10 Best History Apps

Today, history is no longer considered to be a lifeless subject. Thanks to the many History apps available now, the subject is now a lot interesting. It is important that we are aware of our history and have complete knowledge of our past events. Top history apps are designed to allow you reveal interesting facts of the ancient world. You can find and learn fascinating facts of the early times across the globe. For instance, ancient civilization is quite important if you wish to understand the importance of humans in our history. Great history apps make learning easier about the world, countries, cities, towns and communities and how these came into existence. Kids can learn important historic events, wars and battles and the incredible kingdoms made interesting with animations, maps, charts, interactive clues and audio files in the apps. You can download such apps from Google Play Store or Appstore.

BBC History Magazine (iOS)

The bestselling history magazine in UK is now available in the app form. You can get a subscription and create a collection of world history. You can explore expert views on a wide range of British, American and all other international historical topics. This covers from ancient civilizations to the world wars. It gives knowledge about the major events and personalities in past times.
With the easy-to-read interface and clear fonts, the app makes learning history enjoyable. You can subscribe to the app on a monthly basis or annually. The subscription gets renewed automatically if you do not turn off the auto-renew option within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription.
In this app, every part of the content includes a review section that inspires ideas for breaking history news, heritage visits and historical background behind the current scenario. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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History Timeline (Android)

If you need a platform to learn the history that focuses on data instead of anything else, History Timeline is the perfect app. It covers a comprehensive overview of world history that includes thousands of entries. The app provides a complete history ranging from the current century to ancient times. It also covers the evolution of life.
With this app, you can find content about events, wars, nations, and leaders in world history. You can also find the history of science, history of art, history of music, history of literature, history of philosophy and more. The app displays the events with detail illustrations, which are fully scrollable with 25 zoom steps.
The app will allow you to apply filters to restrict certain historical information and various content that does not interest you. Overall, it is an excellent learning tool that lets the users add, edit, bookmark and share information. The app is available for Androids.

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Civilisations AR (iOS/Android)

It is an Augmented Reality app presented by BBC. It brings art and culture from across the world to you. You can explore the amazing history of Ancient Egypt, discover the layers hidden behind the masterpieces created during the Renaissance period. Also, the app will allow you to learn about the origins of cultural treasures across the world.
The virtual collection in the app includes more than 30 historic artifacts. It is curated by BBC in association with the heritage sector of the UK and Nexus Studios. The app is free to use that comes with realistic artifacts from history applying advanced Augmented Reality Technology. You can explore history entirely with audio guides as well.
The app allows you to navigate the historic collections geographically, using AR globe. Also, it lets the users translate hieroglyphics from the iconic Rosetta Stone of British Museum. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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Timeline - World History (iOS)

The app is designed to help users explore the illustrated history of the world. You can discover history through various timelines. The app is a storehouse of incredible world history in different timelines ranging from the time of dinosaurs and Vikings to the history of cinema. Timelines of everything will take the user on a journey through an illustrated history of time.
The app gives general knowledge of history and presents must-know topics with detailed illustrations. You and your kids will find the text on the app easy-to-read and straightforward. The app also showcases the Industrial Revolution or the moments of the history of fashion in motion. Learning world history becomes easier with amazing shows. You can make it a way to teach the history of different times to the kids. The app is available for iOS.

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Historical Calendar (Android)

Historical Calendar is an app that comes with information about important events that happened on days and years in history in chronological order. Although the app starts from today’s date by default, you can manually switch dates. The app provides information about events, births, and deaths. It uses up-to-date historical facts from Wikipedia.
Content is available in multiple languages and you can choose from over 50 languages. Enabling offline mode from settings will allow you to use the app without having access to the internet. You will get a searching option for from entire history of the world anytime, anywhere. Option to filter the event on a specific historical period is also available. You can save data and create a personalized collection of historical events and dates.
The app is supported in mobile phones and tablets. The premium feature of the app includes a quiz to test your history knowledge. It is available for Android users.

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Google Arts and Culture (iOS/Android)

This app enables users to learn more about renowned artists across the world. It illustrates stories hidden behind cultural activities and artworks from history. You can explore the history of art and culture by reading and visualizing. With this app, you can visit the best exhibits, observe the artworks in detail with a zoom-in option and browse thousands of stories, manuscripts, and photos. The app will also allow you to create your collection and share them with friends.
Google Art & Culture has an association with more than 1200 museums, institutions, galleries, and 70 countries. The application of virtual reality technology in the app enables the users to have a great view by grabbing the Google Cardboard Viewer. Besides, you can explore various artworks filtered by color and time, step into the museums virtually and find cultural events and museums around you. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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GCSE History (iOS/Android)

GSCE History app was developed aiming at transforming GSCE revision. Content in the app covers topics from the Edexcel, OCR and AQA syllabuses. The major topic includes the condition of Germany and Britain before and after the World Wars, cold war, development of the superpowers, great depression and economic boom in the USA and more. The app enables students to test their knowledge with more than 6000 questions and explanations.
With this app, you can revise anywhere and anytime, review the test answers and find the gaps in your learning and observe your progress with self-assessment graphs. It will provide you access to relevant papers in the past and the marks schemes. You can access around 50% of the topics for free and the additional topics for a small amount of fee. Here, you can experience ad-free learning. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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Study AP World History (Android)

The app was designed to develop the interest of students in learning AP World History. Studying AP World History helps students with summaries, key terms and quiz questions from each chapter. The summary of every chapter is helpful in remembering different things. Reading is easier, even at night with this app, as it comes with the night mode setting.
To help in understanding, the app offers the 50 quiz questions from each chapter. While practicing, you can tap the earth icon and Google the answer, if you cannot remember it. The app was designed by a high school student who ranked 4th in the AP test. The information provided in the app is based on “World Civilizations: The Global Experience”, 2007 version. The summaries collected in the app can also be found the at www.walkerapworld.pbworks.com

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Google Earth (iOS/Android)

Google Earth is an app that takes users on virtual tours to monumental historical events. It lets you visit a number of locations where a specific event took place in history. You can walk through the place and read about the event as you proceed further. With this app, you can explore the entire world through satellite imagery, 3D buildings in several cities across the world and 3D terrain of the globe.
A collection of guided tours, voyager, National geographic and more are available that lead you to see the world from a new perspective. The app also allows you to visualize your creation of maps and stories on the web. The new version of the app came with the ability to track your location on earth, continuously. It also offers the creation tools to help you make stories and maps. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

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WHExperience (Android)

WHExperience is an interesting app to discover history. The app offers a lot of information about the White House in the United States. It provides information about the history of the building, a bunch of important facts, the biographical story of most of The U.S. Presidents and other important personalities. Also, it allows users to enjoy virtual tours using the app as a companion.
A virtual tour of the Executive Mansion will let you step into rooms, along with getting a description of every room. You can experience a companion tour for the guests visiting the place and a guided walking tour around the neighborhood. You need to have good battery life in your device, as this app requires using GPS. The app is available for Android users.

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These history apps have a good rating on the Google Play Store or Appstore. Download the Apps and increase your knowledge!