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YouMp3 - Ytube Mp3 Music player

youtube mp3 music player for multitasking streaming experience, play in the background, search and manage music more easily, get music lyrics, floating youtube player and more features.

an advanced youtube mp3 music player allowing you to enjoy video or music without interruptions in the background even if you close or open other apps.

Music Recognizer can detect unknown music playing around you get their name and play it.

- yoump3 is not a youtube to mp3 converter
- yoump3 made for a better multitasking listening experience and can not download or convert youtube to mp3
-listen or watch a video in lock screen is not permitted in order to respect Terms of use of our third-party service partner.

COPYRIGHT infringement
YouMp3 is a third party music streaming player, It does not allow to listen to your own mp3. All the content is provided by YouTube services. Therefore, YouMp3 does not have direct control over the content displayed.
"Please use the following link to report any content that may infringe copyrights: https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/
YouMp3 is not a YouTube mp3 downloader."
An internet connection is required (wifi or cellular data).
we are not allowed to display videos when in lock screen, nor to let you downloading music.

You will be asked to authorize two accesses within the app:
- one to allow YouMp3 Record Audio if you want to use (the music Recognition service).
- one to enable the floating popup player.

Category : Music & Audio

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