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Voice Tools: Pitch, Tone, & Volume

Analyse your voice pitch, associated voice gender, & volume in real-time with the ability to record and replay the last 10 seconds. Essentially a voice analyser for transgender, LSVT, and voice therapy patients to improve the quality of their voice.

Please note; this app does NOT change the pitch of your voice, it only provides visual feedback specifically tailed for use as part of voice therapy!!!

This tool is designed to act as a voice recorder/playback/analyser tool but with useful information such as voice pitch, tones, & volume with resonance and phonetics to be added at a later date. It is mostly intended for use as part of voice therapy, and users should be aiming to use the tool for about 5 minutes a day over several months. It does not provide lessons or guidance, it is intended to be used as a tool to assist with voice therapy and not as a replacement for voice therapy.

The voice pitch analysis works best with an external microphone! It will work without an external microphone but please be-aware that results may vary as the voice pitch analysis requires a relatively quiet environment and some phone microphones can pickup a lot of background noise.

=Random Sentences=
Randomly generated sentences are shown at the bottom of the screen! These sentences are phonetically balanced and designed to be spoken in a single breath. This can help improve transitions between different phonetic sounds.

-Record & playback without saving files to your device
-Real-time voice pitch analysis
-Tones playback
-Pitch & Gender Charts
-Real-time volume analysis
-Voice Statistics
-Real-time resonance analysis (Coming soon)
-Phonetics (Coming soon)
-Ability to set targets
-Random sentence generation based on Oxford English sentences.
-Transgender & non-binary friendly

No voice recordings are saved or leave the device.
Anonymized usage statistics & crashes are sent to the developer to diagnose issues and improve the application.

This app is available in two flavors; advert supported/free version, and a paid advert-free version. If you use this regularly or just want to support further development please consider purchasing the paid version :) Adverts will be enabled in all installations from June/July on-wards.

Help us to improve this app, if it doesn't work, or you have any ideas to help us improve please drop us an email so that we can improve things in the next release!

Category : Medical

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Reviews (30)

Nik. M. Apr 3, 2022     

Best app of its kind. A couple of features/options missing to make it 5 star and those are a text that changes after each recording and tracking progress over time with the ability to replay old recordings. I know there is an option to type in a text of our own but it's much better to just have a pool of texts, or an entire book, within the app itself.

Kay. H. Mar 27, 2022     

This app is amazing, it's been such a big part of my transition and I don't know where I'd be without it. I use it in tandem with VoiceUp as you can split screen it and see your range while doing the voice exercises. Also useful for practing reading out loud etc. This app is invaluable to me!

Aub. P. Apr 21, 2021     

Unfortunately, this seems to be the best app available for transition-related voice training. It has a number of bugs - ironically, including the button to submit bug reports in the first place. Half the time it launches, it gets stuck "initializing microphone." It doesn't work at all with Bluetooth headsets. That said, it has the features I need, and the pitch visualization is very convenient. When the app works. I haven't found anything better, but I would switch in an instant.

Mel. Z. Oct 24, 2021     

The app does pick up my microphone and very well. However, whenever I try to play the audio back there's only silence. I know my headphones work because any other media will play, but for some reason this app just won't play through them. Analyzing my pitch is nice, but I need to be able to replay it so I can notice breaks in my voice, if it sounds natural, etc. I also think being able to save the voice files to see my progress would be useful too.

Bre. S. Oct 24, 2019     

Very good,and it seems to be very accurate! The interface is simple and clean. I also like how privacy-conscious it is. My only complaint is on my device (Samsung Galaxy j3 2017) the line on the graph sometimes disappears midway through speech. (I'm using this to increase my vocal range, as it's currently hopelessly narrow, that way I can sound more emotive and have less voice cracks.)

Hol. F. Oct 13, 2021     

This app is wonderful for anyone trying to work on their voice! It provides correct common pitches of speech, an analyzer with a preset passage to give you details, and a real time listener that shows you your pitch on a graph as you talk. It has been instrumental in my voice work and is excellent in every capacity. Additionally, it's free with minimal ads, or only $10! If you're thinking about it, try this app. It costs nothing and is worth everything.

Kar. Jul 20, 2019     

The best. This is everything I could have ever wanted and more. I did not see any ads but still purchases the "remove the ads" feature to support the developer. I wish that the text was customizable so that I could train in different languages. I'm sure making that part open source would allow for people to localize the strings.

Hik. O. Mar 27, 2021     

While it's nice to have a monitor for your your pitch, it's not going to help you sound feminine or masculine. You'd need to display resonnance (the frequency difference between the top of the first wave and the following waves on a spectrogram). Unfortunately, the only thing this app would help you sounding fake. Also allowing user to listen to themselves in real time using headphones could really help in a more Intuitive way than having to try to adjust after recording yourself.

Kai. I. May 10, 2020     

This really helped me keep track of my voice, I feel like I have more control now. I'm trying to get a deeper voice because I am trans (ftm) and this is great for showing my growth. Only thing I can think of to make it better is if you could pause it. It keeps recording untill you click for a new phrase, and you cant just pause the whole thing. Other than that, it's a great app.

Jil. M. Dec 29, 2020     

Sampling rate of the main pitch screen is too low, leading to jerky traces, missed peaks, and drop-outs. It also requires me to be quite loud before it will register anything, even though the volume trace screen picks up at much lower levels. Price to remove the very intrusive and distracting ads ($13) is WAY too high. Those ads also make using the app in landscape orientation all but impossible because they eat up too much vertical screen real estate.

