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Wikiloc outdoor navigation GPS

Wikiloc App
- Now with offline topo maps!
Enjoy free offline maps available worldwide to be used without a data connection

Create your trips and share them with friends on social networks. Track your outdoor activities on a map, take photos along the route and upload all of it directly to Wikiloc right from your Android.

Discover millions of outdoor routes even in the most remote places on Earth. You can choose between running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking and up to 45 different outdoor activities available.

Want more? Transform your phone into a GPS navigator! For a small fee you can use your mobile phone to guide you through any route like a GPS navigator with heading indicator and audible alerts to warn you if you go off-track.

Broadcast your GPS tracked activities on Wikiloc.com and your family & friends you choose can watch how you're doing the entire time.

Join us at wikiloc.com, the community where you can meet millions of sports enthusiasts, travelers and nature lovers sharing our experiences through GPS trails.

Visit www.wikiloc.com to access even more features.

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