10 Best Emoji Apps for Android/iOS

Texting is no more boring with the use of thousands of the emojis. Thanks to the emojis and stickers that are available on different apps like WhatsApp or Messenger.
Emojis are small cute icons that make chatting enjoyable. Not only fun, emojis also help to express your feelings in an easy and exciting way. If you want a huge selection of emoticons, you can download any of the apps which are available. A number of emoji apps are available which offer variety and fun.
It is a good idea to download a keyboard app that come with the emoji support. It will make your conversation faster and provide uncountable emoji options. You can download these apps from the Google Play Store and Appstore.
Here are 10 of the most effective emoji apps and emoji supported keyboard apps for both Android and iOS that you can download easily.

10 Best Voice Changer Apps

Quality voice changer apps are, to be honest to the core, very few in numbers. There is a very obvious reason for less voice changer apps and that is a fewer interested audience. Not many are out there looking for apps that make them sound like a robot, a cat or as if the inhaled helium gas. This does not necessarily mean bad or negative. Fewer quality apps make it easier for you to choose since the list is already narrowed down.
There are some developers who have done a great job at creating apps that allow you to change your voice in multiple ways. So for those people who are interested in changing their voice and playing around with voice changer apps, you have been considered.
Here is a carefully created list of the 10 best voice changer apps for both iOS and Android users that you can use to change your voice:

10 Best Infrared Thermal Camera Apps for Android/iOS

In the modern world, thermal imaging is a technology that is increasingly being used for detecting an assortment of conditions; from detecting leaks in any equipment to diagnosing injuries and illnesses. Almost all objects and people emit infrared radiation, which thermal imaging can detect. Till now, thermal imaging technology has been used in thermal imaging cameras in mainly technical fields. Thermal Cameras are used in widespread applications ranging from law enforcement, outdoors, commercial trades and even fire fighting.
Thermal Cameras are being used for detecting any air-leak, electrical short or missing insulation when dealing in commercial trades as well as being used for outdoor shooting and hunting where heat signatures of animals and people are detectable. Additionally, it is also used as part of law enforcement to detect assailants in outdoor spaces. Infrared Thermal cameras are also used by fire-fighters to compare the heat maps and find hotspots when fighting fire.
This, however, has started to change, with the introduction of specific Thermal camera Apps. With the technology now available in the palm of a user, several thermal camera apps are available in Play Store and Appstore - available for free. These Apps are some of the best, most accessed applications on both Android and iOS Operating systems.
Below we have listed ten of the best Infrared Thermal Camera Apps available at Play Store and Apple’s Appstore.

10 Best Simulation Games Apps

Simulation is one of the most popular genres among gamers worldwide. This is a favorite of people who prefer iOS or Android for playing games over a PC. Not only these games are fun to play and easy to engage with, but their controls also work very smoothly on mobiles with touch screens.
These games are not complicated; they follow a simple storyline, which is easy to understand. In the simulation games, things continue to happen on their own and the players only need to push things to certain directions according to their decisions. The basic idea of these games is to imitate a certain activity as accurately as possible. There are hundreds of simulation games on the Apple Store and Google Play Store from where you can download and play the games. They can be either life simulation or business simulation.
Here are the best simulation games: