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Kat. B. Aug 29, 2019     

Poor and slow to connect with Snapchat at first, but OK once you get used to it. I like the different options of questions you already have there for you, and that you can change the Bitmoji. Overall this app is quite unprofessional in my opinion to start with as it refreshes all the time and gets frustrating after a while, but on the whole after the hastle is a good app to use.

Joh. m. m. May 18, 2020     

The app is really fun when it wants to be. Usually though when my friends post links to the app to send them messages it's impossible for me to actually send them. The page doesn't load and it shows that the site is trying to open the app. Instead it just opens the google play store app for whatever reason and when I tap "open" I can't actually write the message.

Fin. B. May 3, 2021     

the app is okay. i've gotten quite a few messages. the issue i've been recently having problems with is people telling me that it's not working and won't let them send anything in. i've had friends test it out for me to no avail, and i've been unable to send things to other people's yolos. i also dislike that it's been two years since the last android update but iphones are constantly getting new stuff added for their version.

Jen. P. Nov 18, 2020     

Whenever I go to send someone a message "open app" always pops up. When I click on open app it takes me to the play store, even tho I have the app. When I click open, it takes me to my page, not where I was trying to go and there's no way to get to the person I was trying to send a message to. Same thing happens every time. App is just taking up space on my phone

Pla. F. Feb 13, 2020     

It's a really good app, but I've been experiecing an issue that recently started happening which is that when I swipe up on someone's story to reply to them, it simply says "Snapchat is trying to open another app" and it just takes me to the Play Store. By reading the reviews I can see that I'm not the only one experiencing this. It's been happening for over a month now and I would really appreciate it if it could get fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.

spu. t. Apr 19, 2021     

I can log into the app just fine. But I had a test done with it. I had a friend slide up, a few actually, and send a message through the app to me. But it never goes through. I've even slid up myself on my own post, and even it doesn't go through. It's a bad bug, and needs fixed ASAP. Otherwise I'd give it at least 4 stars.

Kar. P. May 18, 2020     

It won't load for me, I have used it in the past and it worked great. But, when I unistalled it a few months ago and reinstalled it recently, it refuses to load. I have 1GB of storage free. When I open it, through the app, or through the icon on my home screen, it will flash white then have the classic yellow 'Yolo' box in the middle of the screen. However, It won't load any farther past that. I deleted cache + data. Am I doing something wrong? I don't know, but this is very frustrating for me.

Lot. Mar 31, 2020     

It's pretty fun, I just have two issues with it: when i type in the sticker, I cant get the keyboard back down. I have to go out of the app and go back it, which is pretty annoying. Also, when I get a notification for a new message, the message actually doesn't come in until a couple minutes later. Overall pretty fun, just some weird bugs.

Sam. C. Mar 7, 2021     

Super fun to use. A lot of bugs and stuff and I had to re-download the app because it wouldn't let me follow links from snapchat and it wouldn't let me log into my account. And I have to re-download the app every time I wanna send someone a message or respond to a poll on yolo. I don't know why but ive tried everything. The app wont let me sign in half the time and the other half it doesn't show the the survey that I clicked the link to. There are better apps that do the same thing as yolo.

Cos. S. Oct 23, 2020     

Nice idea but annoying. I think it's a nice idea for an app, but it's always laggy, takes up too much storage space for what it does, and messages don't come through half of the time. The notifications come through when I don't have a message, or when I do have a message, they don't. Yolo always says "ooo no bullying kids!", but my friends get constant mean messages and nothing is done about it. (Of course, it's common sense to stop doing yolo after that but that's not my point)

Ben. W. Jul 25, 2019     

App works completely fine in the Q&A aspects, and received all messages. I especially liked the block feature. However I can only rate this app 3 stars since after downloading it I have been receiving random stages where my screen goes black on Snapchat or Yolo, this may be mere coincidence and if so the review shall be updated but this is too much of an issue to pass up.

hel. k. Nov 26, 2020     

This sucks ass. I've never been more disappointed in this app. Everytime I try to open YOLO or respond to my friends YOLO, it lags and tells me I have no wifi even though I have full bars wifi. This app is a complete waste of time and space in your phone, and it sucks. My favorite part of this app was uninstalling it. I would rate it -0 if I could, but I can't. Also I tried to log into my snapchat, but it instantly logged me out and said there was an error. definitely wouldn't recommend.

Tom. Sep 4, 2020     

I wish you guys updated android's as much as iPhones. The app is slow, it doesnt give me notifications when I get a yolo (but it sends me other stuff), and I cant even change the font for the text while iPhone users are getting different boards! It pisses me off. I'm still gonna keep the app though, not because it's great but I use it when I'm bored.

Ash. F. Feb 14, 2020     

Overall it's a good app and I frequently used it. One thing that would make the app better would be to be able to link the URLs to old pictures saved to snapchat instead of having to take a new picture everytime. This would make the app better because often people have photos saved to their camera roll that look ten times better then a quick flick. This will also generate more productivity within the app because the better picture that someone takes, the more responses the user will generate.

