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VR Video Player - 360 Videos

Thanks to Virtual Reality, dive into new adventure of your environment, explore the things like you are already there in the scene. Its Amazing! Virtual Reality video player will amaze you with its growing collection of dynamic video experiences. Using the cardboard and a device supporting VR games, you can watch your favorite movies of all times, like sniper shooting, hunting, wildlife extreme videos, roller coaster adventure, Music, Sports, Football, Dance and horror videos. It is much easier than it was ever before. You simply have your mobile in hand and a VR glasses or cardboard, install our app VR Video Player, sync all your videos in mobile with this app and leave rest of video players behind. you are surely going to love this app, and once you have installed this you will forget all other apps, like simple media player, music player, video maker, video downloader. Virtual reality was a dream, but the dream can be visualized with Oculus VR watching 360 live videos. You can have the joy of video and cardboard used homido Oculus VR. Do watch with your friends, and the one you adore, in order to explore the beautiful countryside to explore a new location, you have the opportunity to all of the other more interesting things to . The best thing about VR Video Player is that, it can play videos from anywhere, whether they are live, downloaded or already placed in your SD card. Using internet connection, you can play videos live in VR Video Player and land into a new world of excitement. There are a number of movies, video clips saved in our mobiles, and we are simply too lazy to transfer them to any device to watch them in VR environment, but the wait is over now, now you can play your device videos in VR anywhere you want. You want to enjoy any special occasion's video saved in your mobile with your friends, then you are relieved now. also simple videos seem boring once you have watched them in HD or VR 360. You might be thinking that what is the video format that can be played in the VR Video Songs Watch &Download App? Should the Video format be; SBS, 3D, Oculus Rift, Goggle, Google Cardboard? The quality of headset may also increase or decrease your level of excitement. You would have many pictures or videos of your real life, from your school, college and you surely miss your friends, you can make a video of those pictures and watch them in VR video player, for a moment you will feel like you are back to that time again, and you are in the same scene. Bringing what is close to your heart. Step inside the action. Game Features:
Unlimited video length supportedSuperview 360° VR360º 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VR song experience360° panorama videoSingle videoScreen size optionsImmersive 3D SBSFull HD MP4 VideosMove head up, doen, Right, LeftDownload the song you are playingDownloaded songs are saved in your deviceVR Video Player is the ultimate player for virtual reality and 3D videos that gives you full control and supports all modes. Configure any parameter of our VR player with its intuitive UI and get the most immersive virtual reality experience. The application provides simple user interface and head-tilt commands so there is no need to pull out your phone during watching. Download VR Video Player now. It's totally FREE! and has many exciting features.

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