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War Duty Sniper 3D

You are a soldier of an Elite Sniper Army on a mission to snipe out all the terrorists that have invaded your country. They have attacked and killed innocent people of your country. The brutal terrorist group have even more evil plans and they want to take control of your country and maintain their hold and power. A deadly war has just begun in your country!
Do you want to take the challenge of eliminating these terrorist rivals? If yes then go ahead and wipe out the deadly terrorist forces and destroy their domination. You are equipped with the latest sniper rifle, handle your rifle precisely, aim carefully, target your enemies and shoot them immediately. Do not let them escape. Accomplish your mission without failing the level.

Hunt down your enemies, try to take head-shots and become the best head hunter.

Be focused, Fight for your country. Win the war of terror. Make your motherland a safer place to live. Mark yourself as the best professional assassin of the century..!!

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Features:• Brilliant Gameplay!• Best 3D Graphics!• Stunning 3D Environment!• Amazing Shooting Missions!• Realistic Sound Effects!

Category : Action

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