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Virtual girl augmented reality

Are you still dreaming about your own virtual girlfriend? Finally your dream comes true! Get it right now absolutely free and forget about real girlfriend!
This is augmented reality application. Use your camera to play.Use the camera of your phone to see a cute anime girl in your room! Rotate your phone to see it clearly.

Have a lot of fun with cute 3d anime girl. Your new girl will have her own emotions and feelings. Check all buttons and open new features!

- amazing effects
- cute 3d manga girl
- huge number of controls
- change her style and dress, change hair colour
- big number of animations
- combine controls and see what happens

Some buttons have up to 17 different actions! Do whatever you want! You can even create a superstar for dating.Your girl is totally kawaii !!Combine animations in different ways and discover new movements.

Take care of your virtual girlfriend and she will fall in love with you!

The anime girl will behave like virtual pet or virtual girl, so you'll have to play with her as much as you want.You are a true otaku if you love this manga girl!

Thank you for playing. Leave your comments and have fun.

CONTENT LICENSE:These contents are licensed under the "Unity-Chan" License Terms and Conditions.

Category : Arcade

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