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PLEASE READ! WICShopper CURRENTLY SUPPORTS THE WIC PROGRAMS IN THE FOLLOWING STATES:MassachusettsFloridaOregonIowaWest VirginiaKentuckyKansas (NEW!)Vermont (Verification only)New Mexico (Verification only)Texas (Verification only)Wyoming (Verification only)COMING SOON
- New JerseyMontanaITC ArizonaConnecticutRhode IslandDC
MassachusettsFloridaOregonIowaWest VirginiaKentuckyKansas (NEW!)Vermont (Verification only)New Mexico (Verification only)Texas (Verification only)Wyoming (Verification only)


New JerseyMontanaITC ArizonaConnecticutRhode IslandDC

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Category : Shopping

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Reviews (30)

Bra. G. May 10, 2022     

This app helps tremendously! My grandson is on the wic program I'm usually the one who does the shopping and I'm always losing the receipt that shows what he has left so it's absolutely great to be able to pick up my phone and see what's left!!! Another great thing about it is the bar coad scan, life hacks, and baby info so yeah it has many great things....Super grateful!!!

Bob. H. Apr 8, 2022     

Always ready to go without password foolishness or reentering card #. New bonus: when you reload, the list puts all empty entries (0 left) at the bottom. After 3 were used up, I can see everything without scrolling or thinking about things that are already done. Except the cereal - there's always a few oz. & fractions left, which can't be used, but trying to fix That might bite us later.

Val. Y. May 3, 2022     

My phone camera is fine but when I use WIC app to scan bar code it is very blurry and not able to scan anything. Very frustrating. I uninstalled/ install app still blurry. Please fix. I have an Android.

Mic. S. Apr 29, 2022     

I use the barcode scanner on WIC approved items and it still said nothing was approved. I had to go off the stickers in the store. Literally nothing I scanned was approved on the app but it was at the register. Very frustrating and unhelpful.

Har. H. May 26, 2022     

cool but can be better I wish it was a way for us to scan the products that we want into the app as we scan them we can also add them to our cart making it easier when we get to the cash register and I wish that it didn't take so long for the card to update if I use the card on Monday I don't want to wait until Friday for it to update but it does have a lot of good recipes on it that's a big help

Pat. M. May 7, 2022     

for some reason, i have to remove the app from my phone, download it all over again to see my benefits. it does this everytime. if i close the app and open it again it will say error. huge pain in the rear.

joc. b. Apr 7, 2022     

Very helpful, I used to have WIC with my daughter 9 years ago and back then we had to use checks. This is so much more convenient and efficient, so much easier to use. I love how you can use a barcode scanner to see if the item is approved or not, it saves you the embarrassment or hassle from choosing the wrong item.

Kim. K. Mar 30, 2022     

Very Helpful ! Love the fact it gives your balance in real time. Also, being able to check to see if an item is acceptable by scanning the barcode. I do wish WIC would try & add Weigles convenient stores to participating stores. I've sent an email requesting it be checked into. Anywho, I do find that the app does an excellent job & answers many questions one might have.

ash. H. Feb 11, 2022     

I like that your able to scan the products first but there have been times it has said I can't get something when I can. but I'll rescan and it works sometimes. I like being able to see all the products I can buy via the app. stop and shop is good about putting "wic" near most items so there isn't much guessing or scanning and looking crazy.

Sab. R. Apr 9, 2022     

great app. the plusses to this app are the easy layout etc to find the categories to what you seek and more the negatives are the lack of images for your wic specific benefits list and specific item. it could add the total estimated scanned items or have a calculator tool to keep track of the list. the stores can specifically label products wic approved stuff.

Kay. L. May 20, 2022     

it is easy to navigate, however sometimes you see multiple of the same thing but with different amounts allowed and it can be kinda confusing

Yar. R. May 18, 2022     

This application is convenient and very helpful, with it we can check the benefits, verify which foods are accepted by WIC, it sends you a notification to remind you that your benefits will expire. I love it.

Jor. B. May 25, 2022     

Great resource for looking at what's left of your benefits and also other great things like scanning barcodes and even recipes!

