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Upic Gender Transformation Face Changer

Upic Gender Transformation Face Changer provides many powerful pre-defined natural gender changer makeup styles to enjoy the greatest old face changing experience with just one tap!

Wanna discover the female version or male version of you? Our Face Changer Gender Editor will make your dream come true! You don’t know how to transform to woman or getting a man transformation yet? then this is your chance to see yourself in the opposite sex, and surprise your friends and family with make me old feature.

With Gender Transformation Face App Everyone can make up their transgender changement in seconds. you are just one tap away! Variety of gender makeup styles are ready to use too! Like: Changing the shape of eyebrow, Make up your lips, Get red cheeks with blush tool, Skin smoothener, Eye bag remover, Eyes beautify, Funny face changer & facial effects, Visage changement for feminization, crossdresser, aging booth, urdimbre... We believe that you’ll be totally inspired by this makeup app.

► Features:

✔ Smart face recognition
✔ Easy change gender
✔ Beauty Photo Editor
✔ Woman transformation
✔ Adjust smile, Teeth whitening
✔ Make me younger
✔ Transform Male to female or opposite
✔ Man to opposite sex switch
✔ Warp Face
✔ Merge face symmetry
✔ Women makeup / men makeup
✔ Face slimmer
✔ Skin color & hair changer
✔ Gender bender
✔ Make me old face
✔ Aging booth
✔ Age changer

► How to take a selfie with our Gender Changer Face App?
+ Take a selfie, or select a photo from Gallery.
+ Try your favorite style from numerous makeup effects.
+ Or edit manually to better your gender transformation process & create the most suitable make me old face looks!

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

gen. Feb 21, 2020     

The filters look like they were made in five seconds on Microsoft paint. Seriously, its sloppy and useless. The title is misleading, it doesn't even have a gender swap section. Waste of storage, I'm undownloading this right away.

Wic. B. Jun 18, 2019     

waste of time. it's a gender transformation app but all it does is take your picture and put a goatee and bushy eyebrows on your face maybe some thin eyeliner. Not worth the download if you are looking to have fun. it's more of a makeup app than a gender transforming app.

Ray. Jan 25, 2019     

The people who rated this 5 stars don't know why they downloaded the app. It does a terrible job at face changing and I highly doubt it did a thing. Very cheap way of changing (dragging photos of white old men or young white women). Not worth your time if you actually want to see a result.

A. G. u. Dec 6, 2018     

It's a wonderful and cool app. It's so funny! You can do many thinks for example take selfish , change many things on your face. I tank the author(s ) of this app , it's a good work 😘👌👌👍

Ada. T. Feb 12, 2019     

the app has 0% of what is advertised. says "facial recognition for changes" nope its stickers and manual work.

Psy. S. Jan 9, 2019     

the app gives you paste overs that don't blend with your actual face or face shape. overall very disappointing.

Fab. R. Mar 27, 2020     

Invasive ads, limited options and misleading screenshots making you think this app does more those screenshots suggests. Not worth installing it

all. k. o. f. e. Jun 7, 2019     

I like its styles of makeups and it makes my photos fantastic ...Good job ...I just hope for more improvement of the app...😘😍😊

Nic. W. May 31, 2019     

basic as basic can be and doesn't even do what it's meant to!! it should really have 0 stars.

mar. g. l. May 25, 2019     

ive never download an apps like this before... if you take piture then said to make it manual then you see all black... nice apps... its a waste of time

Alo. D. S. G. Jan 6, 2019     

Upic gender transfer is a best app for change face. it is a best app. u can try it.

Eva. B. Mar 6, 2019     

just a basic photo editing app. was hoping for more.

A. G. u. Jan 24, 2019     

best face changer app, great transformation effect and it' look like naturally, thanks developer

Sha. O. Jun 10, 2019     

this sucks it makes you give it 5 starts to get more filters then it gives you nothing!!! dont get!

Din. P. Oct 6, 2019     

Time waste this app not video working it,s very poor qulitey image shoot. And photo Edit settings open not better app lol😝 my waste my data😢 angry me😬😠

Has. H. Dec 19, 2018     

It is a nice app for discover your photos. I like this. It really fun.

Meg. v. E. May 31, 2019     

I'm sorry bit this is just a make-up editor... and the hair looks hella fake

Ben. S. Jan 7, 2019     

upic Very awesome application is very good work. Download everyone and enjoy this application.

Nik. M. Jan 31, 2019     

this was absolutely the kost awful game because it is more like instead of them doing it you have to put all the peices together

Cor. B. Jun 4, 2019     

not as described, basic functionality ads everywhere

Lit. Jan 26, 2019     

absoluteley rubbish, its just stickers and messed up stuff do not download

Edw. F. May 15, 2019     

Just pasting app. 👎 I thought it would automatically do the gender swap.

A. G. u. Mar 15, 2019     

Exelent App favorite style from numerous makeup effects Skin color & hair changer Man to opposite sex switch Women makeup / men makeup

J. R. Jun 20, 2019     

This app doesn't even work, don't your time installing because you'll just be disappointed.

red. May 16, 2019     

will not even open, keeps crashing

Don. D. Jun 5, 2019     

ad played after every action renders app nearly unusable

Fad. I. May 18, 2019     

Crashes when you try to open it

Was. S. Mar 1, 2019     

upic gender best app for gender transformation easy tu use make fun good application

Eri. W. Aug 8, 2019     

I've seen dress up apps that look more natural.

jhe. l. May 23, 2019     

its fun to edit photos