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Uforia Música

Free! App available in English and Spanish | Aplicación gratuita disponible en inglés y español
Uforia – The Latin destination for Music and Radio:

• Listen to live radio: Get all your music, DJs and talk with 65+ live radio stations
• Check out our Uforia Exclusives – stations built just for you and only available on Uforia!
• Discover new music, save your favorites, and delve deep into Latin genres
• Share with friends and connect with your favorite stations and DJs

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you like and what we can do better. Hit us up at feedback@uforiamusica.com

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Jos. R. Nov 25, 2020     

I installed this app while after I listened 92.7 and I am so please with it. I pay Spotify, but I hardly use it anymore. I turn the radio on as soon as I get in my car, I've driven far from where I live, and never had any problems with signal as long my data in on ,the station I normally listen to, is making my drive smooth and pleasant. Thank you UFORIA, as a master of fact, I'm about to hit the road for 3 hours, I don't know why all the station are not playing. I hope the issue is fix.

Adr. R. Apr 30, 2022     

This app used to be good on my note 10 but now it crashes all the time ....

Jan. Z. Oct 1, 2020     

This app is great for the stations it provides. But I constantly have to keep pushing the button play to play the station. Otherwise it won't play and when it finally does it plays 2 songs and stops again! Please fix the issue or i will have to remove the app.

Mor. B. May 21, 2020     

I like the App as it lets me enjoy my favorite shows when I'm not in my car but what really frustrates me is when I'm listening to a pre-recorded show and I can't rewind or fast forward. That is absolutely ridiculous!! I want to be able to enjoy the show without having to listen to every commercial and song that plays during the live show. The IT teams in charge of this app is definitely lacking imagination.

i. L. P. May 27, 2020     

It's ridiculous! I'm listening to a radio show (El Bueno La Mala y el Feo) and in the middle of the show an ad pops in interrupting the show. After the ad the show continues for 30 seconds and ones again it's interrupted by a song. I know neither, the ads or the songs are part of the show because the radio hosts are in the middle of information or talking about something and they get interrupted. Definitely I'll go to back to iHeartRadio 🤦🏼‍♂️

Mar. B. Jan 26, 2019     

the new updated version sucks!!! keeps turning off by it self! doesnt show station name or songs on my radio, an everytime i log into it, keeps saying no favorite stations even tho i did the time before, old version was way better!! very disappointed with the new app

Mus. A. Jan 29, 2019     

The update took away the best features: in-app volume control, and start specific station on open. That makes it hard to use while driving. Please, bring those back.

Jus. a. B. T. E. B. Apr 29, 2019     

Literally just downloaded the app onto my phone and the damn thing won't even open. I guess if you are looking for a good music app keep looking because this is not worth the effort of trying to download and seeing if it works for you.

Jen. E. Mar 5, 2021     

There are too much advertising. I install this app, I try to start hearing music, and 5 minutes pass, and I still hearing the advertising, there is no music. So annoying autoparts advertising, 20 times in the road 😡😡😡😡

Wal. B. Dec 13, 2021     

Constantly repeating the same clip and or commercial. It's really annoying when you hear the same clip back to back to back. Would not recommend.

Fra. O. Sep 9, 2019     

Ever since the last two updates, the streaming is unstable. Streaming stops on every notification I received on my phone. App stops working when the GPS app talks. Go back to the old one.

Jen. M. Aug 7, 2019     

Uninstalling this app as it does not work properly. Continuously states there is no connection, to try again. On other occasions it will close the app as soon as it is opened. Done with it.

Orl. v. Feb 19, 2019     

0 Stars for new version. Crashes all the time and very difficult to deal with. Previous versions were just fine. Hopefully they fix it.

Dia. L. B. Apr 12, 2022     

It is not working properly with my phone

Jan. B. Mar 5, 2020     

This app sucks! I downloaded this to hear el Bueno la mala y el Feo . But it stops like every 10 mins and it repeats what they say as well.. ndot worth it!! Its always losing signal and the volume comes and goes

Alf. F. Aug 5, 2020     

It's okay. The most annoying thing about it is the DJ's will be talkin and in the middle of the conversation it'll cut off and go to commercials instead of waiting for the natural break in the radio show.

Dav. R. Apr 23, 2019     

This app keeps being updated constantly. It willl not even save your favorite stations! It interrupts radio programming to play annoying, unrelated and irrelevant ads. Slow loading, cheaply made. POS

SKM. Sep 26, 2018     

It stopped working, told me I had no internet connection, but I was able to use spotify or YouTube. Tried uninstalling it and installing it again but didn't resolve the problem.

Jes. A. Feb 18, 2022     

I love this app but I hate it pauses on its own and when I take the app of any go back in the music it's loading and takes for ever. I go use iheart.

Nor. L. Mar 21, 2019     

I was very happy with this app before the new update just few days ago. Now is trash it kills my phone battery super fast and I don't like the new look please fix it . I had to uninstall the app this use to be a really good one before. we are unhappy

Dom. R. Apr 21, 2021     

This app just sucks. I have downloaded it several times and it just doesn't work. It never has. I can't listen to WKAQ580 anywhere in Florida

Mag. P. Mar 19, 2019     

has the potential to be an amazing app, but lags a lot, affects phone functionality, and shuts down or gives error message constantly.

Joe. D. Aug 7, 2019     

The app was working really good with no issues. Now it says I have no connection for no reason. I uninstalled and installed back agai to see of it will fix it and nothing.

A. G. u. Jan 28, 2019     

great app with good selections. A big variety of stations are accessible. Havent had any technical issues or problems.

Yes. G. Jun 6, 2019     

Honestly I have been trying really hard to like this app because I love the show of Omar y Argelia and I want to listen to it on repeat but man every time I try to listen to it; it freezes and it won't play at all.

mar. q. Mar 20, 2019     

terrible upgrade, crashes for everything, very disappointed. the older version was way better never had a problem.

A. G. u. Mar 20, 2019     

Bad App after last update. Cell is not working properly while app is running, causing the cell to be unresponsive.

Ces. A. V. O. Mar 21, 2019     

Drains the battery a lot, heats the phone, and it pauses a lot by itself, its annoying. And I am using it on a galaxy s10.

pab. g. Apr 22, 2020     

I've been trying to play a radio station for 3 days now and nothing. I try to let it load for up to 40 minutes and nothing. I've tried different stations and nothing. Fraud!

Mar. B. Feb 25, 2020     

I hate your app it doesn't work I deleted it and updated it 3 times it says there is no signal and check your connection all my other apps work just not this one 🤦‍♀️😭