Bla. R. May 12, 2022     

All of a sudden it's adding spaces when trying to enter my card. I just got a new phone and had to get it on this one, but it's not allowing my to register my card.

Chr. Feb 22, 2022     

It's awesome to see exactly what you have. Also, wonderful to be able to scan a barcode if you're unsure if an item is WIC or not since all stores don't have WIC items identified. I will say it didn't what's with or is super slow. However I'm not sure if that's an app issue ora phone/network issue.

Mak. S. May 11, 2022     

All parts of the app work just fine, including barcode scans and your balance which are really helpful

Bri. L. Apr 30, 2022     

When it works, it's great. Unfortunately for me it only works about 50% of the time and the other 50% I just get pop ups that state things like "unable to locate current benefits" or "this feature is unavailable. It's the last day of the month, I know I had a few things left but I don't remember what and it looks like I won't be able to get them 😔.

Day. C. B. Mar 8, 2022     

surprisingly this is a very useful app. it can be slightly confusing at first on how to navigate the app but once you figure it out it's easy breezy and very helpful. the app will even add up how many ounces of cereal you have and how many oz you have left to buy!! you can scan any barcode in the app and it will tell you if it's a WIC approved item or not. very helpful! the app has many more very helpful and useful options. I absolutely recommend this app 5★★★★★!!! thank you WIC!!

Amb. Feb 18, 2022     

It is amazing how far technolgy has come since having my first child in 08 and our final just within the last year. We went from ticket/checks to acquire WIC items, to having a card with our benefits and an app to help you. So far this app has been very helpful, saves so much time and space from not having the big purple folder with all the stuff to carry around haha. This is a blessing!

Rob. S. May 3, 2022     

great at showing me my benefits and giving me a nice list of items that are available for me to purchase. love the skin the barcode to see if it's a WIC item or not feature!

Min. S. Jan 27, 2022     

It is so nice to be able to look at all my options and even be able to scan the bar code. Some things don't come up when I scan them, but for the most part I have learned what I can and cannot get and having this app to account for all my items is very convenient. So very thankful for this app and the benefits WIC provides.

cry. c. Mar 17, 2022     

I love that nj is on a card now and the app is very easy to use. I think it's great that you can scan the barcode on each item to make sure its wic approved. it's awesome!

mar. m. Jan 26, 2022     

I love that there is an option to see all the foods you can get from every grocery store in pictures!! every store layout is different but it's easy to recognize the available WIC foods by photo and the "scan bar code" to see if my WIC card will work with certain items is great as well!!

Cha. D. Jan 31, 2022     

I absolutely love the wic app. there are so many features on it that allows you to scan and enter the UPC of the product. If you arw not sure about a certain product you are allowed to buy. Plus there are recipe's on the website that help with using your food benefit too.

Sar. S. Feb 21, 2022     

It helps with the bar code reader. I like the alert that the benefits are going to expire. It seems to have too many icons though. I would like the barcode reader, benefits and food lists. Everything else is not useful to me.

Mor. C. S. Jan 29, 2022     

it keeps track of what you've gotten already and what you have left. It tells you what brands of each item you can get; also tells when the benefits come and how much longer you have until the next benefits roll in. I find the app quite convenient. There's recipes, help, appointments, WIC stores ANYTHING you can think of

Nic. D. Feb 1, 2022     

it should or could show pictures of which item like with fruits and vegetables I can use with wic, should add more items so it can expand more choices. overall I'm okay using this as an app but I prefer checks are a lot easier

Ren. L. Feb 13, 2022     

really enjoy the convenience of it being right on my phone, rather than pulling out this big ole book whenever I want to remember what I can get, love it way more, I will say that on a couple occasions the information was incorrect related to what it said was available but the issue never lasted more than 24 hours at a time I think it still deserves 5 stars

Eve. P. Jan 23, 2022     

it's a great application just wish they come up with a better way of listing the items so you can see the picture. and wish that the markets would actually label the things so it would be easier to shop.

Jua. H. May 6, 2022     

My Ewic card is not letting me enter it in the app it says benefit error, unexpected error loading benefits. Need Help!