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VR Commando Action

The Modern Era of Games is just to begin with this amazing VR based Commando Action game. Just wear the 3D Glasses and enter the world of Virtual Reality by sniper based action thrilled game and avail the taste of oculus rift. Invade the enemy camp and eliminate them all. The story of game begins with a commando dropped at night in a bad weather at a secret enemy army camp near the dense Jungle border.You are a soldier in a realistic game, the VR Commando Action is an addictive game which gives you an interactive and thrilling experience.Mission is assigned to all commandos directly from the Head Quarter and You have to enter enemy camp area, by using maps and clear the enemies in the Unit. With the VR Glasses feel a great clash at each post, so show your strength to your enemy. Your Mission includes to destroy all important enemy assets like Fuel and Ammunition dumps, target armor and military vehicles so as to break them. You have limited ammunition so don’t waste bullets.Kill one enemy with one shot. Be careful, be aware, be concision. Think well before any move.Look well your surrounding before advance. My commando! Be aware of hidden enemies in bunkers, buildings, posts and in bushes. Military base camp by your sniper commando skills and destroy the enemies before they destroy you. Your mission is to stop enemies and keep them behind border line. You will really enjoy the real war action game in all levels, protecting your bases and military assets from air attacks and enemy commandos actions.
Game Play: ☆ Switch the game play and slide your Smartphone into VR glasses.☆ Set your aim on enemies by 360º rotation for auto fire to kill them one by one.☆ You can play easily by standing or using revolving chair.☆ Auto Select any weapon during action.☆ For enemy at far distance, use auto selected Telescope for sniper view.☆ The weapons will be reloaded automatically.

Main Features:

☆ 3D FPS (Action Packed game)☆ Complete Battle field real looking 3D environment☆ Amazing Movie Quality, best sound effects and sound track☆ Easy GUI and controls☆ Efficient weapon control and selection☆ Ground to Air attack on flying Helli☆ Designed for Players: Teenagers, adults & Family☆ Adventure, Action and Thrill

Category : Action

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