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Whitetail Hunting Calls

9 Professional Calls for Whitetail deer, including instructions. The calls are always in your pocket.
Designed with hunters in mind. Play, Stop or Change calls on the run from Big and clear buttons.

Check your local game laws for legal use if you intend to use this in hunting.

Category : Sports

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Reviews (30)

Ben. t. Oct 28, 2020     

Sounds good and works well.... That is until you're using it with deer in range and an ad pops up blasting music... 😡 If I could give negative stars, I would!

Gre. B. Dec 12, 2020     

Had 15 does 25 yards away coming in closer and then at max volume an ad for Golden deer urine starts playing and they all scatter. Luckily none got hit when they crossed the road. I was very ANGRY. Negative 100 stars. If it would have caused an accident i would have been sued. NEVER DOWNLOAD!

Joh. H. Jul 21, 2020     

Not worth giving them access to your ID and call history. Total invasion of privacy!

Jus. S. Nov 7, 2021     

Works great until a loud freaking ad comes on to scare the deer away. GARBAGE!!!!!!

Cha. L. Nov 15, 2019     

Deer noises ok sparring is a little weak.

Tf. K. Nov 27, 2016     

Jumped a deer this season, and for giggles used the buck grunt. A second deer I hadn't seen perked up and stared at me. Tag filled. For the fears- last summer tried it on some deer in my yard. They were interested, but at the end of the call an ad with sound played. Didn't happen during the season though.

Jos. H. Nov 4, 2017     

It's ok but the fact that three is spelled wrong multiple times kind of blows my mind

A. G. u. Nov 23, 2019     

I have been using this several years and have called in plenty of deer. Some I even called back after they left view. One complaint is that sound cuts off if phone is turned changing screen orientation.

Red. F. Nov 24, 2016     

Until the ads of games pop up with explosions going off, while you in the quiet woods. Remove the ads, 5*.

San. H. Sep 30, 2015     

I used contact call an 3 does came 40yds in front of me. Can't wait to try it tomorrow morning!

Am. S. Oct 7, 2015     

I haven't play yet it looks cool but I rated 5 any way wish me luck

A. G. u. Nov 18, 2016     

Works as intended but ads still show up after paying to remove them. I have restarted the app and rebooted my phone with no change.

Ant. Nov 19, 2015     

It works great. I use it to call a 7 pointer back to me that was passing my stand.

Sar. L. Nov 19, 2017     

Wouldwork for a few calls then quit h A

Jer. K. Nov 10, 2015     

Sounds seem to be good, instruction page needs to be proof read, a lot of typos, other than that,it's OK.

Jim. G. Aug 26, 2015     

I have a question about the number of times to play the call. It says "one to tree times" . Also use the tending while walking "true" the leaves. Is this guy from Louisiana?

Tre. K. Nov 8, 2015     

I love it

Luc. E. Jan 23, 2015     

All hunting call are cool love them all and free even better

Ter. M. May 4, 2015     

Dear called a pretty good looking forward to trying them in the woods great job

Jos. M. Nov 29, 2015     

Had a hard white tail hunt in 36c this worked amazing flushed out a buck that was hiding thank so much time to eat

Coo. L. Dec 10, 2016     

This is a good app 4 deer calling

Tod. J. Apr 27, 2015     

Can you explain to me why, on each part of the permissions section, why you need you need access to my phone?

Gle. M. Oct 11, 2015     

Using the call and then a F'n VIDEO AD Pops Up and Starts Playing??? I might as well have driven my truck full throttle through the woods up to my stand While Blasting Rap Music!! Are you kidding me guys????

Eri. M. Feb 6, 2016     

Okay so I have this app for a number of years and now you guys at the advertisement and I purchase to pay to remove the advertisement and yet the advertisements are still popping up please instruct me how to fix it or refund me my money

Mic. K. Nov 26, 2015     

Tree is military talk for three just an FYI

Fre. B. Nov 22, 2016     

Helping hand..

A. G. u. Nov 1, 2015     

Popup commercials during use? This app sucks.

A. G. u. Aug 25, 2016     

What calls should I use in late August any body know?

Ste. T. Jan 28, 2015     

Does what it says

Wil. K. Dec 6, 2015     

Really? Ads while we are out hunting? Yeah... hilarious