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WLWT News 5 and Weather

Get real-time access to Cincinnati, Ohio local news, national news, sports, traffic, politics, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WLWT News 5 app for free today.
With our Cincinnati local news app, you can:
- Be alerted to breaking local news with push notifications.
- Watch live streaming breaking news when it happens and get live updates from our reporters.
- Submit breaking news, news tips or email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom and it could be featured on air.
- Share stories with email or on your social media pages.
- Check out current Cincinnati weather conditions, hourly and 7 day forecasts wherever you might be.
- Our interactive radar lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity.
- See weather alerts and updates, watch videocasts from your favorite meteorologists and more.No matter where you are in the Cincinnati local area, you can stay up to date on the latest news and weather information with the WLWT News 5 news app.

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Reviews (30)

roc. A. Dec 11, 2021     

I wanted to get weather alerts after the weather man kept saying it was a good idea, but I can find no way in their app to set up alerts! They even said you can set it up by zip code but I searched for that option for 10minutes and found nothing! I don't want my phone pinging constantly for useless news stories. I just want to know if there's a weather alert in my area! This app is not user friendly.

Tom. L. Jan 2, 2022     

Too many ads, weather presentation is poor (as mentioned in other reviews). News detail is lacking substance and is very stale. I also frankly got tired of seeing the same toothy kids grinning faces at the end on the ULOCAL upload your photographs section. So..I have dumped this app.. Happy New Year!

Dus. F. Sep 19, 2018     

It's a crappy app if you want to READ the news or the weather forecast. They give you a news teaser in print then it says see video. I cannot watch videos at work!! Very frustrating. Also the page slips around as you scroll. Really one of the worst apps. Whoever gave this 5 stars must work for the station.

For. M. Jan 4, 2019     

I'm disappointed that the cast feature is so increadably broken. I can watch near live video on my note 8 but when I cast to my chrome cast it starts from the beginning of the current program. The scrub bar won't let me move forward in the casted video and the video cast frequently freezes and has to be restarted. It's been months since I've watched the second half of the morning news.

Ste. P. May 11, 2022     

To many advertisements, no easy way to bring up what I'm looking for. Can't stop spam

Dia. B. Jan 17, 2022     

The weather is not accurate. I live in northern Kentucky. Nothing showed on the radar when we got freezing rain. Then it said we would only get an inch of snow so I cleaned the sidewalk and my car. We have had another inch of snow and it's still snowing. Weather not accurate. News is ok though

bob. h. Mar 20, 2020     

Was trying to use this app to get the local weather updates at current time (they show you can), and the only thing it shows is the 5 o'clock hour news. You should work on app updates and maybe don't advertise what you can't deliver.

Val. W. Jan 28, 2022     

News notifications and site easy to access and keeps you informed of up to date information

ann. h. Feb 12, 2022     

I love the alerts on weather and breaking news

Mar. B. Feb 25, 2020     

Enjoy this app. It seems to be updated frequently to give the most recent and breaking news ,weather and traffic. Most helpful in this quickly changing news cycle.

Kry. B. Jul 19, 2019     

I love watching the news, I mean WLWT news and weather. That's the only channel news I watch. I love the people on there, they are always so nice, good and professional.

Dar. S. May 26, 2021     

Like to quickly check the weather & forecast if I didn't watch on TV. I read most of the headlines and some of the articles.

MAJ. F. Dec 22, 2019     

Waste of time WLWT APP. Packed full of useless ads!!!!!!!!! "If you want the news, wait 30 seconds to watch a news feed directly after this advertisement "😂 What a waste. I'll watch other news just because of your ads. That kid wlwt for your waste of life app.

Wil. B. Nov 18, 2020     

I abosolutely love the WLWT App. WLWT is my favorite source for news in Cincinnati. I can look at what's happening wherever I go. I can also check the weather forecast as well. Although there's no way to close the nowcasr video when it plays

sha. p. Sep 29, 2021     

Best news and weather! Most accurate, and best looking staff. Like their dynamic style and delivery!

Ste. K. Mar 20, 2020     

Touted as news/weather app, just a jerky hard to navigate app w very intrusive ads. Removed from my cell.

Joe. B. Apr 28, 2021     

Have a way to get severe weather alerts WITHOUT breaking news alerts. I really only have the app for the accurate weather.

Wil. S. Mar 4, 2020     

Sometimes the headline says something but it doesn't finish the story. And the ads are bothersome. Buy

Ari. G. Feb 16, 2022     

WLWT a great resource for news!

N. H. Sep 19, 2019     

Lots of old news is displayed. Im talking real old, like a few years old.

Fre. G. Mar 22, 2021     

This is good if you are watching early morning or catching up later in the day for news and weather. A 5 Star recommendation.

Ste. B. Feb 23, 2021     

I love this app,, I've had it for 7 years and never been caught in the rain while riding my motorcycle,, most accurate I've found

Tho. J. Jul 23, 2020     

Just looked at the new WLWT... loved it... great changes, very much improved! Well done!

Hir. M. Sep 20, 2018     

It's a great way for find out and watching local news and weathet

Dia. C. Jul 6, 2020     

Radar is not very informative. Would not give hour by hour forcast.

Jea. D. Apr 28, 2021     

Absolutely love the app! Catch myself checking it multiple times a day.

Kim. D. Sep 12, 2020     

It works better when my data slow thn any other news app

Kat. C. Sep 3, 2020     

If I need to know about news, all I do call WLWT #5. I receive my answer. It's really that easy. Thank you

Dio. L. Sep 13, 2020     

My favorite channel to watch the news now on my phone..great app

Bil. H. Sep 12, 2019     

I guess you are punishing poor people like myself, who can't afford cable or satellite, havnt been able to watch over the air, for a week now, so long