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Vent Tools

Lindab Vent Tools is a collection of useful tools for the ventilation business.
Duct CalculatorThe Duct Calculator provides extensive computing functions for dimensioning of round and rectangular ventilation ducts. The input of the desired size (volume flow, air velocity or dimension) can be selected. By entering text or slider the requirements are defined and determined the required size and the pressure loss per meter.

Offset Bends / Offset T-Piece
- BendUsing the offset calculators you can calculate pipe lengths and center distances of various bend and bend – T-piece combinations. Due to the real Lindab component dimensions intermediate lengths can be accurately pre-fabricated on site.

Length of insulationCalculation of the length and area of insulating material for certain round and rectangular ventilation duct dimensions facilitates the cutting blanks on building site.

Roof AngleThe determination of roof angle to order roof transitions presented itself as frequent obstacle. By entering a few building mass calculates this tool the angle of the roof.

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