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Wild Bat Simulator 3D

Spread your leather wings and take silent flight just like a real vampire bat! Search for food – insects and warm human blood alike
- and avoid city predators like cats! Enjoy the beauty of the night city with Wild Bat Simulator 3D!Live the life of unusual flying marsupial – bat! Follow the wind towards the big city and fly between the city skyscrapers and large buildings, see the city from up high in the air and have fun! Mate with other bats, raise up whelps and extend your bat’s territory with Wild Bat Simulator 3D!
Improve your skills of flying like a real bat, earn points, buy power-ups and level up your bat’s abilities! Maintain health, hunger and energy rate to set up a pack of bats! Set up your own pack, fight for your life against cats, compete against other city animals and have fun!

Get ready for the ultimate vampire bat city simulator and fly over the streets like a night terror!

Wild Bat Simulator 3D features:

- great city animal survival simulator
- different complex missions
- Wide range of power-ups – customize your bat as you want
- awesome 3D graphics

Be the nightmare horror for citizens!

Do you love animal simulators? Check Wild Bat Simulator 3D and try yourself being a real vampire bat!

Category : Simulation

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