposit more however. Another example, I can see the overall grades but if I click on a class I can't scroll, see assignments, when due/done or the grade on an assignments I'm just stuck in one spot & have to click tab at top left in order to click home to get out or log out.

Apr. S. Sep 4, 2019     

since the new update it has not worked. same issue as several other people in the reviews. uninstalled and reinstalled it, no help at all...even after reinstalling I still have the old version 🤷‍♀ī¸đŸ¤ˇâ€â™€ī¸ also the parent portal works great going to it from school website, so it's just the app you download that has issues

J. Z. Sep 30, 2020     

Text is too large. The format, in gereneral is too large. It doesn't fit well on the screen. It looks squished, making visual tracking difficult and onformation difficult to find. I perfer to use the website.

c. m. Nov 18, 2019     

This app... this god damn app... updates so often, and yet nothing changes. Every update is as useless and space wasting as the last. If you want to patch minor bugs, do them all in one update instead of making me clear space off my phone on a near daily basis just to check grades. Previous versions are not forwards compatible where they should be. Your developers are completely out of control.

Reb. A. Sep 2, 2020     

This app is such a mess. The words run into each other making so you can't even view all the information. Also you can't use the back button at all. You have to go back to the menu every time.. Needs serious improvement.

Mic. W. Feb 25, 2020     

Doesn't work at all. Was giving me a blank screen so I uninstalled. Reinstalled and then I can't get past the pick your school screen. Doesn't give you an option to enter the 3 digit zip or anything. Really would like to start using this again.

Lis. P. Sep 3, 2019     

I have been experiencing crashes for the last 2 weeks since my kids have been back in school... Very frustrating since I normally check their grades and communicate through this app all the time. As if 9/3..still unable to get into app.