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UK Lotto Checker

If you play the same numbers on the UK Lottery each week this app will check them for you.
And even if you don't, it allows you to save your lottery ticket numbers and instantly see how much you've won just by touching the ticket.

It allows you to store as many tickets as you like.

No need to plough through screens selecting which Lottery you're playing
- this app opens with your list of UK Lotto ticket numbers and shows how many have matched alongside each ticket.

Touch the ticket to find out how much you've won (if anything).

Touch the bar displaying the winning numbers to see the prize breakdown.

It also checks your Lotto Raffle numbers.

Skip back through previous weeks to see which draws would have produced a winner.

If you prefer, you now have the option to just see Saturday's draw numbers or just Wednesday's.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (24)

Tra. W. Dec 9, 2018     

Complete rubbish, it doesnt do any of the above, it gives you the numbers and prize breakdown thats it, it doesnt tell you what you have won. If I could of gave no stars I would

Del. M. Oct 4, 2019     

This is good! to be able to keep track of my numbers compared to the latest & past results. Thumbs up🖒😆

Bar. A. Apr 1, 2020     

Currently stating it has Malware and to uninstall!!! I've contacted app support and he is investigating. Otherwise a brilliant App

Dav. S. May 18, 2019     

very very minimalistic app just typing the results in google gives me more information this app does not the mention when they say lotto checker they literally mean just only lotto results non of the others

Phi. J. Jun 28, 2018     

I am sure this app is fine. However pointless without a ticket QR scanner.

Ste. P. Sep 22, 2017     

Dose not open

Mar. H. Apr 23, 2017     

Just what I was looking for. Very handy for quickly checking our syndicate ticket.

Gre. S. Nov 1, 2016     

Just what I need,quick and easy

A. G. u. Dec 1, 2016     

Brilliant just what I wanted

Rog. S. Jul 20, 2015     

I use this to check my syndicate results every week. Today it threw up an errorand failed to run so I updated it. Now it will only display the results for 12 of my 14 sets of numbers. Please fix this! !! ###quickly fixed, thank you ###

Der. M. Apr 28, 2015     

Really like this, faster update to check results and the option to receive email alerts when a line wins would be a good feature and get 5 stars from me.

ste. e. Jul 10, 2014     

This app worked well up to 2nd july after which it fails to update to further draws. This is frustrating as the app was great.

Wen. B. May 5, 2014     

Was working well till recently, will not connect via 3g, have to connect to house wifi ??? Keeps saying no Internet connection, even tho every other app works!!

Fra. B. Oct 28, 2013     

.Thanks Sincerely!!.*****Wonderful Application,but the odds, are now, much tougher,and dissapointed,.better for two seperate pounds when only a Pound per line, no plus 5?, who decided to Half the odds of winning? Thanks.Will probably only stake,a couple of lines,!!

J. S. Oct 5, 2013     

Love this app. Used it for ages now. :-)

cra. b. Dec 16, 2012     

Awsome app for curling may tickets on a repeat basis, just wish you could do the euro millions with the same app instead of having to have 2 apps

A. G. u. Nov 11, 2012     

Brilliant app. I have been wanting something like this to check my works 10 weekly lines for ages.

Ste. C. Jun 12, 2013     

Lightweight, uncomplicated and does the job.

A. G. u. May 7, 2013     

This is very good to find.Lotto.Results,accurately and quickly,Thanks.The secret of gambling,never lay more than you can afford to LOSE,TRUE!*******

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2012     

I don't play plus 5 but the refresh button and highlighting are useful features

A. G. u. Oct 20, 2012     

Far easier to use than the genuine lottery website for a quick check of your numbers

A. G. u. Oct 17, 2012     

Now much better that lotto+5 has been added ....

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2012     

The app remembers our syndicates numbers (unlike some others I have tried) and you can check previous draw dates. Basic but it does work

Tho. E. Apr 26, 2015     

Simple straight forward app, very good communication with app creator. Five stars!!!