10 best free mobile games for iOS/ Android

Are you bored during your bus or train rides? You have some free time and want to relax? Download mobile games to entertain yourself. These applications can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.

Stumble Guys (Android/iOS)

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer battle royale that can host up to 32 participants online. Dive into a whirlwind of challenges and obstacles, eliminate your rivals and overcome all the challenges to win. If you fall down, get up and start again.
The main features of Stumble Guys are:
* Run, sprint and slide past your opponents;
* Avoid obstacles;
* A multiplayer battle royale;
* Many customization options.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift (Android/iOS)

League of Legends, created by Riot Games, has been reinvented for mobile. Dive into Wild Rift, the 5-on-5 MOBA strategy game, team up with friends, choose your champion and show off your skills.
The League of Legends app includes the following features:
* Master the Rift and become a legend with numerous champions;
* Play with your team and climb the ladder together;
* Fight in balanced matches based on your skill level and party size;
In Wild Rift, all champions are free.

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Subway Surfers (Android/iOS)

Run as fast as you can and avoid the trains!
The main features of the game Subway Surfers are:
* Avoid the trains;
* Colorful HD graphics;
* Surfing on a hoverboard;
* Paint-powered thrusters
* High-flying acrobatics;
* Challenge and help your friends.

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Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice (Android/iOS)

This game, based on the legendary manga series, offers the most emblematic battles of the franchise that are recreated with beautiful 3D models.
You can find the following features in this game:
* Collect characters from "Saint Seiya";
* Choose your knights freely to create your own team;
* An interesting variety of gameplay;
* Adventure to the Sanctuary and challenge the twelve Golden Knights.
Japanese dubbing is available throughout the game.

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Clash Royale (Android/iOS)

Clash of Clans is a real-time multiplayer game featuring your favorite Clash characters and more. Compete against players from all over the world now!
Key features include:
* Perfect your decks as well as your strategies;
* Collect and upgrade over 100 cards;
* Rise to the top of the leaderboard;
* Participate in seasonal events;
* Join a clan and go to war.
The game is free to play, but some game elements can be purchased with real money.

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ROBLOX (Android/iOS)

Join millions of people in the virtual world of Roblox that allows you to create, share experiences with your friends and be anything you can imagine.
The main features of Roblox are:
* Millions of experiences available;
* Join your friends and millions of other people on any connected device;
* Be creative and show off your unique style;
* Chat with your friends around the world.
The Roblox app works best over Wi-Fi.

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Homescapes (Android/iOS)

A thrilling adventure in which you will have to solve puzzles in sets of 3 to renovate a beautiful mansion.
The main features of the Homescapes game are:
* Help Austin renovate the rooms by moving and matching elements;
* Create the house that looks like you;
* 3 levels of addictive series;
* Discover all the secrets the mansion holds;
* An adorable pet.
Invite your friends on Facebook to help you create the atmosphere of your dreams.

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Fill The Fridge! (Android/iOS)

Fill The Fridge! is a sorting and puzzle game with a fun kitchen team that will keep you entertained.
The main features of this game include:
* A brain-boosting fridge organization game;
* Discover and unlock delicious foods and other items; * A satisfying recharging feeling; * A great way to keep your food fresh;
* A satisfying recharge feeling;
* An amazing ASMR experience.

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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game (Android/iOS)

Werde mit Magic Tiles 3 zu einem echten Pianisten!
Die Hauptmerkmale dieses Spiels sind:
* Entdecken Sie verschiedene, attraktive und moderne Musikgenres und über 200 Songs, die Sie herausfordern werden;
* Ein Battle-Modus, in dem Sie auf eine Vielzahl von Spielern aus der ganzen Welt treffen können ;
* Eine Saga-Karte mit unwiderstehlichen Belohnungen.

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Among Us! (Android/iOS)

Play with 4 to 15 players as you try to get your spaceship ready for departure, but watch out because one of them is an imposter determined to kill everyone!
Among Us! main features include:
* Slip into the shoes of a crew member traveling on a space station;
* Complete all tasks before you are murdered or unmask all imposters;
* Report suspicions or corpses, find, and then debrief with other members;
Mobile players can play with PC players.

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