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WeatherCaster, when a daily temp just won't cut it.
When severe weather threatens, be the first to know with weather alerts, live Doppler radar maps, and extended forecasts from local meteorologists.

Keep dry using our live, down-to-the-minute, forecast of when it will rain at your exact location.

Plan your day or week, using the hourly and 7-day forecasts for anywhere in the US.

-----------------------------Forecast Dashboard-----------------------------

Keep up to date with the weather around you, with a forecast dashboard for the cities you care about.

* At-a-glance weather conditions
* Video forecasts from local meteorologists
* 7-day forecast & almanac
* Hourly conditions
* Watches and warnings

-----------------------------Radar Map-----------------------------

WeatherCaster's radar map offers the most advanced tools to explore local and national weather conditions.

* Animated Radar
* Satellite/clouds
* Interactive hurricane tracker
* Precipitation
* Temperature
* Humidity

-----------------------------Local experts-----------------------------

Receive detailed local forecasts from the weather experts you trust.

Texas and Gulf Coast
- Dallas / Fort Worth
- Houston
- Austin
* KENS 5
- San Antonio
- New Orleans

* KING 5
- Seattle / Tacoma
- Portland
- Boise
- Spokane

- Charlotte
- Louisville
- Hampton / Norfolk

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Reviews (30)

Kyl. K. Apr 3, 2019     

I liked this app because of the radar, live view of roads, and most importantly the school closings during winter. Now all it does is shows the 7 day forecast and everything else just says loading but it never loads. Pretty useless at this point since I have another app that shows the 7 day forecast with at least more details other than just the percent of precip and the sunrise/sunset. I haven't deleted yet because I'm hoping it will work like it used to eventually.

A. G. u. Nov 1, 2018     

I used to love this app, especially for the "in minutes" forecast. But, that feature doesn't work anymore. It just keeps loading. Time to look for something else :-(

rie. c. Aug 16, 2020     

Doesn't want to load..miss the in the minute forecast.. USE TO BE A GREAT APP! Now I have 2 find a good replacement Weather Channel it is!

Ann. R. Jun 14, 2020     

App can be unstable on both phone and tablet.

Pet. L. Sep 21, 2020     

Keep Keeps closing when going to radar

Mik. C. Nov 8, 2015     

I don't understand the need for this piece of crap when the first weather app worked perfectly. IMHO they should remove the persistent notification that they have moved. Just leave the KSDK app in the store and put this app in the dung heap with the rest if the horse crap. Also for those who get this and don't like it. So long as you don't remove the original weather app from your Google Play Store list you should still be able to install it. Go to My apps>ALL. Not the Installed list. But the ALL list.

Mic. T. Jan 9, 2016     

After first update video forecast got stuck in loop and would time out. Main reason I got app was to see video forecast forced to have to use other local station app because does their app does not have problems with app. Programer of app needs to work the bugs out. Too much java script running in background. MThomason.

Jim. P. Mar 19, 2018     

This was a great tool up until the last update. Now the local cast loads a bunch of code and the radar will not load at all. I used the radar during storms to make driving decisions and to see how much longer the storm would be over my location. Now it only shows the written hi/lo forecast for the week. Very useless app now. I upgraded to a Galaxy s8 and the app won't install. I miss this app and have tried all troubleshooting steps and still cannot install.

Cin. C. Jun 1, 2017     

Rated a little higher, works a bit better than when I first got it, things open now, still no zoom for future forecast, but it does open in all weather maps, and now the hourly opens. No video, just text with random code throughout, making it difficult to read. But I do use it more often. Still use the old app when I want a 10 day forecast.

Sar. D. Dec 5, 2015     

This app is uneasy to use and dose not work well. Tried it because king 5 news app was getting rid of their weather section a while back and switching to this app. Why is Seattle the only 7 day forecast ever avaliable. I don't live close to Seattle and I would love to know what to expect for weather in my area.

