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VR Bow and Archer 3D Game

VR Bow and Archer 3D Google Cardboard Game
Set in the fields of a medieval landscape, Archery VR is an immersive adventure game, and at the same time a strategy game that requires skill. Moving from the traditional bow and arrow, this is a switch to an archery field where budding archers, especially kids who wish to learn the art develop the skill to focus and play. This VR Game is the first of its kind and gives a realistic feel in the virtual space. The virtual reality gives the most thrilling experience of practicing archery in an open space.

In the busy city life where there is bare hope of any free land, Archer VR Game is an escape from reality. Just put on a Virtual Reality Headset, pick up the bow and arrow and shoot! The shooting game is a skill trainer for kids that helps them develop focus and thus is a certain favorite among kids games. An already hit on the iOS Market, we now bring you the game in the android play store with the touch of medieval art!You must have played many archery games, but this one is rare! And in its rarity, the Archery VR Game is the only Virtual Reality Game that helps develop the archery skill. Stay indoors and practice what you always wanted to.

**Features of VR Bow and Archer Google Cardboard Game**

1. Works with Procus Virtual Reality Headsets and other Google Cardboard Devices2. Aim, Shoot and Score High3. Draw your Arrow sling it through the Bow and hit the target

The game works perfectly on all mobile headsets and can be played even on Google Cardboard.Mobile devices compatible with: Multiple devices like Lenovo K3Note, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and moreThe ProcusPro’s click button makes it even more convenient to play the game aiming for the right spot!Best Viewed in ProcusVR Buy it on amazon here : http://goo.gl/biuCc1

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