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Zuricate Video Surveillance

See what you care about, anywhere, anytime, for free by turning your Android devices into a video surveillance system.
Use the system as a home video monitoring system, security system, pet cam, or baby monitor. Get instant motion and sound alerts and real-time audio and video, with no extra hardware needed
- reuse your old phone or tablet as a video surveillance camera by installing the app. Extend the camera device with wireless bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer.

Set up the system in less than a minute by simply:

1. Install the app on one device and select "viewer" mode2. Install the app on another device and select "camera" mode

Sign in with the same account on both viewer and camera device. Add as many cameras as you wish by repeating step 2 with more devices. The camera is active as long as the application is in the foreground.

- live streaming
- playback of recordings
- motion and sound activated recording and alerts
- two-way audio
- multiple authentication options
- Android Beam, password, federated Google or Facebook sign in
- optional wireless thermometer and hygrometer [1]
- optional proximity detection
- automatically disable motion detection based on viewer/camera proximity
- optional face detection
- only motion activation when faces are detected
- optional camera flash
- turns on automatically when it is dark
- optional low-light mode
- turns on sound detection automatically only when it is dark
- remote control of camera digital zoom
- remote control of the camera flash
- remote control of rear and front camera switch
- remote control of maximum motion activated recording length
- configurable bitrate when transmitting over a mobile network
- configurable alert frequency
- low power mode
- the camera device keeps running while the screen is locked and off
- local storage
- the recordings are stored on the camera devices, not in the cloud
- camera overheat protection
- processing suspends above temperature threshold
- runs over WiFi/3G/4G

Security:All media between the viewer and camera devices are end-to-end encrypted. The recordings are stored locally on the camera device, not in the cloud. Your credentials are not accessed by the service if you select federated sign in with Google or Facebook. Enable two-factor authentication on your Google[2] or Facebook[3] account for extra security, if using federated sign in . This also enables you to revoke access to the video surveillance system for any of the devices connected.

Avoid logging in on your camera device by pairing with the viewer device directly using Android Beam: enable Android Beam on the viewer device and NFC on the camera device. Place both devices back to back while the viewer is running in the foreground and both displays are unlocked. Click "Tap to Beam" on the viewer device to add the camera.

Signalling is encrypted with TLS using certificate pinning. I.e. only one certificate authority is trusted, not all of the pre-installed certificate authorities on Android, which improves the security.

Press the power button on the device running in "camera" mode. This will lock the screen, while the app is still running, enabling you to protect the device with a pin code.

- up to 1080p30 video
- up to 48kHz audio
- recording capacity is limited by the camera device's flash size
- negligible network load when the viewer is not connected to a camera

[1] https://www.bluemaestro.com/product/tempo-disc-bluetooth-motion-sensor-data-logger/[2] https://www.google.com/2step[3] https://www.facebook.com/help/148233965247823

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