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This is a confession app that allows you to whisper and confess directly to someone by hiding yourself. Also you can read gossips, secrets and give advice, tips to confessors.
Just whisper

Category : Social

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Reviews (30)

Chl. Mar 12, 2020     

So I was actually searching for a completely different app that doesn't appear to exist anymore and found this instead. Turns out this is a horrible app. The messaging system is terrible. It supposedly showing you posts from your area... Its not. Waste of time and space on your phone. I'm uninstalling.

Mel. F. Mar 18, 2020     

I was looking for the other whisper app which apparently isn't available anymore. In this one I can only see the last 20 confessions. I can't search for categories or anything and it keeps saying that I am getting messages but I can't view them in the app or anywhere. There is one page that wants me to type in a code that was emailed to me but this app hasn't emailed me because it hasn't taken my email address or any details.

Ric. G. Dec 16, 2020     

This is a ridiculous app, I'm not sure why the app developers created it with so few features. You log in and see about 15 different posts for a 7 day period. That's it for the entire planet? No indication of distance or location of people who posted. No way to see info on people who posted. No way to create a profile. And those few posts look fake. Waste of time. Deleting.

Con. K. Feb 8, 2019     

Can't even give this app a proper review. Any time I open the app, look at a post, try to post something myself, or pretty much do anything, im greeted with a loud full screen ad. I understand thats where the money is, but if the user cant do anything without being interrupted, whats the point?

Nee. W. Jul 18, 2020     

Looking for the original whisper app and found that they'd ruined it! I can't even do anything in the app, none of the functions work and the new set up is ugly and annoying. Bring back the old app!

Cor. C. Jan 14, 2021     

nice app, I get an nofication about a message that was sent to me, but shows no actual message in my inbox. They have this box to get the code to read your message, but they don't send the code

ALO. K. Nov 11, 2019     

I have never seen a more disgusting app with seemingly no oversight of anything that goes on. Pedophiles and weirdos galore. This app has really shown me how easy it is for people to access the more vulnerable and unknowing. You have been warned.

Jer. C. May 6, 2019     

Difficult to use, littered with ads, no way to tell where posters are from or even filter posts. Not worth it.

Lil. g. Jul 12, 2019     

It wasnt a bad app, but honestly it very nasty.Its a lot of people asking for nudes and s*x. I dont feel like this is the safest app for teens.

Nei. B. Dec 17, 2020     

Tried to post something... The post button highlighted and that's it. Came back for another go... Complete trash.

Kal. P. Dec 13, 2019     

Kinda sucks they push for a 5 star rating before you can use the whole app. But what the hell. Its a great APP. IF I LOVE IT, YOU WILL TOO. : )

Mum. Nov 26, 2018     

It blasts loud ads randomly, you cant skip them and before you can even open the front page it prompts you to give it 5 stars

D. 3. Oct 17, 2019     

Way to much advertising. You can't click on one thing without an ad playing.

Tys. M. Aug 19, 2020     

Not worth it don't bother downloading to try it out don't even know how it really works you can't look for confessions via location or search you just have to see what they give you

Mar. S. Apr 24, 2020     

Scrolling options arent there. Automatic answers when u message somebody so im thinking fake stuff. Deleting app.

Tho. A. Oct 30, 2019     

Terrible UI. Can't post. Completely full of bots. Not a functional app.

Cha. G. Jan 3, 2021     

This app sucks. 1 page, less than 20 posts. No search, no filter, nothing. DO NOT INSTALL!

Mee. R. Mar 20, 2020     

It looks so clunky, the proper Whisper app was great. What the hell. So uninstalling.

Tay. May 19, 2020     

Not easy at all to use. No app instructions. Does not work properly.

Gen. K. Oct 11, 2019     

Horrible terrible God awful, worst app I've ever used. Ad every click, nothing but bots with IDENTICAL SCRIPTS. Can't post anything

Nel. E. Dec 19, 2018     

horrible too many ads diesnt even let you use the app before they ask you to rate the app . please do better

Kim. M. Feb 10, 2019     

its good to share.your emotions but theres barely people and some of them are um innapropiate and to descriptive and I am just a teen im not okay with these!!

Sim. H. Jun 1, 2020     

Terrible!. The old whisper app was the best. This is horrible. Why fix what was working before?.

A1p. C. Sep 29, 2020     

Cannot post anything. Waiting for email or SMS which hasn't shown up and it's been all day

Lew. C. Apr 5, 2020     

Had a look at it. Literally just filled with people looking for sexual encounters or sorts.

Llu. L. May 9, 2020     

Not only a bad app, but a bad app that tries to capitalize on a more popular app's name. Scummy

Gab. B. Jun 1, 2019     

a lot of ads. I can't do anything without show an ad

rus. p. Nov 6, 2019     

Love it after I get to use it .why do you want ratings from those who haven't even opened your app yet.seems like a good way to get one star . To each his her own I guess.

Ste. J. May 5, 2021     

9 messages for 7 days? That's it? Not really worth the time it took to download

Seb. C. Aug 7, 2019     

the user interface is confusing but aside from that overall cool app