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Vampire Love | Free OTOME game

◆StoryOne evening, I found myself a human sacrifice for vampires. With the "best tasting blood" I became the center of a war?! A tsundere, sweet lover, or the jealous type. Who will you choose?
This game is reccomended for:Vampire fansSomeone who wants a sexy loverWants to be eatenSomeone who wants to enjoy a love with a tsundereSomeone who wants love nowSomeone who likes dating simsDating sim first timersSomeone who loves making their avatars cute and fashionable.

◆Game IntroductionUsing the scenerio tickets you can read through your love like a novel. Based on the choices you make during the story your love outcome will change! The more affection you win through correct answers and skill missions, you can earn special scenerios and enjoy more heart racing stories. Let's reach the happy ending, staying stylish and cute with our avatar. Free to download and free to play! You can enjoy your love with any of your vampire lovers.

◆Character IntroductionsKousaka RenAloof x Cool x Passion

Your cool co-worker. He's cold towards you, but he's really looking after you when you're not watching.

Hatakeyama AkiraPure x Jealous x Over Protecting

Best friends with Ren, and your childhood friend. He takes care of you as if you were his little sister.

Shion Mystery x Crazy x Domination

A gorgeous famous model anyone would fall for. One day he claims you're his sacrifice. It seems he's related to Ren in some way...?

◆How to playYou get 5 scenerio tickets a day for free. Use these tickets to spend time with our boyfriends and UP our affection. It's as simple at choose and read!

◆Who is Otomedou?A sweet yet sour love between two male students, A simple and passionate love,A forbidden love with an idol, Teasing a man till he burst with jealousy...........We bring you lovely dreams of a maiden, from the squeeze of your heart, to a serious boys love adventure. We bring you the stories women want to read.

◆Basic informationCategory/ Genre: Love adventureFree registration and free play *Some extra items may require money

For inquiries and troubles, contact us at games@abracadabra.co.jp-------------------------
- When the application terminates unintentionally,· Update to latest OS· Increase the free space of your SD card· Increase the free space of your devicePlease try the three points above.--------------------------

Category : Adventure

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