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weZoom - Magnifier and Low Vision Aid

weZoom as a low vision aid extends the functionality of basic magnifier apps by adding color filer modes, photo sharing, intuitive gesture control and one-hand operation.

The main goal of this app is to support people with low vision by providing an easy to use digital magnifier.

The main features are:
• Color filter modes for high contrast (black-white, black-yellow, blue-white, blue-yellow)
• Adjustable threshold for the color filter modes
• Smooth magnification up to 8x (extendable)
• Exposure compensation
• Switch between manual focus and auto-focus
• Freeze of the live video preview (you can still change the magnification level in this state)
• Photo sharing (e.g. with massenger apps)
• Volume key actions can be enabled
• Toogle to hide all other ui elements (fullscreen mode) to use more of the screen for zooming - very useful in combination with the volume key actions

Context: Digital Magnifier, Magnifying Glass, Accessibility, Low Vision Aid, Visual Impairement, Low Vision, Lens, Magnification, Zoom, Macular Degeneration, Morbus Stargardt, Disability, Glaucoma, Special Needs, Eyesight, Sight, Free, Ad-Free

Category : Medical

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