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USBCam Recorder - Endoscope WebCam EasyCap UVC

This is a software for USB camera image shooting. Through the OTG adapter cable, the mobile phone can also be connected to a USB camera like a computer and take images through this application.
1. Recording and taking pictures via USB camera
2. Set the resolution and encoding format of the captured image
3. During the recording process, the application can switch to the background and control the shooting through the floating window of the desktop.
4. Adjust image brightness and resolution
5. Connect the Bluetooth device and focus on the zoom device via Bluetooth
6. It is very convenient to share the captured images with your friends by long press the photo in built-in album.
1. The effect in the illustration is that the mobile phone is connected to the fisheye USB camera, and the application itself does not have this effect.
2. In addition to the fisheye USB camera, there is also an endoscope USB camera that can be used with a mobile phone to view narrow places such as the mouth. The phone can be used to capture distant scenes, etc. with an optical zoom USB camera.

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Reviews (26)

Nei. U. Feb 14, 2022     

Downloaded, opened it up, plugged in camera and away it went - easy as. Good clear image, easy to use app.

And. D. Jan 6, 2021     

Exellant quality &clear totally visable picture for such a small compact camera I love my endoscope camera I do home restoration and often need to see inside a wall with out destroying it sometimes electrical sometimes its plumbing and draind all I need to do is drill a small hole and the camera does the rest it come with attachments tiny mirror steel hook for grabing hold of wiring etc. Its awesome it has a built in bright light thats part of the lens assembly....

Ron. R. Jul 8, 2021     

worthless on a Pixel Slate i7. does not even connect to the camera. the USB port has the ring light on but no picture.

Len. W. Dec 22, 2020     

There are better items out their. Depends on your tool and cam. The adds really get in the way at times.

Rob. B. Nov 10, 2020     

Purchased a "endoscope camera" This software works with it and my Android tablet. The provided APP Did not.

car. v. May 1, 2021     

Downloaded a ton of endoscope apps before finding this one, works with my GS7 thinQ phone (camera is a low rez) with my cheapie usb endoscope. 😊

lee. s. Aug 19, 2020     

I have a Logitech web cam from 2011 and app didn't work.

Nam. D. Feb 15, 2021     

This is not making making my logitech camera connected and is very useless to

Joh. Aug 2, 2021     

Does not work on Chromebook with Android.

L.. M. Sep 20, 2020     

Works well, and use it with the tablet.

mad. s. Jul 18, 2020     

Only camera work flash not working good app

SHA. C. Jan 28, 2021     

This app works well with cheap endoscope

Amb. C. Oct 24, 2021     

Will not access the USB camera

Dav. S. Jul 4, 2021     

It was lousy, looking like something a child created

Pul. D. Dec 2, 2019     

i don't have time to wait, always connecting

GUY. H. Dec 20, 2020     

Did not work when connected

Mau. H. Dec 20, 2020     

Not working on Acer Chromebook

She. M. Oct 3, 2019     

please make refund Past ,past ,past all Refund(ABCD+1234) And all IT system refund Appruval conform,all words and Marks,and symbol ,Refund conform all ,our world founder ,president ,wonar ,CEO , Gazi Nazim udsin Bd.

Moa. G. Sep 16, 2020     

This app is didn't wook

and. c. Apr 17, 2021     

one more apo that does nothing

Mit. H. Apr 22, 2021     

I don't know if it did anything

Joh. M. Apr 8, 2022     

It is good

Pim. P. Jul 19, 2020     

best around

yog. p. p. s. Jul 20, 2020     


Ham. A. Apr 12, 2022     


Ang. A. Aug 5, 2020     

Thank you