10 Best History Apps

Today, history is no longer considered to be a lifeless subject. Thanks to the many History apps available now, the subject is now a lot interesting. It is important that we are aware of our history and have complete knowledge of our past events.
Top history apps are designed to allow you reveal interesting facts of the ancient world. You can find and learn fascinating facts of the early times across the globe. For instance, ancient civilization is quite important if you wish to understand the importance of humans in our history. Great history apps make learning easier about the world, countries, cities, towns and communities and how these came into existence.
Kids can learn important historic events, wars and battles and the incredible kingdoms made interesting with animations, maps, charts, interactive clues and audio files in the apps. You can download such apps from Google Play Store or Appstore.

10 Best GIF Creator Apps

GIFs have become the most popular way for people to express themselves in a fun and entertaining way. GIFs are made of a sequence of static images to create a unique effect. GIFs help to add a fun element in the social media posts and conversation through text. Many people prefer to create own GIFs to use on social media or other digital platforms. If you are thinking about creating GIFs of your own, there are two options for you. The first one is the camera app that turns short video footage into a GIF. The other is a GIF creator app.
GIF creator apps let the users upload or collect videos or images to create a GIF from scratch. Most of the apps are designed to help you add special effects like images, emojis, texts and filters. You can download any of the top apps from the Google Play Store or Appstore to have the fun of creating GIFs.

10 Best Invitation Card Maker Apps

The use of greetings and invitation cards has been an age old tradition, almost as old as civilization itself. Whether inviting family members, colleagues or even loved ones, people have always looked for newer, more exciting ways to express their feelings in the form of cards. They have started moving away from using traditional greeting cards, instead relying on innovative ways and newer technology to send their message to their loved ones on time.
Both the Android Play Store and the iOS Appstore have several creative apps for different purposes. With the popularity of exchanging virtual invitation cards amongst each other on the rise, people are searching for newer ways to use their creativity and add a personalised touch to the cards they’re sending. Luckily, there is a host of apps available to do exactly that.
A list containing some of the most comprehensive and reliable Card maker apps have been included below.

10 Best Cosmetics and Beauty Apps for iOS/ Android

Cosmetics and beauty apps – something which all women are fond of!
Throughout history, women and girls have experimented with cosmetics, makeup and beauty. Today, thousands of videos are available online, helping women to select cosmetics and try makeup. Although these videos are quite helpful, women are often confused, if they will look good in their makeup. Cosmetics and Beauty Apps are the answer to such a confusion, helping women to decide how they would like to look.
With the easy download and convenience of mobile apps, cosmetics and beauty apps are in demand. These apps are available for both Android and iOS. Most of these apps are designed to give you a real-time idea of how a makeup style will work on your face. Such an app allows you to try different types of makeup as well as hairstyles, as you can check your face online through the app camera.
You can experiment different looks and styles and download your favourite look. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.