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ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is an all-in-one contacts, dialer, and call log app that offers powerful phone call features enabling you to block calls from unknown callers and spam senders, use speed dial, link duplicate contacts, run smart search, view history with all important info and personalize your own theme on your dialer, call log, and contacts.
Block calls from unidentified callers• Get rid of annoying phone spam using the Smart blocking feature.• Block calls from unknown and private numbers.• Block calls from recognized spammers and by block list.

Smart search to find your contact fast • Type partial/first character of name or number to get relevant search results from your dialer.• Available in these languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian.

Speed dial with a tap• 8 available number slots to instantly link with your important contacts from your phone dialer.

Safeguard your private contacts• Password-protect your contact list and address book history from prying eyes.• Trigger your phone’s front camera into a security cam and capture photos of unauthorized users who try to hack in with wrong passwords.

Smart linking the duplicate contacts • Link same contact data from different accounts under one based from email addresses or phone numbers.

Your very personal phone book• Personalize and apply theme on your dialer, call log and contact list backgrounds.

More informationFor more product information and videos, check out:

http://www.zenui.comhttp://www.asus.com/ZenUI/Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining our beta-testing site!https://plus.google.com/communities/112146880955122950337

Feedback and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedbacks via: zenui@asus.com

Category : Communication

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Reviews (30)

Mar. A. Dec 31, 2018     

Bad recent design change, very hard to find a contact, because before, there was a photo for every person in the list, it was very visual, very intuitive. But now: 1) Only a plain list of names: if you don't remember the name, only the face, you are screwed! 2) Access to Groups used to be on its own Tab on top, now its... part of the contact list? If you are already desperate scrolling down the list trying to find a faceless contact, now to use Groups, look at the screen: the option is not there.

Bet. B. Sep 13, 2019     

This app is the easiest to use. You can put the a little amount of information in or an endless amount of information, customized to your own needs. When on an active call the the call screen goes to a default screen, so when you need to exit call or Switch to another fuction, you have to try to bring up the call screen. This is not easy, you have to back space and go to call icon and then get to call screen many times it takes several times. Or it does not disconect

Sum. M. Sep 10, 2019     

This is the worst Dialer App I have ever seen. The favourite contact display is nothing more than a plain textual list with numbers, no photo, no interactive object, just plain text. Atleast allow users to chose a layout like grid, etc. to display favorites. The group feature should be quickly accessible and shouldn't require so many clicks. Asus team, you really need to work on dialler UI !!

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2018     

I would have given 5 stars, but I can't. Because there is no option to show photo too with the contact name, like in Google contacts. It will be easy for elders to use contacts which shows photos with the name. Other than that Asus Dialer and contacts app is awesome because of customisation features.

Pet. R. Jun 18, 2020     

Worst. App. Ever. Fails to fulfill the basic function of a phone, making calls. Will default to using paired Bluetooth device even when device is unavailable and call cannot be heard at either end. Also, the interface is about as useless as a ... as a ... well, comparisons fail. The old dialer worked perfectly on my ZenFone 3 and my ZenFone 4 but is not at all satisfactory on my ZenFone M1. Running it now on a different phone and seems much improved.

Ama. D. Jun 27, 2021     

No Gd service, Long time facing issues audio and charger jack or point issues a lot and of no gd quality, items not available, compared to other phones it is slow in Network and Internet connectivity. Automatically memory gets completed even without any download or update. Apps cannot be uninstalled many times else have to face issues from long time. Being a Technician Diploma holder I have managed till date. I would like to thank God for this.

Aks. v. Oct 13, 2020     

Little disappointed about 2 things. (1) No separate dock for favourites. (2) While calling and recieving calls, the contact photos are barely visible ( ie, it's blur ). So it's very difficult to identify who is calling quickly, since contact photo is not clear visible. Other than that it works perfectly and the app is stable on my device (ASUS ZENFONE 5Z). So, I REQUEST YOU TO SOLVE THE ABOVE MENTIONED ISSUE.

Nis. G. Sep 30, 2018     

The app is lacking few of the important features which are available in phones 1/3rd of the cost: 1. Native Video Calling feature is missing in the diaper, even when the phone supports VOLTE. 2. You can not access contact details of a stored contact from the call log. Requires you to search for the contact to access other stored numbers of it.

Qas. A. Oct 20, 2018     

The app worked perfect in the beginning but after few updates things went wrong. When I save contact with name , after few days I try to find them on the phone. They are not there , saved anymore, jst the phone number, not any name. Then I wonder whos phone number is this. This needs to be fixed or it is extremly difficlut to have a app that can not save phone number with name.. :( :(

Wae. R. Dec 26, 2018     

calls log does not show caller name and shows as unknown. the caller id display both the name and number when the phone rings. the app doesn't save the name in the calls log. I tried to explain this to support and opened 2 tickets and they still don't get it. my support experience with Asus is terrible and I had to email the CEO office to get their attention. my next phone won't be Asus for certain.

A. G. u. Mar 11, 2019     

Very much disappointed. No option to club numbers dialed frequently. call log also is very lengthy, can't concise. developer is more worried about background picture on dial pad and other areas , but useful features are missing. very pathetic.

Wal. M. Dec 20, 2018     

The contacts take a long long time to show up. This is a bug. We cannot be clearing the cache again and again, the problem shows up in a few minutes. This is for ZenFone Max3. Got a fix that works for me, uninstalled all the updates of this app, works super fast now. So start using the factory version of the app, and not the updates to the app, till Asus comes with a fix that works for ZenFone max3

Jai. S. Feb 5, 2019     

the worst app i have in my phone and I can't do anything with this, the app some times freezes and says no contracts available, some times it says contacts loading then i should wait for atleast 10 minutes and i can't do a single call with this or any other third party apps and the question arises is, what the help of this phone if i can't do a single call in an emergency?

Dan. C. Jun 3, 2021     

Not sure which update did this I just noticed all the address and most current notes have been deleted from all contacts. There is a web link added on most contacts each link redirects to Google Business. Not able to use maps with contacts no address, there just gone. Some contacts only the name and no other information. Others have weird Groups assigned to them. I do not use groups. I found 2 contacts with only the first name left. Anyone else have this happen?

Nat. L. Nov 30, 2019     

Why so hard to call favorites. The phone dialer doesn't show the contact photo well. It's super zoomed in. To get to favorites, I have to go through 3 screens to get to them. Just make tiles or something big easy to get to for contact favorites. Overall the phone dialer and contact interface need improving.

A. G. u. Dec 21, 2018     

I just wish that I could remove redundant / empty groups like VIP and co-workers. Alternatively the ability to choose which group or groups to display would be great. In this way perhaps the whole group, or most of it, may be visible without a second action. A response would be nice.

Hem. k. Jul 16, 2020     

Very very very dissatisfied with this app. There is no separate window pane for keeping favorites so that I can see the contact pic. All merged into one screen in form of a list. These features are available in oneplus, Moto devices ,stock android phones though, and I liked them very much. Even the screenshots shown here in playstore are totally different to what is the reality in my phone (zenfone 5z). Please work out some solution Zenui team.

Kar. S. Mar 6, 2020     

I used to like this dialer a lot on my earlier ZenFone 2. Beautiful design, well structured. The only thing I missed was support of other European languages in the Smartsearch keypad. Now on my newest ZenFone 6 running Android 10 the UI is way too much oversimplified, as if I downgraded the app 20 versions back in time. It only shows a plain textual list of contacts and also creates several duplicates not seen in other apps, e.g. Google Contacts. ZenFone 2 rating: 4.5 ZenFone 6 rating: 1

Gro. Sep 12, 2019     

The app would be great if it supported multilingual fast scrolling. Right now, i can only fast scroll to the last English letter, and then I have to scroll "manually" through the Russian names, since Russian alphabet doesn't show up in the popup letter icon. Really hope this feature is added some time soon.

Val. Q. Mar 15, 2019     

Terrible app. Keeps making multiple duplicates of my contacts, and theres no automatic option for deleting 4 or 5 different duplicates of all the entries. i have to open the phone book and manually delete all the unnessecary duplicates and triplicates!

Ebr. K. M. Dec 25, 2019     

Good appwith simple and easy design. Nothing's bloated with customisation. It would be very great if it is replaced with Google Contacts just like the Messaging app to have a stock experience.

Pra. R. Oct 28, 2018     

Hey Asus team, I don't know what is wrong with you guys! You are providing a way good hardware but the thing you don't provide is software implementation. I'm using asus devices from 2014 but all the time I'm disappointed. Xiaomi developer team is way better than you guys. I don't know why you haven't provided native video calling feature and where is the contact images in contacts??

Sar. Jan 10, 2019     

Dumb dialler on Smart phone. No quick access to "favorites" or "groups" as seen in screenshots. Contracts thumbnails not displayed. The icon bar with "logs" "favorites" "groups" is missing service and support was prompt, but their advise is not useful

Ras. F. Oct 25, 2019     

Where is the option/functionality of the auto-reject feature for unknown contacts/calls? Why must users sacrifice useful features as these; for useless things like grouping contacts, or anything progression related? Are the developers awaiting new ideas from their users? There's countless messages on here alone; that must offer some insight as to what the app really needs! How many more updates to figure out what you're competitors are doing to catch up?! Let me remind you that it's almost 2020!

gag. a. Oct 19, 2018     

After recent update from Nougat to Oreo,the UI has improved and its nice. But the contact photo during call is not clear and visible properly also doesn't have the option for setting the contact photo in position wise like before.

San. S. Sep 30, 2018     

No contact photos, while dialing number is not displayed on screen, you have to wade through all options to see details of a contact. Most horribly designed app.

Amj. B. Feb 8, 2019     

it is bad on ZenFone 3max when i update the system to Oreo ...the app stoped show the photos on the side of the name ... also it show the whatsapp accounts with out link them with the original name .... i realy hate that but i can't change to another app because it is the default on the phone

Bjö. H. Mar 4, 2020     

Works well, but perhaps a little dull. The buttons could be made more realistic in 3D though. Why not test a retro virtual rotary dialer for a change!

Sub. D. Aug 6, 2021     

Everything is good in it... But please enable the in app video calling feature. It's not convenient to use a third party app to have a video call. It's a hassle. SO PLEASE ENABLE THE VIDEO CALLING FEATURE FROM THE APP ITSELF.

Leo. S. Jan 18, 2020     

I have a Rog Phone 2 and compared with the Google app is behind. The interface is not the best should allow you to have the favorites with photos and allow you to modify the interface of the app.