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X4 Dosing Pump

This application is used to control Kamoer X4 dosing pump, dedicated to Aquarium breeding, application contains four modules, 1.Temperature display modules,you can set the temperature alarm threshold in this module,when the dosing pump temperature exceeds the alert thresholds,dosing pump will make warning sounds, this module can display real-time temperature and time the temperature of the last 24 hours;2.Automatic dosing module, it can automatic set the dosing parameters in this module, you can control the pump dosing with frequency and drops of a certain quantitative, time and quantitative can also be customized;3.Manual control modules, you can manually adjust the dosing quantitative in this module, this module also contains calibration;4.Liquid display module, you can see the liquid level status of liquid bottles in this module

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Reviews (6)

Pau. C. Jan 1, 2019     

lost connection, now cant get it back. support and manuals are totally inadequate and error messages are non descript broken english. on the verge of just thorwing this pump out and going for a more reliable brand.

Ter. J. May 27, 2020     

Hardware may be good however, this app and the instructions are terrible.

Dav. C. Apr 5, 2020     

App is woeful. Terrible and not user friendly

Ms. M. Apr 18, 2019     

lots of errors i can't find the punctuations for seting hour dosing

Aar. F. Apr 21, 2017     

Not user friendly. Wifi only works at home. Why did I pay so much for this waste.

Ale. W. Feb 26, 2017     

Lost the ability to control speed of pumps with latest update.