10 Best Pedometer Apps for Android/iOS

In our busy schedule today, it’s quite challenging to remain healthy and fit. Gyms are now a part of our lives, but we do not even have the time to exercise on a regular basis. However, you can still be in shape and healthy (without exercises) if you focus on regular walking. Get out of your comfort zone and start walking if you want to be healthy and fit. Of course, it is easier said than done and we all need that push to keep us going. Luckily, you now have access to many pedometer apps that can motivate and guide you to take the first step towards a healthier and fitter you. Available in your smartphone now, these apps can measure your steps every day, count the calories burnt, and offer recommendations on how to do better. When you keep track of your achievements, it encourages you more and pushes you towards your goal. Here is a list of the most useful pedometer apps which you can download!

Map My Walk

Join the community of more than 60 million athletes and stay inspired as you start your fitness journey. Developed by MapMyFitness, Inc. Map My Walk is designed with exciting features, much-needed to motivate the runners. It offers customisable training plans and personalised coaching tips to make running easier for you.
• Connecting with wearables and apps: You can track runs from this Android device with real-time visuals, haptic and audio updates on progress. The app also syncs with most wearables and the latest apps, including Fitbit, Google Fit, Garmin, Jawbone, Android wear etc.
• Tracking and mapping workouts: You will get live coaching on GPS-tracked runs with customisable voice. Users can also track more than 600 activities including walking, yoga, workouts, etc. connecting to more than 400 devices to import and analyse data.
• The community: Check the activity feed of friends and share your workouts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Join challenges and compete with others to win prizes.

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StepsApp Pedometer & Step Counter

StepsApp Pedometer & Step Counter is developed by StepsApp and it is now used by more than 2 million users. This app turns your Android or iPhone into a brilliant step counter. Just keep your phone in your pocket and you are ready to go.
• Basic features: StepsApp helps in automatic step counting, counts & tracks active calories, provides stunning animations and charts, offers Google Git integration, social media sharing and notifications, etc. The app does not require any extra hardware.
• Activity at a glance: You can overview your daily steps quickly to count the number of daily steps, distance, time and active calories. When you reach your daily activity goal, you will get a notification. The app also offers a weekly report.
• Convenient for everyone: This app supports over twenty languages which helps more people to be on the app. You can also enjoy StepsApp with VoiceOver.

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Accupedo Pedometer - Step Counter

Developed by Corusen LLC, Accupedo is a simple and easy app to track your daily walking. You just need to set your daily goal and Accupedo will motivate you to achieve it.
• Intelligent algorithm: The app has an intelligent algorithm that starts to track your steps when you start walking, and it automatically stops and restarts.
• Activity: You can track different activities like walking, running and biking with a GPS on a map and the data is backed-up on the cloud server.
• Easy charts: The charts are easy to read, and they are updated daily, weekly and yearly. Your daily log history includes steps, travelled distance, burnt calories and time of walking. You can set customisable widget display modes for different records.
• Syncing and being social: The app supports Google Fit health-tracking platform and syncs with MyFitnessPal. You can share your progress through email, messengers and social media.

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Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Pacer is a health coach and a walking companion installed in one app. You can get support and motivation from the people in the Pacer community and track all activities on the intuitive interface.
• Simple functionality: With its ‘download and go’ functionality, Pacer concentrates on increasing useful attributes. Using it is easy due to its core step-counting functions and simple interface.
• Inclusive interface: Tracking and workout are easy on Pacer. Users do not need any experience to get started. The app also has advanced and challenging features to make you more active.
• Fun activities: You can share your activities with the community and see your progress, which motivates you to be active long-term. Pacer offers fun challenges, outdoor routes, amazing data insights, guided video workouts and personalised fitness plans.

