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YouIPCams: IP Security Camera App

We offer free 1 year (24 hours video history) cloud continuous recording for phone as IP camera OR free 1 year (4 hours video history) cloud continuous recording for any camera - For New User and Limited Time Only.

Install this App into a spare Android phone/tablet or iPhone/iPad to turn it into an E2EE camera hub to protect any of your IP security cameras through end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Turn any IP security camera into a cloud camera right now!

Any linked camera's video streams will be encrypted in the E2EE camera hub, then feed into the live stream and cloud recording. The video data will only be decrypted in your mobile phone.

No encryption keys are stored in the cloud--this means, unlike other solutions, your privacy is not compromised if there is a security breach with your provider. Only devices you own and have installed onto the YouIPCams app can view your video.

We support Apple devices as well. The camera on the iPhone/iPad running the application can also be utilized as an E2EE cloud camera as well.

Haicam E2EE cloud security camera's official mobile App, support other cameras by ONVIF and CGI API too.

Don't want to setup an E2EE camera hub now? No problem! You can connect your camera to our server directly by our virtual hub, we will setup UPnP port forwarding for your camera automatically if possible. Our server will take care the encryption for you in this case.

We also support advanced video alarm/motion/constant cloud recording, as well as industry leading on demand time-lapses playback of recorded footage (no waiting for a rendered file).

DIY your smart home and home automation!

Key features

Free 4 hours of storage for continuous recording for one camera
Turn any spare Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad into an E2EE cloud camera/hub
Turn your phone into a car dash camera when driving
Turn any IP surveillance camera into an E2EE cloud camera
PIR motion detection and sound alerts
Two-way voice
Video data end-to-end encryption – Protects live streams and cloud storage.
Auto UPnP port forwarding setup if you don't want to setup a camera hub
On-demand time lapse video playback
Android/Google TV support - as one viewer and E2EE cloud hub
Secure and turn your existing DVR system into a cloud
Have a cutting edge CCTV monitor system
Haicam E2EE IP Camera Official App

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