WiFi view application software, is a combination of WiFi image transmission equipment using the software, with WiFi settings to achieve the camera through wireless WiFi and IOS system terminal equipment connection of application software, allows users to truly achieve anytime, anywhere, free wireless transmission of image data.WiFi wireless image transmission is mainly used for toys, aerial photography, monitoring, piping, industrial endoscope mirror detection, medical testing, wireless reversing camera, etc., in does not need to be disassembled or damaged assembly and equipment to stop running to achieve non-destructive testing. To achieve internal detection or graph transfer pictures, video.

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Aar. A. May 15, 2019     

I will give it 4 stars. my phone doesn't play .avi format. So I have to watch the videos from within the app. Luckily, the app seems to be working fine. I can record video and take pictures. I do dislike the fact that it is wifi rather than bluetooth. I can not access any data while using the app. But when I turn off the camera, my normal wifi kicks back in.

Nat. Sep 25, 2019     

Terrible app. The instruction are in horribly broken english and they make no sense and dont align with the options in the app. Cant get it to work and there are missing buttons in the app that the instructions reference. There is no "join in" button when setting up the wifi. The app is painfully simple yet doesnt work and seems to be missing components. Useless junk from China...

Jas. P. Jan 26, 2020     

Very disappointed. App is for purchasers of "BlueFire" WiFi endoscope, available on Amazon. I purchased one in 2017. This worked with a previous phone (I think Samsung Stellar running Android 4.0). Does not work with my Pixel running Android 10. When I attempt to open it, I get a message saying "Wifi View keeps stopping," with options to edit app info, close app or send feedback. Irritating because now the hardware is useless.

Tim. G. Dec 2, 2019     

A warning pops up in Chinese that i cannot read. Click on one of two options and it closesapp. Click on the other and it takes you to a window you cant close without closing the app.App works with the original warning, but warning is right in the middle of the camera view. Also, cant use any of the function buttons with warning on the screen.

Arm. A. Dec 4, 2018     

Got this to work with Pie. After connecting to the decvice wifi, I had to wait for the phone produce notification about wifi having no internet access. Tall the notification, and there is an option to connect anyway. Choose it, and the app should work.

cai. 3. Mar 8, 2020     

Need to start updating our reviews on amazon too because it doesnt matter how good the hardware is when the software is completly non-functioning. As other's mentioned it used to work for a few years and now it's done. From now on I'm checking software reviews first and sticking with reputable companies.

Kev. J. Feb 26, 2020     

this worked for a year or two, and now it immediately closes after launch with no error message. Now I have a wifi camera that is completely useless because I can't find any other apps it works with. Followed John Hite's advice and hd wifi worked.

wya. g. Mar 24, 2020     

App does not open. I bought a Bluefire Endoscope from Amazon. Looks like a good product, but I cannot use it. The App will not open on a Samsung S10+. It will open on a S8+. As I write this, the S10+ is not a new phone. It is last year's model and has been surpassed by the S20+ 4 months ago.

Val. Oct 26, 2019     

Yes, this app doesn't work, keep crashing and doesn't open up. I'm on a Google Pixel 3XL phone running Android version 10. What you need to do is download the app DEPSTECH-WiFi, worked for me and works pretty good too.

Bru. Dec 5, 2018     

Nice piece of kit but the instructions are dire:- Turn on wifi and connect to the camera through wifi. When you are told there is no internet, click to stay connected! Then it will work. the instructions don't make this clear but perhaps they assume a certain level of knowledge.

Bar. L. Apr 12, 2020     

This app has been abandoned, doesn't work on newer phones, including Samsung. I found a great alternative, however... Look for an app called "Wifi Look" by Mo-Link, it does the job just fine.

Joh. S. May 20, 2020     

I've been using this app to connect to my Depstech wireless inspection camera. It has worked pretty good up until now. The app launches and imediatly says "wifi view keeps stopping" My camera is totally usless now as I can't view anything with it without the wifi view. Any ideas?

Mic. G. Feb 22, 2019     

software finally working, looks like it conflicts with wireless service. after reading several reviews I downloaded it again and put my Pixel 3 in airplane mode and it works perfectly.

Jam. S. Nov 23, 2019     

Installed latest version on November 23, 2019 on a Pixel XL running Android 10. Crashes within a couple of seconds every time that I run the app, never displays more than a black screen.

Bri. Dec 25, 2019     

Tried this app on several phones, and it will not function with Android 10. Developer needs to make an update. I will update this review as soon as the app actually works.

Fél. D. Dec 16, 2020     

AVG AntiVirus has begun flagging this with:- APK: RepSandbox [Trj] I have uninstalled it for now. Interestingly, Play Protect in Google Play Store has not [yet] flagged it as malicious. I may try scanning it with Malwarebytes when I get time.

Sco. B. Apr 8, 2020     

Like everyone else , app won't run on Android . It's about as advanced as DOS . Had to return Bluefire . Guess they like returns because a five year old could write better software . Brutal.

Joh. B. Dec 16, 2018     

horrible user interface. Doesn't work with later Android versions. some dialogs in Chinese.

Keo. May 23, 2020     

Count me among those who has to use the app for an endoscope but now the app won't even open. It just crashes when you try and run it and without it the endoscope is useless.

Tod. J. Feb 16, 2019     

For people having issues, try turning off mobile data when connected to the endoscopes's wifi. I found that trick in a review from 2017. The app is working on my Moto X4 running Android Pie.

Dav. S. Apr 9, 2020     

I encountered the same issue that others reported today whereby the app will not run. I discovered another app called depstech in the play store that does work with my camera.

Joh. H. Feb 15, 2020     

Crashes on launch every time. Difficult to use. no instructions. Complete garbage.

Reg. W. May 17, 2020     

App will not open as stated by the previous 200 customers. I would say do not purchase the bluefire endoscope on Amazon because it uses this software that does not work. Now I have an endoscope that i can't use.

Car. N. Dec 30, 2019     

App crashes immediately. I was able to connect to BlueFire WiFi camera using the app "Depstech-Wifi" as mentioned in another review.

pau. D. Mar 8, 2019     

Put phone in Aeroplane mode and turn on wifi... the system conflicts with data settings... works ok now.

ioa. r. Mar 28, 2020     

Doesn't work on essential phone, but for those having issues try downloading another app. Scope view worked with my endoscope. Only writing this review to help others, try a different app.

reb. s. May 24, 2019     

the app wont let me connect to the wifi. after typing in the wifi name amd password, the drop down menu button is just blank.

Be. V. Mar 29, 2020     

Used to work well but now refuses to start. Crashes immediately on startup... Samsung s9 with latest updates installed, android version 10

Chr. E. Jan 31, 2020     

Constantly crashes. Used to work. Now fails every time I open it. Can't use my blue fire endoscope!

Kar. W. Feb 27, 2021     

If anyone else is struggling to get their aliexpress wifi endoscope working try using the inskam app which worked OK for mine. This one doesn't work on android 10 :/