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ZEISS Hunting

Ballistic calculator:Your tool for the perfect shot.
- Use ZEISS Hunting to calculate ballistics for long-range and angled shots and to select the ballistic ring for your ZEISS ASV.
- Select from a comprehensive ammunition database comprising more than 7.000 cartridges by manufacturers such as Winchester, Federal, and many more.
- Find out more about the ballistic properties of cartridges for a set caliber with varying projectiles and loads. Compare different cartridges for long-range shooting and calculate exact ballistic values for your handloading ammunition.
- Cartridge parameters include manufacturer, caliber, bullet and bullet weight, muzzle velocity, and ballistic coefficient.
- Calculations are geared to your ZEISS Terra/Victory/Conquest riflescope and your ballistic reticle, as well as your ASV/ASV+/ASV longrange/ASV competition ballistic turret. Additionally, result tables are suitable for any type of riflescope.
- Create ballistic profiles to rapidly access your data
- anywhere, any time.
- Automatically obtain GPS-assisted, location based atmospheric data (altitude, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind direction and speed)
- keeping data up-to-date is essential for a safe and expert long-range shot.
- Quickly calculate your ammunition's ballistic coefficient for maximum precision.
- Ballistic calculations for hunters employing individually handloaded cartridges.
- Ballistic calculations available in metric and imperial formats.
- Results are displayed in table and reticle formats, along with ASV setup data.
Hunting diary:Log your hunting adventures and share them with your friends.ZEISS Hunting lets you document your feats in every detail in your hunting diary:
- Conveniently locate and GPS-tag shot, target and sighting positions and other occurences on your hunting ground map.
- Complete documentation on shot or sighting by selecting from an extensive game and species list and by adding the specimen's weight, sex and age to manage your season and hunting ground.
- All data is saved to your hunting diary including information on gun, ammunition and shot distance
- letting you access your proven ammunition preferences anytime.
- Keep record of your hunting feats with photos and notes. Save pictures of tracks, sightings, and trophies. Document your memorable hunting trips, big-game hunting achievements and safaris.
- Weather conditions at the time of the logged event are recorded to complete your diary entry.
- Browse entries in chronological order or show filtered results.
- Share your hunting diary entries on Facebook, Twitter and Whats App!

Weather forecast: Plan ahead for optimum hunting conditions.
- A detailed 5-day forecast assists you in planning your hunting trip.
- Up to the minute weather alerts keep you safe while hunting.
- Detailed data on wind direction, wind speed and atmospheric pressure to assist you in choosing equipment and route to your hunting ground.
- Solar cycle data includes sunrise and sunset.
- Lunar cycle data includes moonrise, moonset, moonlight brightnessand lunar phases.
- Location-based weather data is obtained automatically using GPS localisation.
- Save your hunting ground's location for easy access to personalized weather forecast.

Maps & Orientation: Navigating the woods with maps and GPS functionality.
- Topographic and satellite maps.
- Compass

Dashboard:Configure your ZEISS Hunting start screen individually to have all your favorite tools at a glance!
- Organize your tools by relevance.
- Click any entry to show further detailed information.

Night mode:ZEISS Hunting automatically adapts display brightness to environment light conditions to reduce glare when hunting at night-time.

Sign-up benefits:
- Once signed up, your data will be securely stored on ZEISS servers, keeping a back-up should you lose your device. Additionally, access your data from multiple platforms and devices.
- Sign up with Facebook

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