Wan. L. S. Apr 1, 2016     

If I wanted to take the time to 'read' the weather I'd pick up a newspaper... if I had the time to sit down and 'watch' the weather I turn on the TV! I however like the majority of you, want to watch my weather on the Fly thank you very much! This is a worthless app! The live cast portion of this, is not updated enough to be accurate when it 'does' load n my phone!

K.. C. Apr 14, 2016     

I liked my favorite local station's original weather app better. This one isn't really anything to write home about. When I click the 7 day forecast link, it usually isn't updated. I miss the outside temp posted to my phones banner. The 9 hr max on the weather radar is a joke. A 9 hr lead, doesn't allow for long term planning. High wind/tornadic indicators aren't available. There aren't enough map options available. I like that I can add many locations to my favorites list within the app.

Jef. T. Oct 30, 2015     

This sucks compared to the one I was using. There was nothing wrong with it, the radar was always smooth and accurate up to the minute. I don't see any logical reason to replace a perfectly fine working weather app with whatever the hell this garbage is trying, and failing, to be. I guess Arcus is all I have left.

Ama. L. Jul 4, 2017     

This program worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy S4 active, but when I upgraded to a Galaxy S7 active, the program will download but will not install. I absolutely love this program, and as an over-the-road trucker, used it multiple times daily. I am absolutely lost without this program. Developers please fix the bug! I would love to have this program back on my phone. It just will not install on my Samsung Galaxy S7 active.

Ann. W. Oct 30, 2016     

Why hasn't anyone fixed this yet? Even the credits have a typo! 7 Day outlook is in html no matter what settings. Radar on home screen NEVER shows anything upon animation. Labels are unclear and functionality is minimal by comparison to the former app. I used to depend on WCNC's weather app, but not anymore!

A. G. u. Mar 27, 2018     

I really like the 3 weather guys.. They do a good job & admit when off track ussually but these days am only using weather app... had to reinstall it. l liked the presentation much better in previous one, tho.

Tho. W. Oct 1, 2015     

Have you ever heard "If something works, don't fix it." I was embarrassed while trying to show my friends how good THE OLD app was and got this. BAD MOVE.

Kat. G. Jan 11, 2016     

I loved the other app. This one is crashing and honestly I just don't like it.

Ter. B. Sep 11, 2015     

Too much going on with this app. New radar screen is a downgrade from the original. I hope you go back to the older version. It was much better.

Ken. S. Aug 24, 2015     

This app sux, give me the old one, it worked fine, this one will not pull up the radar, it just freezes. Waste of time, deleted.

Naj. N. Dec 27, 2015     

This is very bad. I still the older KSDK weather app because it is much better. I can't belive KSDK chose an app that took it backwards.

Jil. T. Jan 11, 2016     

I'm sad that I installed this and deleted the regular KSDK weather app. I used the temp at the top of my phone every day, just able to glance at phone without having to open an app, then pull down to get more. I guess I have to find another local news station's weather app. :/

Mel. T. Nov 12, 2015     

This app is very slow and most times I can't get the radar to load. KSDK's Weather app was fine, please bring it back. Going to get the KMOV app now.

Ric. L. Dec 8, 2015     

Need a new app developer and someone to keep info up to date. This is slow to load, section by section. Just checked the weather video...it's 5:45pm, yet the KING 5 weather video is from 5:05AM! Must want us to go elsewhere for current info.

Al. H. Aug 26, 2015     

Go back to the original. It worked very well. Sorry but it was broken. I plan to install another local weather app.

Kat. C. K. Feb 25, 2016     

I don't understand why you have so many choices for radar but you can't see it full screen and you can't zoom in or out.

Mat. B. Sep 11, 2015     

This app is horrible. Does not pin point me on radar map. Does not sound off alert for bad weather. Click on daily info and the sunrise sunset times are way off. No storm tracks. This app is useless I liked the old one was nothing wrong with it.

Bil. S. Aug 26, 2015     

Radar maps don't work. Please time stamp the forecast.

MMM. C. Dec 26, 2015     

While you can add more than one city you only get a detailed report on one. Also very slow to update current conditions compared to other apps

Pau. L. Dec 11, 2017