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VE 200 WiFi Endoscope

The Wöhler VE 200 Video Endoscope has a powerful wireless module that provides astable wifi connection to Android devices. Photos arestored as .jpg. Videos are stored as .avi.

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Reviews (16)

Tra. C. Jul 1, 2020     

Constantly having connection issues with Android and Apple phones. I have reached out to customer service and am waiting a response.

Jor. S. Nov 2, 2020     

There is a clumsy way to get this working on your latest Android device. 1. Downloaded a virtual android app that is an older version of android 2. Set up a new Google account to run on the virtual android 3. Download this app from the play store in the virtual android app 4. Connect to the endoscope's wifi from your main android OS 5. Connect to the endoscope in the app while running in your virtual android.

JH. Aug 15, 2020     

Does not work with newer phone models (Samsung S10).

Cha. B. Apr 29, 2020     

Won't allow to view from camera to Android device

Jim. W. Aug 17, 2020     

Camera will not connect to my phone

A. G. u. Nov 29, 2018     

Kept saying couldn't find internet despite the fact that it was connected

Chr. S. Jan 4, 2021     

It's a pain to use!

Doo. R. Aug 28, 2018     

Does not connect to my endoscope. Sadly there is no HD SEE app not one of these apps work

All. S. Sep 11, 2016     

This one works. Wifi Endoscope by Novotech never worked well and doesn't work at all anymore. This looks like same app but really works great.

Mik. O. Sep 17, 2016     

Works great, connects to my endoscope and just works, unlike the one called wifi endoscope that has the photo of my unit that does not work at all anymore

Jim. F. Mar 23, 2017     

Doesn't work for my camera I'm affraid

DEZ. D. May 24, 2017     

Dosen't connect to usb endoscope

Har. B. Feb 18, 2017     

Its a Great app

Joh. M. D. Mar 12, 2017     

This app works well everytime. I wished I'd found it sooner rather than trying to get the wifi bugs sorted out on the Novotech app.

M. Jun 26, 2019     

it works!!

Sve. N. Jun 12, 2018     

Simple and easy to use which is what I want for something like inspection where it just needs to work. I do prefer that VE 200 utilizes my smartphone which makes sharing and organizing of inspection work so easy. VE 200 also great tool, nicely done Wöhler