10 best apps to make your daily life easier for iOS/ Android

We all need practical tips to make our lives easier and save time on a daily basis. Here are some widgets that will speed up your usual routine and allow you to focus only on the essential. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic (Android/iOS)

Drive serenely while keeping all your points on your driver's license thanks to the Waze application that accompanies you on all your trips.
The application offers the following features:
* Drive with Android Auto and use Waze on your car screen;
* Receive real-time alerts about hazards and disruptions on your route;
* Constantly updated speed limits and speedometer;
* Integrated navigation throughout Europe and real-time traffic.
Listen to music, podcasts and more in Waze with the Waze audio player.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic (Android/iOS) image 1
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic (Android/iOS) image 2
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic (Android/iOS) image 3
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic (Android/iOS) image 4

Chargemap - Charging stations (Android/iOS)

Chargemap is the essential application that already accompanies more than a million drivers of electric cars to travel and recharge serenely.
The main features are:
* With more than 450 000 charging points, the application covers the majority of European charging networks;
* Find all the essential information to find the ideal charging point (types of plugs, charging power, schedules, means of access, community comments and much more);
* With the Chargemap route planner, find the perfect route according to your electric vehicle and your preferences;
* Join a community that helps each other every day by adding new charging stations, information and useful comments.
Enjoy all Chargemap features from the dashboard of your electric car.

Chargemap - Charging stations (Android/iOS) image 1
Chargemap - Charging stations (Android/iOS) image 2
Chargemap - Charging stations (Android/iOS) image 3
Chargemap - Charging stations (Android/iOS) image 4

Citymapper: All Your Transport (Android/iOS)

Let this app guide you and find the best route on all modes of transportation around the world.
The Citymapper app serves as :
* A route comparator that instantly combines all available modes of transportation ;
* Be guided step by step for all your trips;
* Compare prices of cabs and VTCs and order your trip;
Travel without connection, consult schedules and maps even offline.

Citymapper: All Your Transport (Android/iOS) image 1
Citymapper: All Your Transport (Android/iOS) image 2
Citymapper: All Your Transport (Android/iOS) image 3
Citymapper: All Your Transport (Android/iOS) image 4

Tomate & Basilic- Permaculture (Android/iOS)

From setting up your vegetable garden to organizing your planting and watering schedule, the Tomato & Basil app walks you through the life of your garden.
Key features of this app include:
* Need some inspiration? The application offers you a selection of plants according to your criteria;
* Notifications in case of upcoming frost or heavy rain;
* Data sheets for nearly 300 varieties;
* Multiple resources on permaculture, articles and training on the subject.
Share your knowledge with the community! About 500 varieties have already been contributed by users who will help you in your gardening.

Tomate & Basilic- Permaculture (Android/iOS) image 1
Tomate & Basilic- Permaculture (Android/iOS) image 2
Tomate & Basilic- Permaculture (Android/iOS) image 3
Tomate & Basilic- Permaculture (Android/iOS) image 4

PeakVisor (Android/iOS)

PeakVisor will make you an ace navigator by putting state-of-the-art 3D maps and mountain identification in the palm of your hand.
The main features are:
* Mountain identification;
* 3D maps;
* A hiking route planner;
* Mountain identification on photos.
Internet connection is not a prerequisite for this application. All data is downloadable and ready to be used wherever you want, whenever you want!

PeakVisor (Android/iOS) image 1
PeakVisor (Android/iOS) image 2
PeakVisor (Android/iOS) image 3
PeakVisor (Android/iOS) image 4

Pinterest (Android/iOS)

In need of inspiration? Pinterest is the place for you.
The Pinterest app offers the following features:
* Discover new ideas ;
* Save what inspires you ;
* Shop according to your taste; * Find new designers; and
* Find new designers;
* Share your passions.

Pinterest (Android/iOS) image 1
Pinterest (Android/iOS) image 2
Pinterest (Android/iOS) image 3
Pinterest (Android/iOS) image 4

Reverso translate and learn (Android/iOS)

With Reverso Context, learn millions of words and expressions very easily. This application offers accurate translations that are enriched with numerous examples with their pronunciation, conjugation, definition.
The main features of this application include:
* Instant translation in 14 languages;
* Examples of use in context;
* Offline dictionaries;
* Verb conjugation, available in 10 languages;
* Synonyms to help you understand the meaning of words and expand your vocabulary.

Reverso translate and learn (Android/iOS) image 1
Reverso translate and learn (Android/iOS) image 2
Reverso translate and learn (Android/iOS) image 3
Reverso translate and learn (Android/iOS) image 4

Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker (Android/iOS)

A restful night and a good sleep thanks to the Sleep Cycle app that analyzes your sleep without the need to leave a device in your bed.
The main features of this application are:
* An intelligent alarm clock that studies the rhythms of your sleep and wakes you up in the shallowest phase;
* An analysis of your sleep with Sleep Cycle's patented sound analysis technology or accelerometer;
* Daily detailed sleep statistics and graphs;
* A reminder alarm with a shake or light touch of your phone.
It will be necessary to place your phone near your bed and as shown in the screenshots.

Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker (Android/iOS) image 1
Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker (Android/iOS) image 2
Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker (Android/iOS) image 3
Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker (Android/iOS) image 4

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner (Android/iOS)

With more than 30 million users, trust the Yuka app to scan food & cosmetic products and decipher their composition to assess their impact on health.
The main features are:
* Each product is evaluated according to its nutritional quality, the presence of additives and the biological dimension of the product;
* Products are classified as excellent, good, poor or bad via a color code;
* Yuka recommends alternative products that are better for your health;
Yuka is a 100% independent application and the ratings and recommendations are made in a totally objective way.

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner (Android/iOS) image 1
Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner (Android/iOS) image 2
Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner (Android/iOS) image 3
Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner (Android/iOS) image 4

Fidme: Loyalty Cards, Cashback (Android/iOS)

A very handy app that allows you to store your loyalty cards and coupons in one app.
The FIDME app allows you to:
* Lighten your wallet and find your cards, receipt, cash back offers and flyers in one app ;
* Use this application everywhere since it is valid for all your purchases;
* Don't miss out on any promotions or refunds!

Fidme: Loyalty Cards, Cashback (Android/iOS) image 1
Fidme: Loyalty Cards, Cashback (Android/iOS) image 2
Fidme: Loyalty Cards, Cashback (Android/iOS) image 3
Fidme: Loyalty Cards, Cashback (Android/iOS) image 4