10 Best Moviemaking Apps for Android/iOS

Making movies is quite a fun task especially for people who have a passion for such creativity. Today you may notice that a lot of people have been turning to smartphone apps to experiment with and flaunt their moviemaking talent. This is because not everyone can afford to invest in professional moviemaking equipment. In the world where everything revolves around smartphones, moviemaking and editing apps have made their debut quite some time ago. Moviemaking apps have evolved and populated largely since then, and now there are too many options to choose from. These apps are ideal for people who wish to explore their creativity and talent and who knows they may even discover their career paths in the moviemaking field. Too many options can pose as a problem and confuse you. Therefore, here are the top 10 best moviemaking apps that you can rely on for quality and easy production:


FilmoraGo is a very popular moviemaking app compatible with both Android and iOS. The app’s interface is very easy to get a hang of. You can utilise this app to crop, rotate and enhance the colours in your movie with the colour correction option. The features are designed in a manner that allows you to create stunning movies or videos in simple steps.
Some of the fun features you get by downloading FilmoraGo include several visual effects to beautify your movie, themes and preset templates, millions of soundtracks to choose from. To make your movie’s clippings less harsh you can use their transition options with just a few taps. You can also use the Crop&Rotate tools to produce vertical or square movies. Go ahead and create creative and fun movies using the app and share it through various social media apps.

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InShot is a great app for making and editing movies for several platforms including TikTok, Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. One of the best features of this app is that it allows free HD movie editing and making and even transform average video clips into something stunning.
Some of the features that make InShot widely popular include active video trimming and cutting, video splitter, filters to play with and a converter that allows you to convert your video into an mp4 format. You can do the basics of moviemaking like adding transitions, effects, adding sound effects or tracks etc very conveniently in just a few taps.
You can add texts, emoji, voice-overs and much more using InShot video editor. There are quite a few features such as filter packages, stickers and removal of watermarks and ads that can be accessed by purchasing the InShot Pro Unlimited Subscription.

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When you talk about an extremely user-friendly interface of a moviemaking app VivaVideo comes to mind for many, especially for the young generation. Using VivaVideo you gain access to special effects that you can add to your regular video to make it look more interesting with easy transition options and background blurring tool.
Using VivaVideo you can easily export video clips from TV shows and movies while combing several clippings to make a longer movie. A fun feature is that the app has the ability to support 4K video files. In the generation where everyone aspires to be a YouTube singer, its professional music video making skills make it a hit. Since it is available on both Android and iOS people enjoy its active user base and take inspiration from one another. VivaVideo is gaining popularity amongst many vloggers, YouTubers and others for its ability to easily convert video clips into shareable content.

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KineMaster is a free moviemaking app compatible with both Android and iOS. Its endless features have grabbed the attention of millions of users. Using KineMaster’s tools you can use multiple video layers, images, stickers, transitions, blending modes, handwritings, chroma key, subtitles and texts. The app provides the basic editing tools to trim, crop and splice your movies and offers speed control for slow motions and time-lapse effects without any audio pitch distortions.
The apps unique features include animations, templates and adjustable effects that can be applied to both video and audio files. You can use KineMaster to record real-time audio visuals and share all your creativity on different social media platforms. A feature to play with, is the reversing video feature which offers a unique look. To enjoy the premium quality experience in moviemaking for free KineMaster is your solution. They also have a pro edition that can be purchased to access more professional editing tools.

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This app is ideal for people who have recorded videos using GoPro cameras. GoPro footages can be used to create beautiful movies by just choosing the theme of your desire and tweak its settings to perfect it. If you’re looking for an app, that can quickly create a movie that looks professionally made, then Quik is your solution. Just select the pictures and video clips you want it’ll do its magic.
Quik is a much-favoured app by other regular as well because when you upload your pictures or video clips it automatically offers a beautifully made movie without you having too much. It picks the best memories and creates a stunning movie with professional-looking transitions and effects along with a suitable soundtrack. To make it perfect you can edit the auto-created movie by adding texts and a few alterations here and there.

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Another alternative app for quick movie production through automation is Magisto. This app is AI-powered which does miracles by automatically cropping movies, applying filters and visual effects. One of the most attractive features is that it can automatically stabilise footage which makes your movie look professional shot. Magisto applies facial recognition as well. The endless soundtracks available on its library are all licenced and you can always add your own audio tracks.
Magisto is ideal for people that are always on the go or do not get the hang of how to edit and make movies using various apps or for those who need an instant movie production. The app is free for all users on both Android and iOS, but its features are much exciting if you opt for the professional or premium subscription. The subscription gains you access to many premium editing styles and allows you to create longer movies.

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VideoShow is a good moviemaking and editing app for rookies that allows easy and versatile editing tools and features. You can have fun with its numerous frames, stickers, filters, backgrounds to make your own movie easily and quickly. The app offers over 50 video themes, a wealthy library of licensed soundtracks and multiple transitions, visual and text overlay effects.
VideoShow is much suited for Instagram and FILMIGO videos. This because of its ability to compress the created videos, allow easy sharing and its offering of square or no crop themes that are specifically designed for Instagram and FILMIGO users. Users can make their movies fun by adding voiceovers and dubbings.
This app has a unique feature where it supports over 30 languages making it far more inclusive than most apps you come across. You can share your VideoShow movies on Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and more and can convert your movie into mp3 format.

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Vizmato allows users to make quality and fun movies in just minutes. With Vizmato you have the option to transform your video in 20 different ways using 20 different fun filters along with over 40 video FX including some that are used in the Hollywood movies.
With this app you can convert your photos in a movie by just choosing your photos, adding a theme and soundtrack or audio file of your choice. You can use Vizmato as an HD video and GIF recorder and record in real-time with applied filters and visual effects. You can explore other Vizmato user’s creativity on its network for inspiration and share your created movie on Vizmato and other social media platforms.
Vizmato lets you play with the audio that you can add to your movie. Its audio FX feature lets you modulate your voice to sound like an animal, a baby, a ghost and much more to make your movies more fun and interesting.

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Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is very well-known for its quality apps when it comes to photoshop, editing, video making and much more. Their movie editor is Adobe Premiere Rush which offers users to create and share professional-looking movies and videos with visual effects, filters, and speed controls quickly. If you already use the other adobe apps such as Lightroom, Capture CC, Premiere Pro, etc. your Adobe Premiere Rush app will seamlessly integrate with them and across all your devices through its CreativeSync cloud software.
The app has a professional in-app camera that allows you to capture quality video clips that can be edited immediately. One exciting feature is the multitrack timeline which enables you to edit movies using 3 audio tracks and 4 videos to experiment with your creativity.
When it comes to the audio aspect of your movies created on Adobe Premiere Rush, you can use the advanced tools powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence auto-ducking, noise reduction and sound balancing.

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iMovie is quite a famous name in the moviemaking apps world. This app is free for iPhone, iPad and all Apple devices. The app is very easy to get a hang off and is packed with original features. It is an ideal app as it consists of everything a movie editor and maker needs.
iMovie allows you to create Hollywood style trailers with its 29 high-quality trailer templates with exceptional graphics along with the ability to customise movie studio logos, credits and cast names. The app supports 4K and HD movies, so you can edit at high resolutions and make HD movies at 60 frames per second for more life-like action shots.
iMovie offers quite a few extra features that make it stand apart from its competitors that are very attractive such as split-screen effects, picture-in-picture effects and not to forget even green screen effects. With this app, you can fine-tune your movies in just one tap.

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Making movies at the convenience of your smartphones has only turned out to be a boon for all the aspiring movie makers. Go ahead and download the app that suits you best and start making your own movies right away.