10 Best Card Game Apps

A huge population of the world enjoys card games and sometimes it has proven to be very addictive. Card games are no more just played in living rooms with your family and friends. They have gone digital, played online and are so many in number. That does not mean you need to stop playing with your family and friends because many of these apps allow the option of multiplayer. Here you can also make new friends inside the game. Whether you are into role-playing games, deck-building or wish to play a few rounds of rummy while you wait for your food to cook, there are card game apps for all interests and likes. With so many options available to you picking the best out of the lot can become a task. Card games have a lot of uniqueness and quality gameplays that all game lovers, in general, can appreciate. Here is a carefully created list of best card game apps for you to try out:


When you talk about card games there is no forgetting UNO. UNO is one of the classic card games that has been played by family and friends of all ages in all gatherings. This one of a kind card game is now available for you to lay on your smart devices for free.
This game lets you play it on your mobile devices where you can play with your friends or even strangers from around the world that you can become friends with inside the game itself. This is perfect when you wish to team up and play the 2v2 mode.
The game is simple. In order to win you must be the first person left with zero cards. UNO! Allows you to play the classic mode or any one of the many popular house rules. Go on complete in tournaments to win rewards to reach the top position on the leaderboard.

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Meteorfall: Journeys

This game is a solitaire deckbuilding card game where the aim is to defeat the devious Uberlich and stopping him from causing destruction of the world with big rocks from space. One of the best attractive features is that the game is deprived of ads and timers.
As a player you get to choose one out of four adventurers that are unique and start of your journey with a set of basic attack cards that are unique for each adventurer. Your aim is to successfully cruise through the journey while slaying a few monsters that pose as an obstacle on your way.
Meteorfall: Journeys has a very fun cartoonish and squiddy art type of visuals that is appealing yet misguiding. Do not fall prey for the visuals for this game is not as easy as you may think. Go ahead and download it to test your strategic skills while enjoying a playful and breezy interface.

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Reigns: Game of Thrones

All the Game of Thrones fans can scream with joy because they too have a great card game available to them. The game incorporates the swiping style of cards for the game like you see in the app Tinder. By swiping cards, you are to deal with tough choices and experience amusement from the medieval era.
The fans of Game of Thrones will be psyched to play this card game since they can play rather rule the seven kingdoms as one of the iconic characters from the show such as Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and more which get unlocked with time.
The entire game is played with in the form of visions seen by Melisandre and by swiping left and right you decide the fate of the seven kingdoms. If card games are your thing and so is ruling kingdoms this is the right app for you.

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Hearthstone is an award-winning collectible card game where players are required to collect powerful cards in order to create powerful decks and use them to defeat opponents. Cast spells, summon minions, become a powerful Death Knight, chase the evils that creep around in the shadows, discover dinosaurs, find hidden powerful weapons and more in Hearthstone.
As a player you get to battle iconic heroes from The Lich King, The Warcraft, Thrall and Illidan in competitive real-time combat sessions. You can also clash with your friends to indulge in a world of magic and mayhem. One of the finest features of Hearthstone is that the game supports numerous languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Simplified Chinese.
Hearthstone is not only fun to play but has great sound effects and animations. If You are someone that is natural in the field of clever strategizing and enjoy player vs player styles combats this game is ideal for you.

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Frost is a solo survival card game available for both android and iOS users. In the game players need to survive the cold storms or the frost by gathering supplies, looking for refuge, collecting weapons, evading and fighting dangers and more.
The players take up the role of a leader of a group of people who need help to find safety and comfort from the harsh and sterile environment. The supplies, weapons, refuge, dangers, locations etc are represented by cards which are to be used with much thought. Frost has many modes to choose from including endless mode and modes based on difficulty.
Discover dozens of cards that you can use to build a powerful deck and strategically play the cards to survive the unbearable frost. The game demands good memory skills, strategizing and the anticipation offers much thrill. If you are into survival games and card games Frost just might be the dream game for you.

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Miracle Merchant

The player in the Miracle Merchant becomes the trainee to an alchemist whose job is to make potions for thirsty travellers and adventurers. Your job as a player is to combine different card that are the ingredients to create positions that are powerful and exactly what the adventurers want.
The gameplay Of Miracle Merchant is very much like solitaire, but each game is unique due to the randomly generated cards that put your skills to test. Complete the daily task to win rewards. To keep things fun, you can compete against others by means of the leaderboard.
It might seem easy but there is much strategic thinking required to combine the right cards and creating potions that not only appeal to the customers but also maximise the profits you earn from them. If you love tactical decision making Miracle Merchant is your answer. Most people enjoy its beautiful art style graphics.

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Exploding Kittens

This game is a fun and much of a guilty pleasure for someone who enjoys simple humour and silly and childish fun. It is a multiplayer card game that you can play with strangers or even your friends, so you never get bored. The game allows 2 to 5 players in one game.
Exploding kitten gets much love for its funny cartoonish graphics and easy gameplay. The game is simple where you and the other players draw cards until someone draws an exploding kitten. That is when you are eliminated from the game since you get exploded. In order save yourself you must have the Defuse card. This card helps to defuse the exploding kitten through belly rubs, catnip sandwiches and laser pointers.
If you love kittens, enjoy explosions and laser beams this game is meant for you. Enjoy this simple yet cheeky card game to have a fun and relaxing time while strategizing and saving yourself from an exploding kitten.

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Card City Knights

Card City Knights is a great amalgamation of collectible cards and casual strategy gaming. So, if you are new into the card world and isn’t sure about how an entire cards game would turn out to be, this would be your game since it is not a traditional type of card trading game.
You get to play with around 180 unique cards with the wacky characters of the universe of Ludosity while enjoying over 8 hours of gameplay in a single-player adventure. The game allows you to explore many weird locations as well. The game incorporates the style of combing cards to form combos for the card battle and has great cartoon animations for you to enjoy.
One of the most attractive features is that there are no in-app purchases that you must make in order to unlock booster packs. Booster packs can be collected by just playing Card City Knights adventure from the beginning till the end.

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Age of Rivals

This game is the digital version of the boardgame that is played using hundreds of cards. These cards range from merchants and spies to elephants and great pyramids. The aim of the game is to make your city ideal by balancing its defence, economy, military and culture in order to beat your opponent.
The game can be easily played both online and offline and the best feature is that the game does not require you to make any in-app purchases since there are none. Just keep playing the game and all its contents will get unlocked with time.
Age of Rivals is ideal for 1 to 2 players where the games last for about 10 minutes. In these 10 minutes, the game demands much of your tactical decision-making skills instead of just deckbuilding because it offers marginal control over your deck. This ensures the presence of much variety during each game.

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Card Thief

Card Thief is a solitaire style card game belonging to the stealth genre that incorporates secrecy and slyness. In this card game, the player moves through a deck of cards as a sneaky thief who sneaks through shadows, pickpocket guards, steals valuable treasures and extinguishes torches without getting caught red-handed.
As a player you get to play out four heists that have different obstacles and enemies to face that require tactical planning and plotting skills. Successfully completing the heist will enable you to unlock equipment cards which can be used to upgrade them in order to improve your high score. The game also offers daily heists that you can do to compete with the global high scores.
A lot of praises have been sung for its sound effects, music and playful art style visuals. The gameplay is very user-friendly and successfully evokes the fantasy, tension and thrill of stealth.

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These card games available on iOS and Android can be played for fun and relaxation.The list contains some of the very best that you must try out if you love digital card games.