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Viber Messenger

Viber, unlimited text messages and phone calls for free, everywhere in the world !

Who never had to contact someone abroad ? Unfortunately not every phone plan allows unlimited calls or texts in another country.
Viber allows you, very easily, to call and send text messages for free, if your contacts also use the app.

Viber has some more than interesting features :

- free phone calls to any country
- sending instant messages for free
- group conversation up to 100 persons
- intuitive interface
- stickers and smiley to spice up your messages
- no invasive advertising
- hide your presence with an « offline » status
- available on desktop and tablets, synchronized with the app
- send files (pictures, video, etc.)
- protected privacy
- available under different exploitation systems (Windows phone included)

Viber characteristics

The instant messaging app allows you to send text messages and call other users for free. Very easy to use, the app shows you who in your contact list is using it, thanks to a small Viber icon next to their name. The home screen is divided in three tabs : discussions, contacts and calls. Those allow you to manage your instant discussions, write your messages, create group conversation up to 100 persons, manage your contact and your call history.
Choose a profile picture, the user name you want to use and the only thing left is to contact everyone on earth !

Creative messages

One of Viber’s pro is to offer instant messages as closely adapted to your needs as possible. You can improve your messages with a large choice of smileys from the classic smile to a shark or even a space shift. Choose among many stickers and, if it is not enough for you, download new ones in the catalogue. Personalize your messages thanks to the « drawing » feature. It allows you to draw directly on the touch screen.
Choose also on what wallpaper your conversations will appear : the default wallpaper or use your own picture taken with your phone.
Invite all your contacts to use Viber as well !

Category : Communication

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Reviews (30)

Jon. E. May 24, 2022     

It is very good for texting, calling, etc. But one small problem, you can only use it on 1 mobile phone! For example Skype, I can use it on infinite amount of pc's, phones, tablets, and even android TV's. This wouldn't be a big problem if I didn't have 2 phones that I need (or want) viber on both using the same phone number. (Maybe if I could just use a google account instead of phone number could be a great option to choose and give people a choice)

Dim. H. May 25, 2022     

Since a while when someone calls me with video neither they can't see me, nor a picture of myself appears on my screen. The button for video calls on my phone is active, but it seems not working. My Android is up to date, Viber too, I've given all the permissions required, uninstall and reinstall the app and again the same issue. It's so frustrating cause every time I have to end the call and call them again by myself. I can't find any information how to solve this.

CJB. May 24, 2022     

Why do you don't have an option (colored bar at top of the screen, or button) to get back to the active call if you leave switch screens? Many times I am in a video call and need to read a text someone has sent me, only to be unable to return back to the live video screen. I have looked extensively at all the options in Viber and cannot find the way to get back to the video call. Am I missing something?

Nem. M. Mar 27, 2022     

After the latest Android/Samsung UI 4 update Viber is crashing all the time. I didn't want to give a bad review, but a month has passed, and still no fix, which is very irresponsible. If the issue is with ads turn them off until you resolve this. When you turn off mobile data and. the wifi app will not load ads and it will work, of course offline, but it will not crash. Not sure why is so difficult to fix this. Guys, the app is not running, I believe this should have the highest priority.

Cyr. R. Apr 3, 2022     

Very convenient messaging app and also for file sharing. My only issue with the app (and I'm not really sure if this is a problem with Viber) is that my phone (and my mom's) doesn't make any sound alerts whenever a message comes in. There will be a notification on the phone status bar but no alerts or chimes and this made me late to read my messages. I already tried to fix both app and phone settings to no avail. I hope you can help me on this issue. (Note: My phone is a Samsung A71 4G)

sau. b. May 24, 2022     

Message sending stopped next day after installation. Trying to fix the issue, reinstalled the app, now even activation is failing with error, activation failed. Checked help, it says my number is blocked as the system detected my number as spam, interesting!! Edited: seems like this is a very common issue faced by people based on reviews, which has been around for long time now. Not sure how such issues are missed and not even fixed. Update- The typing indicator is displayed even If only reading

•It. Mar 29, 2022     

Hello. I'd like to report an issue I've been experiencing lately. Firstly, I would like to appreciate that we can talk, chat for free with our close people and also have a big selection of stickers. However, I've been getting random messages from people that I don't know. Preferably bots attempting to scam others. I don't feel safe with random people knowing my phone number and just texting me. I would like this changed, maybe only see people in Viber that are in your contacts or so. Thanks.

My. H. May 21, 2022     

Update: Still broken. Call disappeared in the background. Can you fix your app? We can't even access the calls we make with the app each time we switch to a different app. The call is perpetually on in the background. We have to ask the other party to hang up the call on our behalf. The other way is to restart the phone. Fix your bug!!

Ran. Apr 9, 2022     

I'm having fun using Viber as a whole. the reactions, replies, locations on chats, the background customization. everything is just so efficient and easy. except for one thing, we need a chat bubble. reason why Messenger is only being used is because of that feature. i hope you can get to make something similar if not the same so we can still chat while doing other activities in our phones without using split screen or leaving the task. looking forward for more of your improvements!

plu. V. May 10, 2022     

There is a problem of call connectivity when your device is behind a proxy. You are not able to share your videos or photos, however, chat is still going good. P. S. Viber doesn't recognize the system proxy settings on Android devices. Go and compare to What's up application which works fine absolutely behind proxy settings.

COL. S. May 11, 2022     

I messed the App up when I had a recent problem with my phone. After uninstalling and reinstalling the App, I am finally back running again and hopefully be able to chat regularly to my Australian relatives. I love being able to Video call them, especially as we are all getting older.

And. May 24, 2022     

Might be one of better options on IMs if you're going to ditch Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Viber encrypts your communication end-to-end. I hope this service have an option for local backup, not just cloud backup, so that I can restore my chats and notes on any device with a backup file (iOS/iPadOS or Android).

Joy. C. May 17, 2022     

It's great and a convenient messaging app especially when it's connected to your job, interaction with different people around the globe, well it's amazing , sharing stories and photos as well, it's very nice and helpful, more power to viber group

The. May 19, 2022     

Requests too many permissions, including obviously unnecessary for the intended action. Once sensitive peismissions granted (specifically access to contacts), you're no more owner of your addressbook, this program feels free to rename or modify entires. Also sells your number to 3rd parties and allows parsing without asking any user permission to do that. Seemingly it is their business model, thats why free calls exist 🐒

Tim. D. May 9, 2022     

It works ok most of the time. Sometimes it shows that the message hasn't been read when I know it has. (I've seen the other phone) I also don't like the '* is back on Viber, say hi' message. The ads are annoying too... Why are they there...? Who would even click on one?

JEM. K. A. May 11, 2022     

Couldn't send and recieved messages problem happens more frequent although theres no problem eith my internet connection. Notifies i have new message but when i open the app. Theres no message and i could not send a message also. Please fix this. The app is very usefull to me before this problem. Its very frustrating now.

Cy. I. Mar 20, 2022     

I like this app. There are many good points but a few shortcomings as well. It is difficult to upload large files. It takes a very long time or does not do so at all. I have another chat app where there are no such problems. There is more privacy hm with Viber. Your phone number is not revealed to everyone in the group, others don't know if you are on line if you don't want them to, and most importantly the same access works on phones, and tablets, so you can check messages everywhere. 👍👍👍👍

Cer. Mar 17, 2022     

Please improve audio calls. Sometimes when me and my friend are talking while playing the audio would stop working and we can't hear each other, we resolve it by going back to the viber app and our game would be interrupted, which is kind of a hassle for us. I hope you can fix it. Thank you.

Aru. S. May 20, 2022     

I have found two issues, 1) notification - I can't received any notification message from sender side, but inside the app we can see they already texted me. 2) Message sending issue - sometimes I can't able to send the message.

Nus. N. K. May 26, 2022     

I have installed this app as Viber but when tried to open it Viber rakuten appear. When start to launch it became mission impossible to launch it with many inuseful help instructions. Main problem is six diggit code number never provided to my phone which is working properly. My Viber was working properly just a view day's ago suddenly all change making me unable to use Viber at all what was reason that I uninstalled it trying to install I get this rakuten problems.

Olg. B. Apr 27, 2022     

Every update has behind-the-scenes upgrades to make Viber worse. Why? With every next update this app is consuming more and more memory for data, and you can do nothing with that. Second problem - there is no sound, when somebody is calling. And most importantly, there are big questions about the use of your information by this app for its own purposes without the possibility of control on your part. That's why, if you will compare modern version and previous, Viber became worse...

Wil. C. May 15, 2022     

Except for the ever present annoying red badge that is always there for every new ad, i think it is the greatest communication app. I dont mind ads, but dont want them to show up as a message from a friend. Ads OK, red badge bad.

Lea. J. Mar 16, 2022     

This new "explore" section is SO annoying and stupid. Having that red notification dot constantly there is VERY irritating. This is a messaging app, not a social media app. There is absolutely no need for an "explore" section, why did you introduce it?! Aside from that, the app is great, and I would happily give 5 stars if the "explore" part left.

Joj. R. May 16, 2022     

Viber Still have limited options to send files. Very confusing and difficult to use if the user is a traveller like me. I need to change always my local sim wherever I travel to be able to send messages and all types files.

Hus. D. May 22, 2022     

So far so good. Excellent we'll wait and see for the new update. Just minor issues for improvement are voice quality connection problems at peak times specially and older messages disapearing after switching from different options.🏅

L.A. A. Feb 28, 2022     

Brings you all over the place when reading a long thread - when you tap on an image to have a closer look and then go back, you'll be brought to the latest message. Also, I don't see a reason why you have to hide messages in long, unread threads, then randomly show parts of the messages in group chats. Whatsapp is still the gold standard in messaging apps.

Rai. R. May 26, 2022     

I use this app to communicate with family. It has always been great but lately, it doesn't seem to deliver my messages on time. I have great internet connection but Viber doesn't work well anymore. I even receive messages late most of the time.

Kai. W. Apr 30, 2022     

This is a good app but it sucks so much. I mean it's great but only when it works. I somehow get messages but I can't send any messages back. The message would take too long to send and even if I want to delete one, it would say that the Viber Service is not working or something. You gotta fix this.

Ern. V. I. Apr 28, 2022     

2018 - Viber is really good. The internet environment plays a big role, good internet signal has good reception, while poor internet signal has poor reception. Will keep using Viber, perhaps for a long time. Perhaps Viber could also edit the apps to make it work real good even in poor signal environments. It is 2022 April. Am still with viber. An update: Sending messages to contacts seems to be considered spamming by the algorithm. Perhaps this could be improved on.

Len. R. May 10, 2022     

Had to reinstall the app, can't register again. Could not get an activation code via sms, could not get the code via call. And now i have this "activation failed" thing, which is apparently means that my phone has been blocked. Thanks for that i guess.