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Universal remote control tv

Thanks for downloading this free app, now you can control your Smart TV with this Universal Remote Control TV, this is a very cool Android application that allows you control your Television with your smartphone or tablet. Your remote control for all channels, works as a Universal Remote.The operation is the same as the real TV remote.
Don't need external hardware in order to use this app.From today don't worry if you children hale lost or broken your TV remote because with some easy step you can drive your TV from your phone.

Here I have reported TV that are supported:? TVs from 2010 with Internet TV feature: Models greater or equal to LCD 650, LED 6500, PDP 6500?TV from 2011 with AllShare feature: Models greater or equal to LCD 550, LED 5500, PDP 5500? TV from 2012 with AllShare feature: Models greater or equal to LCD 550, LED 5500, PDP 5500?Blue ray Disc Player released in 2011 with Smart Hub feature

Universal Remote Control, supports the following devices:
- Panasonic
- Sharp
- Dreambox
- Samsung
- Onkyo
- Integra
- LG Electronics
- Denon
- Marantz
- Tinycontrol

If you have a C-Series or D-Series TV, make sure you activated "Remote Control" in your TVs Menu under System-Settings. If there is no such setting, sorry in this case your TV is not supported.

-Disclaimer--The application uses the IR port of the mobile device, so if your device has not IR port,Not all TVs are supported.

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