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What animal simulator

Scanner Face: What animal 2
- Simulator Analyzer face application joke, a hoax, that will show you for a pet or baby animal you like! Scans the faces of friends and collect all the zoo! Tigers! Elephants! Lions! Wolves! Cats! Dogs! Even crocodiles and lizards! And the birds too! What animals, birds and fish will be your friends and relatives?Like a scanner: what animal? Rock continued
- Scanner Face: What animal 2!Scans all around
- Aim your phones camera on your face, click "analyze" and see the results of analyzing!CAUTION Scanner Face: What animal 2
- a simulator test in the face, which produces random results of the scan! This application is a joke, a joke, created to draw friendsDo you like animals? It seems that some of your friends are like a monkey, a pig or a bear? This game is for you! And do not forget to share test results on social networks for all to see your collection
- all zoo animals, birds, fish, and of course their cute babies!● More than 50 species of animals, birds and fish!● Improved interface and faster scanning!● Ability to send a picture of the animal friends and social networks!

Category : Simulation

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