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Wild Luck Free Slots

New and exciting slots, features, & fun are now here!Your FREE download of Wild Luck Casino for Viber is now available! Get it on your mobile device to enjoy the latest entertainment & collect your Welcome Bonus!
Get Wild Luck Casino for Viber on your mobile device now, claim your welcome Bonus and enjoy fan favorites slot machines like Foxtrot Follies, Elvis, American Glamour and many more.

Included are these great features:
- FREE Welcome Bonus!
- Bonus Coins around the clock!
- Frequent Big Wins!
- The best video slot machine graphics!
- Entertaining casino sounds!
- 100% FREE to download and play!

* New slot machine games are added ALL THE TIME

Get Wild Luck Casino for Viber NOW and claim your Welcome Bonus, It’s FREE!

Thanks for playing Wild Luck Casino for Viber! Good luck!

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Reviews (30)

Kev. M. Dec 23, 2016     

I have paid for tokens before. Well I had won about 1billion betting 12.5 million. Well it only paid for an 800k bid several times resulting in my coins getting depleted. I have emailed the company but as of now ZERO response. STILL NO RESPONSE FROM PLAYTIKA AND IT HAS BEEN OVER A WEEK AND NOTHING. CUSTOMER NON SERVICE APPARENTLY. I WILL POST ON ALL PLAYTIKA GAMES.

Der. Jan 20, 2017     

Reading what ppl are saying, it's a sad shame game has potential but the company itself is stealing people's money. Waste ur money on more socal games against only other players, it seems like a better idea then to burn it down slot machines.

Sha. C. Sep 30, 2016     

Not enough big wins or bonuses. Have to wait to long for a bonus 3 hours is a long time to collect when you want to play.

Lea. H. Jun 23, 2016     

U don't no the meaning of gambling idiots make me sick just steal steal daily cearars slots the same fans don't even bother save a lot of money

Jam. E. Apr 20, 2017     

Not sure why this exists to be honest with you, the slots can already be accessed though Caesars Slots & possibly other games, this game has even started promoting Caesars Slots, is Wild Luck closing? Wild Luck doesn't seem to have many games or get updated with new content either. Overall it's ok but other Playtika apps are better

Mar. R. Sep 24, 2017     

The double xp has ended warning pop up would pop up from 4 times to 9 times consecutively after each level. Wasn't worth the effort to bet higher because you leveled up faster and had to battle the pop up Had to push myself to give a 3 rating. Buyer be very patient or beware!

Ama. P. Jul 16, 2017     

I was up 120 million tokens and have been that way for weeks. I opened the app today and it treated me like a new user. I've lost everything and don't feel like trying to earn everything back. The game itself is fun, though.

Bil. C. Jan 20, 2018     

I don't know what that little sign DP mode is but you cannot get it off to play the damn game I'm going to try it one more time and if it don't stop doing it I'm going to delete the app

A. G. u. Aug 21, 2017     

Fuc* playtika what have u done this thing is an abomination now no support no updates no fun Viber won't even connect you should have swallowed this shot instead of birthing it now come on get an abortion and concentrate on your other kids they need more attention there fuc*ing up now so fix this shi​*

Cla. H. May 27, 2016     

Never get friend bonus but they do from having me on their list and daily bonus wheel doesn't accumulate daily eg. Day1 day2 and so on.... peed off.

A. G. u. Aug 15, 2017     

I love this game but I'm at level 343 and my three hour bonus is only 185,000 I think it should be more that's my only comment.

Fre. L. Feb 27, 2017     

Horrendous! Don't waste your time with Playtika. Slotomania, Caesar & all Playtika products recently bought by Chinese Consortium & the games are ultra tight and hungry for your money... Absolute joke

A. G. u. Sep 7, 2017     

Don't know how the slots are since a message about double XP won't go away so I can play

alb. r. Dec 22, 2016     

Enjoy the different games and bonuses . Luv the color and variety chose of games. My games will not load HELP Me please.. afraid to restart because I will loose my cash.

Cla. B. Dec 4, 2017     

it would be better if l got the credits l bought. feeling robbed πŸ˜” πŸ˜”πŸ‘Ž

Joh. S. Dec 23, 2016     

Too many bugs game won't load. Update or face an epic fail.

Mar. K. Aug 26, 2017     

Fun but cost of machine play runs out to fast for the money. Bhai

Aur. D. Jul 16, 2017     

Easy to play nice with graphics, addicted. I am really enjoyed

Dav. D. B. Jan 22, 2017     

The game is faulty. I played 50 000 on Foxtrot Fillies and got three lines and rows full of blonde girls and it did not pay! Fix it or take it of the market. You are stealing your clients' money!!!!!

Gar. B. Oct 31, 2017     

Was good until I hit bonus on midnight fiesta and it just froze...twice. Don't give 'em money

Em. Aug 8, 2016     

Couldn't ask for anything worse than than this you guys must be in the Olympics

dav. w. Aug 11, 2016     

Lost major credits disapeared this is the third time not secure

Kev. M. Dec 3, 2017     

Great online app sucks if you don't have a strong signal

Bea. B. May 24, 2017     

Bets are high and feels unrealistic. Didn't care for it. Great graphics.

bob. j. Nov 13, 2016     

Coins to play

Aub. T. J. Aug 28, 2017     

Keeps skipping my wins doesn't pay for them.

Bar. W. May 3, 2017     

Can't get enough wins to get any where for decent money

Pau. S. Jul 22, 2018     

Now this game won't download keep saying reconnect over and over Locke the game but this is not worth the headache! !!!

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2016     

So far so good I hope it stags that way. I really am having. Lots of fun I like it here almost a few weeks latee. And I still love it here!!!!!!!

Ter. W. Oct 15, 2017     

I don't really like πŸ’— it, but I'll try it a little bit more