10 Best Arcade Games for Android

Traditionally arcade games referred to coin-operated entertainment machines, typically installed in public places like malls, amusement parks, and cafes. Their popularity skyrocketed on the global stage and is considered precursors to the more complex and detailed games that we have become accustomed to. Just like a lot of things, it seems like Arcade games are back in fashion. Thanks to the growth of internet connectivity and smartphone usage around the world, a class of games have started becoming increasingly popular. Easy access through free downloads and entertaining UIs make these games worth enjoying. Several arcade style games are currently found on both Apple’s Appstore as well as Android’s Playstore.

Bounce Classic

Bounce Classic is an Android remake of the very famous Bounce game, one of the most popular games played in older generations of phones. This instalment by Genico Studio is a fan made remake of the original game.
The game is very simple and has a unidirectional approach. The player plays as a ball which has to go through 11 tough stages to reach the first endpoint. The player has to control the ball, avoiding all the thorns and other obstacles along the way to collect rings. Each set of 11 stages are considered as episodes, with a new series of episodes to enter after a user completes the set of stages.
Bounce Classic is available completely for free. The game is designed with a very modern feel, while still retaining some of the charm of the original game. With regular updates from the developer’s end, the game is for anyone who longs for nostalgic games they’ve played before.

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1945 is an arcade style war/strategy game available on Android. The game is an offshoot from the original classic, long range shooting games of the 90’s, such as 1941, 1942 etc.
The game has a pretty simple concept where the user control’s a World War 2 era fighter jet. For added authenticity, the game has recreated 16 of the most famous World War 2 combat aircrafts for users to choose from. Navigate through dangerous situations, combative atmospheres and reach the goal. The game rounds up with great visuals with a modernized graphical representation of retro machinery. The game is available for free in the Playstore and is supported in any kind of device such as tablets and smartphones. There is a multiplayer PVP online mode as well, with spate game modes like Bombarding, Bosses and Protect etc., each presenting a set of different objectives for you to follow.

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Pocket Arcade

Pocket Arcade is a collection of old, arcade style games, rolled into a modern avatar. The app focuses on providing the same fun and enjoyment available to arcade gamers, on a user’s phone. The game is available for free, presenting four delightful and riveting mini-games for testing your arcade skills. – Alien Whacker, Mayan Coin Pusher, UFO Catcher and Hoop Hero.
Alien Whacker is a modern spinoff of the very old, arcade style, whack-a-mole game. This game is themed after aliens and the user simply has to “whack” the aliens to earn points.
Mayan Coin Pusher is a strategic game where players have to drop coins, pushing them into a bin for gathering points.
UFO Catcher is another arcade style game which involves you controlling a claw to pick up different prizes. The last game, Hoop Hero, is a version of the classic game, “shoot that basketball”.

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Brick Breaker Arcade

Brick Breaker is an Android version of many similar games that were famous during the early 90s in arcades. It deals with a very familiar concept of using a ball to break all the bricks while catching the ball every time it comes on a rebound. The game looks easy but requires concentration and skill.
The game does well to capture the imagination of old arcade fans, with beautiful 80’s themed arcade background and fireball effects. The blocks are not all same in nature, with some special blocks requiring multiple hits to fall. This makes the game more challenging than its classic arcade counterpart where colour differentiations were not always available.
With hundreds of different arcade levels, this game is suited for all age levels and for almost everyone in the family.

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Island Adventures

Taking the cues from classic arcade games such as Super Mario, Island Adventures is an Android remake of similar games. The game involves a familiar concept of the player as a protagonist, working his way ultimately to save a captive princess. Players are faced with multiple stages of island based landscapes, filled with dangerous obstacles along the way. The game uses pixel art to deliver a classic arcade like feel, packaged inside a modern android game.
Controls are smooth and adjustable, with a total of 32 challenging levels available. Players have to defeat each of the epic bosses on each level to continue to the next one. The game is quite enjoyable and balanced, requiring normal skills but immense concentration to perform all the tasks. Developers are looking to add new features soon, with regular updates available which fix glitches and bugs that are discovered.

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Space shooting games have always formed a big part of classic arcade games, and Galaxiga is no different. It is an updated, android remake of the various classic space shooter games reminiscent of the 90s. With gorgeous pixelated graphics to give the game, an old school feel, it is enough for any modern gamer to get hooked.
In the game, each player can select one of three main space crafts which they can use to cross each level. Each level involves combating enemy aircraft till one reaches the end, where they have to face off against a formidable “boss like” opponent to continue.
Galaxiga takes it one step further, by incorporating a multiplayer mode to the game, allowing you to take on your friends while you fight on the same level. Along the way, players can collect various gems and coins to earn bonuses.

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Orbia: Tap and Relax

Orbia is a one of a kind, arcade style Android game where users play as an orb-like character. You have to choose an orb like main character, making your way through a vibrant and unusual world filled with surprises. You have to overcome all the obstacles present in your way, with a well-timed tap being the only way to move forward.
The graphics of the game are top-notch, with colourful and high-end elements making it an incredible visual affair. There are hundreds of levels available in each world, with changing sound tracks to accompany the various moods. Each of the worlds has a unique style and a unique protagonist. There are also provisions for adding custom skins and arming one’s character with their own set of abilities. The game also lets you connect with your friends, competing with them for points.

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Tetris on Android is a prime example of how to bring back one of the most popular arcade games of all times, in a new avatar. With an estimated hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide, Tetris is one of those games which can be addictive, simple to play, but difficult to master. It keeps seasoned veterans, as well as casual players, hooked on to it for hours.
This version of Tetris goes to real lengths to preserve the original format, looks, and aesthetics. Intuitive touch controls make the game more responsive than ever, allowing players to place and rotate the “tetriminos” with accuracy and ease. There are five themes and almost 50 avatars to choose from in the game. The developer provides players with regular updates to remove bugs and add newer features frequently. You can play Tetris from almost anywhere, online or offline, it doesn’t make a difference.

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Strike Force - Arcade shooter Shoot 'em up

Strike Force is another Arcade style space shooting game, with a more updated and modern look to it. The theme of the game revolves around defending our world from an upcoming alien invasion, with space crafts firing destructive missiles.
Players can choose any one of the six space crafts available initially, making their way through each stage by warding off alien space crafts.
The game is popular for its classic, top-down perspective format and superior game mechanics. There are several enjoyable cannon effects that players can add to their weapons. With HD graphics, beautiful map levels and additional modes, it makes the game a complete experience. An added PVP mode makes the game even more challenging by letting you play with friends online.

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Probably the most popular games of all times across gaming consoles, Pacman is undoubtedly made its mark ever since it was introduced decades ago. The game involves the concept of “pacmen”, making their way through the maze and eating all the Pac dots and fruits. They must escape the famous Ghost Gang which is out to eat them. Get a hold of a power pellet to turn the tables on them.
Pacman was a game that entertained past generations and is starting to enter the modern Android market. This version of Pacman for Android takes the retroactive game and places it into your smart phone. None of the original designs, graphics or characters have been modified or replaced. Relive the excitement of classic 8bit arcade action, with the perfect pixelated graphics and sounds to complete the experience. Pacman now has special competitive events, such as weekly tournament maze challenges where players can earn tokens.

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Arcade games are making a comeback and newer generations of gamers want to hop in on the fun too. There are several arcade style games available in the Android market currently. Most of them are either free or follow a subscription plan. So go ahead and enjoy, dive right into the fun and excitement of the above games and experience the gamer’s rush, all from the convenience of your smartphone.