Cal. O. Jun 21, 2020     

I've found that this app is hard to use, but mostly just for android. When you try to send someone a message from their story, it takes you to the Google play store instead of the app, so you can never answer anyone. I also get too many pushed notifications, which can be turned off, but it's still annoying

5ka. k. Sep 26, 2019     

App loads with no problem showing all of the options. This problem is once a q&a is chosen and Snapchat app opens up, it won't allow anyone to answer it. There is no access to the link. It's only a sticker. Not sure if there is something in the code causing the conflict or if it's just the newest version of android.

ric. c. Nov 28, 2020     

A generally solid and fun app to burn time. However, android users haven't received an update in over a year while IOS users get fairly frequent and cool updates. If not for blatantly ignoring a large portion of your market, this app would be much better. In addition, the message to "not bully" when you send messages has a good intent, but very little impact on the sender. It would be far more beneficial if there was an optional filter to block messages that could be harassment or bullying.

Kad. Y. Jul 5, 2019     

I experience the same problem when you swipe up at the bottom of the screen then it says exit the app then takes you to either download the app or write a review it's very annoying but a found a way around it you swipe up at bottom of the sticker that says "send me honest messages" basically when they first put it up. do not do it when someone has put there text in because it never works I hope this gets fixed in the near future

Cut. C. Jul 2, 2020     

the thing about this app is, it works for sending messages, but for some dumb reason, I cant join groups through links in snap, and I don't have the option to join one through the app either and it's really annoying because my friend made a gc but I can't join it. I've also tried deleting it and resetting it. Please fix this.

Aly. H. Jan 5, 2021     

I think the app is ok, I think it's a little unfair how only some kind of phones can do group chats and things like that. You should really make it so that no one using a certain type of phone can't have a certain feature. It should be so everyone can use it. It's pretty disappointing because I do really like the app, but I just see all my friends going in group chats together and I can't. The creator really has to get this changed.

Syd. S. Mar 8, 2020     

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When I click on the YOLO link from someone else's sc story, it usually brings me to this app and when I click "open" on the menu here, it doesn't bring me to the place where I send other people messages. I would rate it lower but this is the only problem it has so far.

B&J. R. Nov 28, 2020     

Meh. That's all I have to say about this app. It seems to work great for friends on Apple devices, but this app hasn't received an update in at least a year. Despite that, I'm constantly being bombarded with notifications about all the additions they are adding to the iOS versions. The least they could do is not keep saying "a new update is out" when they haven't done a thing for their Android users. It's ridiculous

wei. Jul 24, 2020     

It's been nearly a year since they've done anything to the app. But it would be great if they could maintain basic fixes. It's clear that many of the users still use the app and new ones to come. For a long time it seems the program continuously glitches. And is just a great disappointment. It would be great to have it fixed! Not a bad app but a neglected one. (Maybe they gave up working on the app?)

You. Jul 11, 2020     

Good idea for an app, takes too much storage for its purpose. Trying to re install it to fix a glitch with signing in would just result in the startup screen not going away. 2/5 stars for it being a good idea, but has many problems that could be fixed.

Pro. 4. Jan 17, 2020     

Someone else is linking this in the story to ask questions, I slide up, and all it does is bring me to the play store where the app is already installed. Opening the app manually does nothing. It does not work properly on the new Note. I've reinstalled, cleared cache, everything. Zero functionality when trying to ask someone else questions. Simply doesn't work, and this phone is new.

D.C. w. Jul 23, 2020     

This app has been working fine since I've installed it. But suddenly today it just stopped working. I tried getting into the app and it just froze and when I signed out it wouldn't let me sign back in saying there's a error and when I uninstalled and then installed it again and tried to sign in again, it kept saying there was a error.

Har. G. Jan 7, 2021     

I would be giving a 5 star review if it was compatible with my phone. The app never truly worked for my phone so I can't judge that app too much. It is like they have made no effort to make this app compatible with the newer Samsung phones. My friends have shown me there are way more features than I can see. I'm disappointed that I can't use the app like my friends.

Reb. c. Mar 6, 2022     

Doesn't work. Just get an error message. I can't even search the app in the play store I had to get to this through the settings since weird way. They probably made it for only apple users 🙄

The. M. Mar 13, 2021     

Don't get me wrong, its a good app, but it hasn't been updated since AUGUST 2019! All my friends who have IPhones are getting regularly timed updates and are able to add each other and I have to watch them have fun with their updates when I'm over here with a samsung not getting any new updates. Also, there too many notifications that are saying "send ___ to your friends" and they get annoying. Please update the app and cut down on notifications

Jay. E. Nov 4, 2019     

Some messages won't go through. My friends would send me messages and I wouldn't see them anywhere. I tested it and sent something from my friend's iPhone and nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled but idk what's wrong. I can only imagine how many times that has happened