10 Best Card Game Apps

A huge population of the world enjoys card games and sometimes it has proven to be very addictive. Card games are no more just played in living rooms with your family and friends. They have gone digital, played online and are so many in number. That does not mean you need to stop playing with your family and friends because many of these apps allow the option of multiplayer. Here you can also make new friends inside the game.
Whether you are into role-playing games, deck-building or wish to play a few rounds of rummy while you wait for your food to cook, there are card game apps for all interests and likes. With so many options available to you picking the best out of the lot can become a task. Card games have a lot of uniqueness and quality gameplays that all game lovers, in general, can appreciate.
Here is a carefully created list of best card game apps for you to try out:

10 Best Action Games for Android/iOS

Action games are extremely fun to play, and they are highly addictive since they get your blood pumping due to the thrill and excitement they offer. These games are great at testing your patience, reflexes, and brains. Many researchers even sing praises when it comes to action games as they prove beneficial for several personal skills and improved dexterity.
There was a time when mobile gaming was considered just as an alternative when one did not have access to their Desktops or consoles. But things have changed a lot over the years. You can enjoy high-quality graphics action games on your mobile devices with smooth gameplay and exceptional visuals and not forget the ever-evolving quality storylines.
If you are looking for the top 10 action games that will get you pumped with adrenaline and keep you wanting more, here is a well put together list:

10 Best Arcade Games for Android

Traditionally arcade games referred to coin-operated entertainment machines, typically installed in public places like malls, amusement parks, and cafes. Their popularity skyrocketed on the global stage and is considered precursors to the more complex and detailed games that we have become accustomed to.
Just like a lot of things, it seems like Arcade games are back in fashion. Thanks to the growth of internet connectivity and smartphone usage around the world, a class of games have started becoming increasingly popular. Easy access through free downloads and entertaining UIs make these games worth enjoying. Several arcade style games are currently found on both Apple’s Appstore as well as Android’s Playstore.