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WDBJ7 Weather & Traffic

Get a First Alert to breaking weather, interactive radar and video forecasts, all in a clean, clear, easy-to-use design.
The app features:
* Alerts for severe weather watches and warnings
* Local video weathercasts and updates from First Alert Meteorologists
* Live interactive radar, tracks storms down to street level
* Hourly and 10-Day Forecasts from First Alert Meteorologists
* Weather Impact Days highlight times when weather may affect your plans
* FutureView technology, tracks weather you can expect hours from now
* School, business and organization closings
* Share weather updates with friends on Facebook and Twitter
* Traffic and weather cameras

Category : Weather

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Reviews (30)

Bil. F. May 6, 2022     

They create "major weather events" all the time and nothing ever happens! Seriously, they sy its gonna hail, rain, flood and they skies are sunny. They must predict bad weather to keep everyone else off the golf course. Seriously tho, most unreliable weather predictions for this region. You would think local news would be more reliable. Go with weather channel app, way more accurate. Plus ads on this app are a joke. Full 30 second ads on all types or junk.

Jer. A. Dec 7, 2018     

Update: This app is still trash, they are so worried about advertising that you can't even watch the commercials because they are playing two videos at once. ***** This app plays two different advertisements, simultaneously, when you open the app. Both video's audio plays even when you press the home screen and leave the app. Has been happening for weeks now.

Dog. S. Apr 21, 2019     

When there is an alert, it will play a 30 second add. When you get a generic notifaction about said alert, it will play a 30 second add. If you open the app, and look into any element of the weather, it will play a 30 second add. After recent tornadoes in my area, this is a major flaw for the safety of your viewers. 30 seconds is all you have to get to safety more often than not. This app is worthless on so many levels. Oh, and the website? Just as glitchy and bogged down with ads. Sad...

Ame. F. Jun 17, 2020     

The BEST LOCAL NEWS & WEATHER APP! in the store. Out of others local news & weather app I used, WDBJ 7 Weather app is by far the best, since I been using I haven't not had any problems with the app, I gets all my notifications in a timely manor and for when it's time to warn me about "breaking news and servere weather" it's right on time with the warning I have gotten warnings anywhere from between 25 to 35 mins before the storm hits my area. I would give 10stars if I could!

Ric. H. Apr 25, 2022     

Works great. I have this one and and another so I know the weather at home and when traveling.

Ric. R. Apr 24, 2021     

I like to know weather for future days and like the way you can get that info two ways. Forecast are pretty accurate. The only weather app that I have. Only thing I would say that bothers me is the ads are annoying, especially if bad weather and you have to watch an ad before you can check weather.

Dav. H. Aug 21, 2020     

Ads need to be viewed everytime app is opened. Then even after sitting thru the ad, screens will not advance to weather. There is no exit or back button. I have deleted the app and now use the Weather Channel app...much more reliable without the ad issues.

Van. J. Oct 12, 2020     

Gave only 3 stars due to loud, obnoxious ads that blast from my device before I can see the weather. Funny, the loud ads have no issue playing, but more times than not, the video about the forecast will not play at all. Maybe it's time to get a different weather app.

Cat. M. Sep 9, 2021     

The only good thing about this app is the radar map. The weather forecast is always incorrect, I mean always!! It calls for no rain, and it rains, and vice versa. They cannot even predict a few hours in the future and be correct. They mention 80 percent change of rain and not one drop falls, and when they say 10 percent rain, you guessed it, strong showers happen. Then they notify of serious thunderstorms all over the area with a marginal risk, meaning thunderstorms chances are very slim!!!

Umb. F. Oct 15, 2018     

Used to be a great app. I've used it for years but now there are so many ads it's useless for me. I'll be looking around for another weather app that maybe doesn't require me to watch the same car lot ad every time I click a link.

Tin. T. Apr 14, 2022     

I'm not impressed with this app it needs more info to some stories I love ch.7 news just work a little harder on this app

Car. S. May 27, 2022     

This app is great! Thank you WDBJ7 for all you do to keep us informed and safe.

San. H. May 26, 2022     

One of the best News and Weather apps. And stations.

Ste. S. May 4, 2022     

Convenient and local. Very up-to-date

Tra. B. Mar 28, 2022     

Too many adds when bad weather conditions are present.

Mik. R. Dec 6, 2021     

Weather data and presentation is fine. Pop-Up advertising truly ruins the experience. I promise to never purchase from any pop-up ad.

JD. D. Apr 4, 2021     

The only reason I don't rate this higher is the 30 second adds when you tap on a video. If you could bypass after a few seconds it would be better.

Chr. L. Jan 30, 2021     

Loved the app but now it keeps telling me no data..it seems to have just stopped working. Downloaded another weather app because I got tired of trying to get it this one to work and the new one works fine.

Lis. A. May 26, 2022     

It keeps stopping on me.I removed and uninstalled it.But the same thing again.???

Les. D. Feb 3, 2021     

App is not showing the hourly and daily weather. Reloaded and it still is not working plus the radar map is not working now. Please fix it or I will find another weather app to use.

Lyn. S. Jul 27, 2019     

I like this app but the commercials are way too long. I just updated the app on 7/27. Really like the look of the updated version. Lynn

aer. May 21, 2021     

App was good until recently. Now the follow me optiondoes not pickup your location very quickly if at all. They really messed up the location service on this app.

Lyn. G. Oct 14, 2018     

It was working fine now every time I try to use it plays several videos at once. You can't get it to stop.. uninstalling it.. not worth it

Mar. M. Nov 3, 2021     

The app is fine, but I have to open the app to update temperature on notification bar. This is frustrating.

Jef. G. May 16, 2021     

I like having WDBJ weather at hand but app has issues. When I place a widget on by homescreen it does update the temp, I have to open the app to get current temp. That is a Payne inconvenience.

E. N. Jun 13, 2021     

Very intuitive and detailed, wish it had better wind data, still have to use windfinder for that.

Mon. D. Feb 15, 2021     

Won't load local weather. Temp is in notification bar, but nothing under hourly, daily, etc..

A. G. u. Jan 29, 2019     

Way to many adds it will be ok if it wasn't for the adds. Im about try the wsls app getting rid of this junk until they fix the add issue

Gar. R. Aug 23, 2020     

Piece of junk won't tell you a thunderstorm is coming until it has passed no nothing everything is turned on even location deleted it going to something more reliable won't be back again.

Lar. S. Jul 21, 2019     

New mapping is not as good now, old mapping would go down to the street level much better.