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Zuricate Video Surveillance

See what you care about, anywhere, anytime, for free by turning your Android devices into a video surveillance system.
Use the system as a home video monitoring system, security system, pet cam, or baby monitor. Get instant motion and sound alerts and real-time audio and video, with no extra hardware needed
- reuse your old phone or tablet as a video surveillance camera by installing the app. Extend the camera device with wireless bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer.

Set up the system in less than a minute by simply:

1. Install the app on one device and select "viewer" mode2. Install the app on another device and select "camera" mode

Sign in with the same account on both viewer and camera device. Add as many cameras as you wish by repeating step 2 with more devices. The camera is active as long as the application is in the foreground.

- live streaming
- playback of recordings
- motion and sound activated recording and alerts
- two-way audio
- multiple authentication options
- Android Beam, password, federated Google or Facebook sign in
- optional wireless thermometer and hygrometer [1]
- optional proximity detection
- automatically disable motion detection based on viewer/camera proximity
- optional face detection
- only motion activation when faces are detected
- optional camera flash
- turns on automatically when it is dark
- optional low-light mode
- turns on sound detection automatically only when it is dark
- remote control of camera digital zoom
- remote control of the camera flash
- remote control of rear and front camera switch
- remote control of maximum motion activated recording length
- configurable bitrate when transmitting over a mobile network
- configurable alert frequency
- low power mode
- the camera device keeps running while the screen is locked and off
- local storage
- the recordings are stored on the camera devices, not in the cloud
- camera overheat protection
- processing suspends above temperature threshold
- runs over WiFi/3G/4G

Security:All media between the viewer and camera devices are end-to-end encrypted. The recordings are stored locally on the camera device, not in the cloud. Your credentials are not accessed by the service if you select federated sign in with Google or Facebook. Enable two-factor authentication on your Google[2] or Facebook[3] account for extra security, if using federated sign in . This also enables you to revoke access to the video surveillance system for any of the devices connected.

Avoid logging in on your camera device by pairing with the viewer device directly using Android Beam: enable Android Beam on the viewer device and NFC on the camera device. Place both devices back to back while the viewer is running in the foreground and both displays are unlocked. Click "Tap to Beam" on the viewer device to add the camera.

Signalling is encrypted with TLS using certificate pinning. I.e. only one certificate authority is trusted, not all of the pre-installed certificate authorities on Android, which improves the security.

Press the power button on the device running in "camera" mode. This will lock the screen, while the app is still running, enabling you to protect the device with a pin code.

- up to 1080p30 video
- up to 48kHz audio
- recording capacity is limited by the camera device's flash size
- negligible network load when the viewer is not connected to a camera

[1] https://www.bluemaestro.com/product/tempo-disc-bluetooth-motion-sensor-data-logger/[2] https://www.google.com/2step[3] https://www.facebook.com/help/148233965247823

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Reviews (30)

Zac. P. Mar 2, 2021     

Finally, an app to convert your smart phone into a network camera that doesn't suck. PLUS it's FREE. -Easy as pie to set up (30 seconds for account and two installs of the app). -promised quality is there. -awesome functionality such as motivated n and sound detection activation. Auto recording, and the ability to keep it moderately secure. PROPS TO THE MAKERS IF THIS APP. enjoy the tip ;)

Cra. N. Oct 22, 2019     

Without being a tech when it comes to computers,phones, and other electronic devices I managed to use this app to use my old galaxy s7 as a security camera with motion and sound detection that works markedly better than the Panasonic dedicated camera I paid $70 for. I'm amazed at the clarity of the picture I get with it. For the set up to be how i wanted it I simply adjusted the settings until it was set the way i needed it. Thank you Zuricate!

Pau. R. Mar 27, 2020     

All is good and I love the app. However it seems to have some bugs. Sometimes my bluetooth sound is muted at the bluetooth device (speaker/car audio) . When this happens I simply open or close Zuricate a sound is instantly restored. I you don't have unlimited data, be careful you will eat up all your data very quickly. Over all for a free app, I love it . Running 4 Camara around my property.

Ant. L. Oct 16, 2021     

Seems to be a great app, but the camera disconnects after some time on Android 11, maybe the system doesn't let it run in background for very long. You need to try different running in background strategy, like a Foreground service with a notification or ask for permission to paint over other apps. Hopefully you can resolve the issue soon!

Sha. G. Apr 22, 2022     

App is perfect for indoor use or where a mains powered connection is available, and is pretty solidly built, stays online, in our use it has stayed online for over 12 days. Outdoor use is problematic but not impossible, power usage of the phone is only a c. 3 to 4 hours but with a 40amp battery bank we've brought that to 50 hours, and then rotate with a second pack. Perfect for getting intruders in remote locations or as a nature camera, far cheaper than buying a standalone gsm trail cam.

Nat. D. Jul 21, 2019     

the app is working well, the only thing I would add for the options is a saturation mode to play with the low light environments. also the motion zones should be a yellow color Or any other color that you can see easily. since gray is the default option when the environment is dark you can barely see the areas you marked. thanks :)

Kar. S. Feb 22, 2020     

Edited rating. Its quite good. Once the programmer responded to my concerns quickly i might add, i took thier suggestions on tweaking my app settings and the difference was very noticeable. Bufferring issues were resolved. There are no ads which is fantastic. Night vision would still be nice but for a free app i now have zero complaints

A. M. Nov 1, 2020     

Zooming & lighting features aren't the best, but after trying several other apps, this is definately the best of the free apps. If'n the monthly fee for the paid service was around $2.99, I might be interested...hint, hint.

sco. w. Nov 2, 2019     

I'm using a USB UVC low light camera with a Dolamee D7 Android 8.1 TV box to see in near total darkness. (half moon or better you can see decent detail. Or use IR illuminator.) (use a UVC app to up the gain /exposure). Love the new recently added "Record while viewing live" feature. This app is in rapid development with cutting-edge features and I predict it will be an Alfie-killer.