Kri. W. Jul 13, 2020     

I like this app, and it is functional and useful and informative, although I see a lot of room for enhancement and feature additions. I would love it even more if the pitch analysis mode was more detailed in its output. I would like to see the time axis expandable, as even a comparatively long sentence is too short on the plot to be very useful besides as a big picture kind of rough view. Tying pitch to syllables or phonemes would be a wonderful feature, although tricky to implement.

Amy. C. Dec 5, 2020     

I like how it shows male and female pitch/tone zones to help adjust those to become more consistent. I love the analysis feature you can either read the text it supplies or read from a book like I prefer, it records for a set time period then shows your results giving you the female and male percentage of how your voice sounds. After a few times using the analysis feature I've been able to start sounding more female than I do male.

Noi. A. Jan 13, 2022     

Works very well. It's great to be able to take a quick check on pitch and get a playback of it. The addition of a spectrogram is also very nice. I wish you could take longer recordings to save and analyze later, or at least an option to open an audio file for analysis.

Ali. Apr 4, 2022     

Simple and effective. I use the pitch monitor to watch my note deviations, and practice holding them. It has almost immediately improved my performance towards my goal [mtf transition affirming voice] Highly recommend if you are anxious about working with a vocal coach, or just prefer to work/practice on your own.

Ari. A. May 26, 2022     

it's an incredibly useful tool and I have had a lot of success with my voice training after consistently using this. My only complaint is the "email a recording" functionality is broken. It creates an email but never attaches the recording.

Jea. J. Jul 19, 2020     

Awesome app. Lots of functions. You can also customize the sentences for personalized practice. I've reached out to the programmer and they have been super responsive too! Hands down, the best voice tool app I've worked with. I like being able to switch back and forth between the tone function and the pitch graphing as you talk.

Vid. L. May 20, 2022     

Really helpful, easy to use and has helped me so much get into the range I want. I recommend it to all my friends doing voice work when they come out and are nervous about their voice. It helps so much!

Lee. M. Mar 25, 2022     

Be careful not to pay any attention to the misleading gendering (male/female) percentages this application displays if you care about how your voice is perceived in terms of gender - those estimations are close to meaningless because in practice your voice will be gendered not according to the pitch, but according the balance of your vocal size (the size/shape of your vocal tract) and vocal weight (the way your vocal folds come together when vibrating - in a light or a heavy way) and the application does not measure any of this. If you want to look at the pitch when, say, singing, there are better applications than this one ( supporting musical notation/notes on the graph instead of raw frequencies (pretty useless for music.)

Rob. May 19, 2019     

Would be nice if one could customise how detailed the sound pitch/ female male and androgynous areas area shown. Also I have noticed that the app sometimes shows unrealistically high or low pitches, maybe the recording quality could be improved a little. Apart from that, nice app and nice idea.

Fel. S. Dec 28, 2021     

Really awesome app. It has a bunch of features like the spectrogram that other similar apps are missing. I also love that recordings get deleted after you've listened to them.

ble. b. Feb 27, 2022     

is there an option for turning of5 the gendered theming? good pitch and tone app but as far as trans voice training goes, more customizable goals, like so i can kinda control what i think is more of a girls voice and aim for that would be helpful.

Sim. A. Jan 20, 2022     

It's a really clear and easy to use app. Shows everything I need and has all the features I want.. and it's free! Yes there are ads but they are not intrusive at all. 5*

Jim. A. Mar 7, 2022     

Great app, only complaint is the audio file won't attach to Gmail when I try to export or save results from an analyze after a session. Its great otherwise though

Kyr. M. Oct 10, 2019     

Recently began HRT, this app has helped immensely! With a history in music (instruments and vocal), this app has helped me find my voices, understand my speech, and control my volume! Something as simple as understanding the dB of a voice vs the average dB of what people aim for and the dB level of the environment all come into play, tonality and pitch also play a key factor. All is generally and easily addressed within and is fundamentally easy to use. Wonderful app!

May. E. Jan 22, 2022     

Very useful for measuring the pitch and tone of your voice, very helpful analysis tools, absolutely worth getting for anyone who wishes to train their voice for singing or other purposes.

Jay. W. Dec 9, 2020     

Easy and simple to use. It has both a pitch mode to practice common phrases, which makes for a great warm up, and an analyze function for longer practice. While the stock text for the analyze function gets rote very quickly, it's easy enough to gradlb a book or just talk about loud.

Luc. M. Feb 25, 2019     

Great app, this is the best of it's type that ive ever used. As a transwoman i find this very helpful in training my voice. I am friends with the creator and they are always, always, willing to help if you're having issues with the app. You just need to let them know what is wrong and they will try to fix it.

Rav. L. Nov 17, 2020     

Its a good app, but the audio in the tone feature and playback in the analyse feature keep glitching so that it produces no sound, forcing me to have to keep closing and reopening the app. Id gladly give five stars, if it wasnt for this slight issue

Law. H. Oct 19, 2019     

Love this app !!! Really improves my voice quality and now I realize the range of my voice and the tone, pitch and volume levels I'm trying to achieve. I'm now better able to go from a deeper male voice, approximately 140hz / 160hz to an androgenous/feminine voice of 210 hz / 220hz.. Although there is still a long way to go before I reach the voice quality that I want, I feel that I'm on the right track. This app will definitely help anyone seeking to improve the quality of their voice.

Bet. T. Dec 8, 2019     

Great app overall. My only wish is that you could use this along with another app using audio (music/podcasts) so you could try and match another vocalist while monitoring your pitch. Other than that, no complaints.