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VXG RTSP Player (IP Camera)

RTSP Player is a very simple, fast application to playback network stream from IP cameras, video servers and surveillance systems. CCTV client and IP cam viewer with powerful camera list, record function.
Features: ✔ CCTV viewer✔ Recording from live camera✔ Powerful camera list control – add, delete and modify your streams✔ Supported types of streaming: RTSP, RTP, UDP (Multicast stream support), HTTP-HLS, RTMP, MMS✔ Digital zoom and picture shifting ✔ Thumbnails for live streams✔ Support M3U channel list✔ Preview video while browsing in camera list ✔ Replay for live HLS stream✔ Hardware decoder using hardware acceleration with processor optimization – high speed rendering for modern platform✔ Multi-core decoding provides the dual-core device’s performance ✔ Smooth playback of FLV files, you do not need to install the Flash Player plug-in✔ Encrypted data channel by HTTPS

This application is based on VXG Android mobile video player SDK. This SDK supports all major network protocols and multimedia codecs, tested and tuned for all major Android hardware platforms and has over 1M+ users!Our SDK is designed to help our clients create value with mobile video playback. With our wide range of features and powerful tools you’ll quickly expand your audience, generate revenue, and create more effective digital communications. It has just all you need for your Mobile video playback solution!Build your own Media Player within hours using our SDK!

VXG video player SDK features :
• Hardware acceleration – a new hardware accelerated decoder for HD video
• Multi-core decoding
- support of the multiple processor cores for decoding
• Multi-channel support
- simultaneous connection to multiple resources or multiple video decoding
• Video integration with any Activity
- based on SurfaceView and can be integrated with any Activity
• Hardware pre and post processing – hardware de-interlacing and various pre and post processing using OpenGL shaders
• Custom and standard notifications
- notifies application about connection, disconnection and other events, possibility to add custom event
• Multicast/Unicast UDP stream playback

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