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Welcome to Guymon, Oklahoma! Explore your bucket list early with our melting pot of culture, arts, festivals, century old western history, breathtaking wide-open landscapes, and Red Carpet hospitality!
The center of the Oklahoma Panhandle, Guymon is known for Pioneer Days and the Professional Rodeo (PRCA) held the first weekend in May. the Five State Motorcycle Run held the second weekend in May, The Professional Bull Riders event in July, Guymon Fiesta held in September which celebrates our rich Hispanic culture, Azuma: An African Celebration held August, our Art, Food, and Wine Festival in the Fall; and our year-round golf at Sunset Hills.

Also known for our large genealogy and historical photography collections located in the state of the art Guymon Public Library and Arts Center, the area is rich in Dust Bowl, Pioneer farming and ranching, settlers, and immigrant history. We love to share a view of our untouched panoramas of century old ranches, homesteads, and landscapes of what was once known as No Man's Land, and where Santa Fe Trail wagon trains crossed from the east to the west to the trading post at Santa Fe. Just outside of Guymon you can see towns spanning 40 miles, with a small glow of lights every 10 miles which was the distance the original steam and coal engines could travel before needing to fuel up. The railroad still runs several times a day transporting goods across the nation.

Guymon is easily accessible to travelers with 4 major highways heading north, south, east, and west to the five state area of Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. In fact, Guymon is 20 miles from Texas, 40 miles from Dorothy's House and the Land of Oz in Kansas, and just over an hour from New Mexico, and Colorado. We also sit along the Playa Lakes Loop, known for the variety of water fowl, wildlife, and plant species that pop up certain times of the year amidst the flatlands and Beaver Sand Dunes.While you're here, head over to the No Man's Land Museum in Goodwell for a two-headed calf, historic gun collections, stage coaches, arrowheads, and other fascinating and authentic Pioneer and Native American artifacts. Goodwell earned Texas County the title of "Saddle Bronc Capital of the World" as it is home to Oklahoma Panhandle State University's multi-national team champions, and Cowboy Hall of Famer coach Robert Etbauer and World Champion coach Craig Latham.

Another popular daycation includes a drive to the tri-state marker in Black Mesa State Park where one can stand in New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma at the same time. Just down the road there are petrified dinosaur tracks, the highest point in Oklahoma on top of volcanic Black Mesa's hiking trail, the Kenton Museum with geology, paleontology, Native American, outlaw, and pioneer artifacts, as well as curious rock formations and caves. Ancient writings have been discovered in caves linking the area back to the Spanish Conquistador Coronado, and even the Vikings. The town of Kenton is home to descendants of the original 101 Ranch and great ranchers who love to host tour groups.

So whether it's a tour of western Pioneer history, landscape, wildlife, culture, cuisine, or people
- make Guymon and the Oklahoma Panhandle your next travel destination.

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