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Wild Wolf Adventure Simulator

Dive into a thrilling adventure as a wild wolf in this amazing simulator game! Fight for survival in the wild life as you do fighting, hunting and breeding to survive in the dangerous jungle filled with vicious angry predators as they attack, try to kill and feed on you. Hunt and feed on your prey to avoid starvation.Breed with female wolf and create your very own wolf pack. Experience an infinite runner style gameplay mode within this awesome simulator.
Experience a realistic simulation of a wild beast as you maintain your health,hunger,thirst and energy in order to survive in the dangerous jungle. Fight with other animals to assert your dominance in your turf. Maintain your thirst by drinking water and make sure the baby children wolf pups also remain healthy. Sneak up on deer and kill them to provide food for your babies and to maintain your health. Rampaging through the forest all day will tire you,Take rest to avoid exhaustion.

Breed with a female wolf to conceive baby wolves and build up your own pack. Raise your family and become a stronger influence in the jungle. Dangerous animals roam freely in the jungle.It is your job to protect and defend your pups.

Angry rhinos are rampaging and running through the jungle. Play in an extreme infinite runner style gameplay mode where you run from the angry rampaging rhino so that you don’t end up getting crushed in its path.It’s an intense world full of adventure and thrill.

It’s a Realistic wolf simulator where you feel like playing in reality as there is day and night cycles and beautiful HD graphics to keep you amazed throughout the game.

Have fun jumping and running through the the massive jungle as you play many engaging and fun quests. Completing the quests rewards you with bonus coins which can be used ear to unlock and play with different kind of wolves and increase you pack and strength.

Enjoy the extreme wild life experience full of adventure and thrill as you play the role of different kinds of ferocious beasts such as a Mexican, Indian and Arctic wolf.

Let us know what you think of this amazing wild wolf hunting and wild life survival simulator adventure. Your Feedback, Ratings and Reviews are valuable to us.

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