Gra. R. Feb 14, 2019     

Works on my Note 4 as Camera and S9+ as viewer. Doesn't work on my Note 2 - it starts up, then after a couple of seconds it exits. Would be better if you could direct local recording to an empty memory card, but cannot see a setting to do that.

Eli. H. Nov 20, 2021     

Thank you so much for making this ad free! All the features come in handy and work great as long as the internet connection is good. I would recommend this to anyone for private or professional use. Or even paranormal investigators. Would be nice if the brightness could be adjusted under low light conditions. But I am still very happy to give this 5 stars because no other free app gives that out anyways.

San. P. Jun 16, 2021     

The Niagara launcher was not the reason for camera mode crashes. The launcher is now active but several other apps were uninstalled instead, and Zuricate now works, switching front/back camera etc. without crashing. So something in the background was causing Zuricate instability.

Máx. K. Mar 23, 2021     

I am downloading this application on my other devices right now it is so easy to use. The camera quality is topshelf even sending and receiving signals between devices no failures. Absolutely no problem with now 6 devices will be my new system with the Zuricate teams application its worked well for me over a year now.

A. G. u. Jan 22, 2019     

Also there is no easy way to download the videos from the viewer side and sharing does not work. Makes it a real pain in the ass having to run all the way to the phone and extract the video file to process in photoshop to make out license plate numbers in those lucky events when a car sits still at the bottom of the slope to rev a few times before zooming off

Ian. G. May 10, 2020     

Works really well, though it took a little while to learn to drive it. I had an old phone, on charge, up in the ceiling space, to check for possible possums. Now I know they are above the roof! Thanks for a great app.

Cat. S. Apr 27, 2019     

I like this app, it's putting my old phone to good use, and it does some cool stuff. I only had an issue trying to share one of my recordings.. It said to download then downloading but wouldn't send in the actual msg. Also, I couldn't find where it was downloading to. .... still trying to figure this out.

Jus. B. Oct 11, 2021     

Would be alot more stars cause I like it but there are times when it disconnects is self then I have to reconnect on the one phone works well for a while then doesn't reconnect the other end once in a while it doesn't record mostion detection but most of times does alright

Kan. K. Jul 12, 2020     

This app has absolutely the most features I have found from a security camera app and it's ad free?!! Wow. Every feature seems to work flawlessly. I'm actually early shocked that this is a free app and I am very appreciative because I'm a single mother. I'm glad I kept my old cell phones! I'm still waiting for a catch LOL

She. M. Aug 12, 2020     

Like this app but it does not keep the video or it does not keep the video long it disappears or delete itself. The voices doesn't come in clear. I need to keep videos to go over them. Other than that love the app

A. G. u. Mar 17, 2019     

I've had this app for two days now I've got two phones with simply mobile network service okay I was in Dallas yesterday and I was able to do a live feed from a government provided what they call an Obama phone on my prepaid AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7...nuff said this app is legit... app highly suggested highly recommended no Wi-fi needed just to be able to use this all you need is idata connection such as your regular Mobile plan and it'll work the camera quality is as good as the camera you're usin

Tod. P. May 18, 2021     

It refuses to accept the password I created 60 seconds ago. The reset option doesn't work, and there is literally ZERO support available. Don't waste your TIME. Uninstalling.

USA. Apr 6, 2021     

Mine didnt allow offline and would kick off and atop recording when i lost serivce. It didnt save my videos and didnt alert my other phone either. Wish it did tho not sure why it didnt. It sadly didnt work offline for me it stopper working

Bri. S. Mar 4, 2022     

It's free. Sometimes alittle tricky to run, but it does, beautifully! Not sure how it runs with security.

WOO. Y. Jan 20, 2020     

*1 Was able to download/playback recordings. Now it shows there are recordings but cannot download/playback. It shows 0% downloading forever. Is this the monthly downloading quota restriction? *2 Would like to share the issues encountered: While at outside, viewer (mobile network) cannot connect to camera (WiFi network) at home. Only at home/office with WiFi network, viewer can connect to camera but cannot playback video. Tried apps: Athome, Alfred, Cawice, Secure Camera CZ and Dormi. All Ok.

Fre. K. May 22, 2020     

I installed this app on my LG Stylo 5 and also on my LG Stylo 4 which is not in service but connected to the same Wi-Fi it absolutely did not work at all I tried using one at the camera and one has a monitor and vice versa absolutely did not work at all save your time move on to another app

Dav. S. Nov 17, 2019     

I like the app it does pretty good but when I try to do the multi media it crashes I can't see all 3 of them at once on my cell phone I wish they had a website I could go to and maybe I could see all of them on the computer but I still like the app

Geo. S. Aug 31, 2019     

Really nice and easy. Make sure that with the phone used as the viewer you click the gear icon on the cameras and turn off the auto flash!

Val. C. Apr 10, 2020     

Very good app, simple to use and efficient. I installed it on pixel 1 as camera and on pixel 4 as viewer. Worked perfectly.

Gen. N. P. May 2, 2020     

I love it EXCEPT IT DOES NOT HAVE NIGHT. ISION. IT WOULD BE ALMOST PERFECT THEN.Alzo. you cant delete individual recordings. You ha e to delete all or none. Zucks ice you have fifty but only need to save one. Otherwise I LOVE THE SERVICE. NO RELIABILITY ISSUEZ AT ALL

Mat. G. Oct 18, 2020     

So far so good. I will have to test the motion and sound detectors and such before I give 5 but easy to control and seems like a perfect cam app to protect your things or and family or keep and eye on the kids from the the other isroom