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Fitbit, developed by Fitbit, Inc. is a leading app to track all-day activities, workouts, sleep and more. Apart from your phone, you can connect this app to any of Fitbit’s activity trackers as well.
• Track activity: You can accurately record your steps and distance travelled with this app. Pair the app with a Fitbit tracker for all-day tracking of stats like active minutes, burnt calories and sleep.
• Log food and water intake: The app provides a barcode scanner, calorie estimator and expanded food database of over 350,000 foods to log calories easily and get nutritional insights. You can also log your water intake to ensure proper hydration during workouts all day.
• Heart rate monitor: You can analyse heart rate graphs in this app by using a Fitbit tracker with PurePulseTM. The app identifies trends, manages stress and let you see the results of your workouts.

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Argus Calorie Counter and Step Tracker

Developed by Azumio Inc., Argus helps you become fitter, healthier and to get the best version of yourself. Download the app to find friends in the fitness community, log all activities and get training plans created by personal trainers.
• 24/7 step pedometer: You can track all your steps with the efficiently engineered ultra-low battery usage technology of Argus. So, you do not need to stop tracking halfway during an activity.
• Multi-activity GPS tracker: Not only walking but you can also track many activities with this app, such as running, climbing, cycling and more.
• In-depth analysis: Apart from tracking what you are doing right and what improvements could be made, the app offers you an in-depth health chart and analysis so you can understand and follow it better.
• Challenges: You can challenge your family and friends and workout together to motivate each other.

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Runtastic Steps

Developed by runtastic, the Runtastic Steps app assists you in getting active, burning calories and losing weight. By counting your daily steps, this app offers insights into your activity level.
• Free features: You can track your daily activities without using any extra hardware. The Runtastic Steps tracker can be integrated with Google Fit. The app offers detailed weekly, monthly and yearly activity overviews so you can monitor your progress. You can also set daily step goals for challenging yourself.
• Premium features: The app offers three unique plans customised to your activity and fitness level. With the “30-day activity boost”, you can quickly get your step count for the month. You can be more active with “Step it up”, which is a mix of steps and active minute goals. “Walking for weight loss” is another premium feature that can help you increase your daily activity level so you can reach your weight loss goal by burning calories.

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Google Fit

Developed by Google LLC, the Google Fit app not only tracks your activity, but also lets you know what kind of activity you need for a healthy life. Recognised by the World Health Organisation, this app can help in improving your health.
• Move minutes: You need to move more and sit less for your health and every minute counts. So, this app motivates you for small and healthier changes all day, like taking the stairs instead of the elevators and walking with a friend instead of having a coffee.
• Heart points: Activities that can make your heart pump harder are very beneficial for your health and mind. Google Fit allows you to earn one heart point for each minute of moderate activity, and double points for intense activities. Thus, it motivates you more in being active and improves your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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MyFitnessPal calorie counter is developed by MyFitnessPal, Inc. Whether you want to change your habits, lose weight, or start a new diet, you can sign up on this app for free and start living a healthier and happier life.
• Reach your goals: You can choose your goal which can be weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance. The app creates personalised goals like calorie and macros goals for you. It is like having a nutrition coach in your pocket.
• Log your exercise and steps: Syncing workouts on this app is easy and they are synced automatically because MyFitnessPal connects to more than fifty apps and devices. You can create your own workouts or choose from more than 350 exercises on this app. This app allows you to log cardio exercises, strength exercises and track steps.
• Get support and motivation: Add friends from the community of MyFitnessPal and get motivated by their progress. Share your accomplishments through newsfeed updates.

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ActivityTracker Pedometer

Developed by Bits&Coffee, ActivityTracker is a functional pedometer and fitness app that you can use without using a fitness gadget and without draining your battery.
• Overview activity: ActivityTracker not only overviews your activity daily, weekly or monthly but it also keeps you under an hour-by-hour observation with detail.
• Sync and import: This app can sync to Google Fit, so, you can have a complete overview of your activity from the day you start your workout sessions. This is usually by importing your historical data from Google Fit.
• Weekly target: All days are not the same, and we may fall behind in reaching our goals on certain days. ActivityTracker helps to follow a weekly target, so that you can make up for the days when you are not that active.
• Pro version feature: The pro version of this app allows you to save or move data to other devices with its import/export feature.

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So, what are you waiting for? Visit Play Store or App Store now and download your favourite app.