10 Best Invitation Card Maker Apps

The use of greetings and invitation cards has been an age old tradition, almost as old as civilization itself. Whether inviting family members, colleagues or even loved ones, people have always looked for newer, more exciting ways to express their feelings in the form of cards. They have started moving away from using traditional greeting cards, instead relying on innovative ways and newer technology to send their message to their loved ones on time. Both the Android Play Store and the iOS Appstore have several creative apps for different purposes. With the popularity of exchanging virtual invitation cards amongst each other on the rise, people are searching for newer ways to use their creativity and add a personalised touch to the cards they’re sending. Luckily, there is a host of apps available to do exactly that. A list containing some of the most comprehensive and reliable Card maker apps have been included below.


A versatile, graphic design app, Canva is possibly one of the best known in this list. It combines functions of a logo and poster maker, with a video editor. Apart from being just an invitation card maker, you can also use it to create the perfect banner for your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter posts. Instagram highlight covers can also be made with ease. You can even collaborate on Canva, with the ability to create teams and share and edit designs, together in small groups.
As a card designing software, Canva allows you to create anything from logos, book covers, blog designs or any other event related visual. It provides separate templates for making birthday cards, cards for wedding invitations and other occasions. You can also design motivational quotes. Memes, school posters and even video banners. Canva even provides users to produce commercial logos, brochures, resumes, presentations and promo posters, for business purposes.

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Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post allows you to pick your favourite photos, add text, and apply design filters to create a meaningful, eye catching output. With a host of professionally designed templates, colour palettes, new layouts, typography styles and filters, Adobe Spark Post allows you to upload your creations direct to your preferred social media platform.
The App allows instant syncing and sharing. Data is backed up to a cloud, allowing you to continue from where you left off, when using tablets, phones or a computer. The developers provide an updating feed of fresh, impactful and professionally designed templates along with a host of handpicked shapes and fonts. You can even add stock photos from a pool of a million, high quality, royalty free images they provide. You can make use of the several design filters, text cut-outs, magic layouts and other tools provided to make your greetings card come to life. Since it’s from a reputed developer, it has scored high marks among the Appstore community worldwide.

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Flyers, Poster Maker, Graphic Design, Banner Maker

This is another efficiently designed app, allowing users to create engaging, high quality posters with separate poster maker, flyer maker and graphic design functions. Using this app, you can access more than 5000 graphic design templates, allowing you to select the perfect poster from several templates. Each template can be customised by adding backgrounds, stickers, fonts, cropped images, text art and layers. You can save it directly to your SD card and share it on the largest social media sites.
Use this app to produce personalised and customizable party flyers, vintage posters, newspaper flyers, Infographics posters, storyboard posters, club flyers, offer and sales flyers, and special event posters just to name a few. You can also use the templates to create your very own, personalised greetings cards or invitation cards. The App also helps users create 3d posters and flyers for social media advertising and marketing.

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Digital Invitation Card Maker

The Digital invitation Card maker app allows users to create invitation cards using endless templates. The templates are customizable, allowing users to create unique visuals to create personalised cards. Users are provided with several tools, along with instructions on how to use them correctly. Regular updates from the development team make this app quite a useful one.
The App allows you to create invitation cards for different festivals, events, and occasions. You can write name, your partner’s name, invitation date, and location, after selecting a theme. Use it to create you very own digital invitation, ecard, birthday invitations etc., with amazing colours, font styles and cards.

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Over: Edit & Add Text to Photos

This App lets your imagination run wild with a massive library of royalty free photos at your disposal. Users are also provided with countless fonts, graphics, tools, and templates, allowing you to blur, mask and filter, like professionals.
The App provides close to 84000 graphic elements, 350 fonts, 500 customizable templates and an unlimited access to stock photos from around the world. Users can choose their own templates, fonts and filters for creating social media posters, ads and flyers. They can also use the tools to create cards for different events and occasions. Over Pro is a paid service and offers a 7 day trial before users commit to their annual subscription charge. The app also provides a group of designers, branding experts and social media masters, who are ready to assist users with tips, insights and trend ideas.

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Invitation Maker, Greeting Card Maker

This App is a custom invitation card creation app for several occasions such as party, wedding ceremonies, parties, etc., using several templates. The app has tools which users can use to create cards for festival wishes, Father’s Day, friendship day, graduation ceremonies, and for several other occasions. Its UI is user-friendly with instructions and tips available for all sections.
Some of the standout features of this app include high customization, sticker collections, and other graphic elements. Autosave your work with ease and share it directly to social media platforms. The App is completely free and does not require any additional in- app purchases.

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Brand Maker

Logo Maker, Graphic Design App: The Brand Maker App is a comprehensive application combining functions of a poster maker and a logo maker. The App is quite useful for social media marketing, or when a logo needs redesigning. Use this app to create endless infographics, brochures, invitation cards, business cards, advertisements, banners etc. You can also create customised thumbnails, blog banners, Facebook posts, Instagram posts etc., for all social media engagements.
The Letterhead maker function allows users to generate their own letterhead designs. The app requires certain fields to be inputted by the user and generates a professional looking business letterhead in a matter of minutes. This is perfect for generating simple, creative and modern designs for the modern business landscape. The Letterhead maker can also be used to create invitation cards for any occasion as you require.
The separate Banner maker function simplifies your designing and helps you tap into your creative side. Users can easily create customized banner designs, combining a wide range of banner temples and designs. This is perfect for creating Facebook ads, Instagram ads and YouTube banners.

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Video Invitation Maker: Video Cards & invites

The Video Invitation Maker app focuses more on letting users create video-based e cards on their own. The app provides occasion wise templates in several categories. Use these templates to create your own, personalised invitation card from scratch.
The app comes with a premium designer feature. It is a quick and easy way to use the app to create amazing video and card invitations in a matter of seconds. All it requires is a few inputs from the user’s end, like information about the event, and a video card is generated. Alternatively, users can use pre-built templates to create cards as well.
Some of the standout features of this app include a vast HD background and texture collection, the option to choose gradients or colours as backgrounds, texts with multiple professional fonts, and an easy save and share function. This app is ideal for producing video invitation cards for occasions ranging from baby showers, to Engagement ceremonies.

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Creative Card - Make Greeting e-card

Creative Card is a light Android based application letting users create beautiful e-cards from thousands of templates. You can add cute holiday stickers, decorative elements and fonts along with filters and added effects to create the card of your desires. Standout features of this app include the categorised templates which make designing a very easy affair for almost any occasion.

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Card Maker

Business & Wedding: This app offers users the option of creating both visiting cards as well as wedding cards in a few minutes. It thus saves you the hassle of going to the market and hiring a professional card designer for any occasion. The app has multiple design collections, suitable for weddings and other related occasions. With multiple design collections, this app makes designing easier by providing easy drag and drop options and appealing, ready-made wedding quotes to choose from.
Some of the main features of this app are its profile management, offline and online cards, downloaded cards, and drafting options. The App is available for free download at Play Store.

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The App world is filled with a multitude of free and paid applications for card making. It is increasingly apparent that users prefer convenience and speed over the aesthetics of physical cards which require time to be delivered properly. In this highly digitised world, as people look to share virtual cards rather than traditional ones, the growth of such apps will only flourish in the days ahead. The above list contains ten of the most useful video making apps available either for Android or for iOS. Users can use this list to make future decisions when they look for a free app of this nature.