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WiFi view application software, is a combination of WiFi image transmission equipment using the software, with WiFi settings to achieve the camera through wireless WiFi and IOS system terminal equipment connection of application software, allows users to truly achieve anytime, anywhere, free wireless transmission of image data.WiFi wireless image transmission is mainly used for toys, aerial photography, monitoring, piping, industrial endoscope mirror detection, medical testing, wireless reversing camera, etc., in does not need to be disassembled or damaged assembly and equipment to stop running to achieve non-destructive testing. To achieve internal detection or graph transfer pictures, video.

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (30)

For. D. Sep 5, 2020     

Works as expected. All the folks saying they're having issues are cases of user error! One person says they can't connect because their phone doesn't allow that many astericks in the wifi name field. The fact is you don't need to input the name. And then the reviewer with a note 10. The app does work for newer phones you just don't know how to use it. So here it is. Turn on device, and connect to it's wifi titled Jetson. Type in it's password and then open this app. Viola! That simple. Enjoy.

Ran. B. Feb 5, 2020     

I've used this app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 along with a BlueFire endoscope. It worked great. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and had trouble getting it to connect. I thought it was the app, so I reinstalled it ( same problem). So I thought it was the phone. I figured it out. When you select the wifi name, you have to also select other network. I used it the other day on a plumbing issue and it worked great.

Ric. Jan 15, 2021     

Piece of junk! Won't work on Note 8 at all. NONE of the apps work because the broadcast name has a . in it & you can't enter that in the WiFi name. Gonna look for an app that will risk with camera connected to the phone...

and. c. Feb 4, 2020     

This doesnt work at all on Samsung s10 note plus ,have two new phones and samsung confirms it is the app wifi view. Software isnt updated to new phones.did on so note and so plus. Fix this right away.blue fire endoscope is a third party app .I need it .

Eri. B. S. Nov 4, 2018     

It worked for short time, then it stopped. Ever since, I tried everything possible, but it simply does not work anymore. Camera just won't turn on, even though the camera's wifi seems to work.

Bec. Nov 3, 2021     

Disappointed. My device itself might be broken though, which either way, disappointing. Kind of a piece of junk. Why don't they make things like they used to...

Chr. C. Jan 25, 2021     

Junk. Worked at first. Wont connect anymore on new device. Dont waste your time with bluefire or this app

Joh. H. Feb 15, 2020     

Use HD WiFi. This app isn't updated and crashes on launch.

Shi. H. Jan 18, 2020     

App won't open, even after reinstalling, very angry with the lack of support.

Wil. G. Dec 21, 2021     

Works as advertised with my Moto G5 running Android 8.1, and Depstech wifi endoscope. No ads so far, just works.

Mik. M. Jan 29, 2020     

Pixel 3a running Android 10. App will not open. Please fix this. My Endoscope Camera is now useless.

Djs. C. Feb 5, 2021     

Apps sucks! Can't eben start my blue fire. App closes everytime you go to picture.

Cur. R. Oct 18, 2020     

It crashes while trying to open it, more often than it works

Den. D. May 17, 2020     

My decice uses 9 asterisks in the device name, but the program will not accept the '*' character; therefore, I cannot use the program.

Rob. Z. Jan 18, 2020     

It worked before on Samsung S7, but on my new Pixel 3a it just dies immediately after start.

dan. c. Apr 5, 2020     

Dose not seem to have support for newer phone ie Samsung Galaxy Note 9 please revise this

Pat. W. Feb 19, 2020     

Wont open at all on my galaxy note 9. Useless!!!!!!!!

Bol. A. Apr 25, 2022     

Works well enough of the time for me to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Rya. W. Sep 23, 2020     

Samsung Galaxy S8 with a cheap endoscope and it works perfectly.

Mar. J. Mar 12, 2020     

Does not work crashes immediately

Jas. Y. Mar 22, 2020     

Does not work on Galaxy 10

DON. J. K. Mar 17, 2021     

Loved this until camera quit working

Gle. C. Nov 24, 2021     

Will not accept special characters in wifi password

Pet. A. Feb 18, 2021     

It doesn't open the camera

D. N. Aug 10, 2020     

Does not work complete waste of time

LaV. S. May 24, 2020     

Won't connect to Elevan10 camera

Moh. A. Nov 25, 2020     

Waste of time no menu or setting

Ger. M. Aug 8, 2021     

Works on my endoscope thing

Fra. M. Apr 26, 2020     

this app is useless

Ben. J. Aug 14, 2018     

I couldn't get past the black screen for the longest time but after reading someone elses review suggesting to turn off mobile data, I tried it and it worked. I was able to turn mobile data back on after connecting to the jetion network.